The 2014 Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Carnival is here! ! !

The Melbourne Cup horse racing is Australia’s most famous horse racing. It was founded in 1861 and is known in Australia as "a race that allows the nation to hold its breath." The race accepts thoroughbred horses aged three or above. The race distance is 3200 meters. The mile race has the greatest influence.

The Melbourne Cup has been held annually since 1861, and it was not interrupted by the Great Depression in 1930. The day of the competition is also a public holiday in Melbourne and its surrounding areas.

On the day of the game, there are actually about ten races on the same venue, each half an hour apart, and the Melbourne Cup is one of them (usually the seventh race).
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[Holding date] The first Tuesday of November every year

[Organizer] Victoria Racing Club (Victoria Racing Club)

[Venue] Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne

【Horses】Purebred horses aged three years or above, regardless of nationality

[Competition distance] 3200 meters

Whether you arrive at the horse racing site or not, you can participate in horse betting.

[On the scene] If you arrive at the horse racing site, the staff will arrange simple and quick horse betting for you, or you can self-service horse betting at the horse betting kiosks around the stadium.

[In the store] If you can't visit the horse racing scene, there are more than 3000 horse betting spots across the country for you to choose from.

[Via smart phone] You can bet on the winner of your mind via iPad, iPod, android application or via It can be downloaded from the APP Store or Android market.


[By phone] Dial 133 390.

Horse betting rules

Single game bet type

WIN: Just choose the player you think will be the first to complete the game.

PLACE: Pick a player. If the player you choose wins the top three, you will get the venue bonus.

EACH WAY: It is a combination of WIN and PLACE bonus. If the player you choose wins, you may get two prizes, and if you get second or third, you will only get the field prize.

QUINELLA: You need to choose two players correctly and get first and second in the game, in any order.

EXACTA: You need to correctly choose two players who finished the first and second and guess the exact order of the players.

DUET: You need to choose two of the top three correctly, in any order.

TRIFECTA: You are required to choose the top three in the competition.

FIRST 4: You are required to choose the top four correctly and in the correct order.

Multi-match betting type

DOUBLES: Correctly choose the two top players in the same jockey club in one day.

QUADDIE: You need to choose four winners from the four games nominated by TAB. You need to choose one in each of the four games.

BIG6: You need to choose six winners from the six games nominated by TAB. You need to choose one for each of the six games.

Principal and interest betting criteria: The principal and interest betting criteria will count your winnings into the next or more bets. Joining the principal and interest bet means that you connect each game with a minimum of two games and a maximum of six games, and you can mix WIN, PLACE, WIN&PLACE. You can put your principal and interest bet into more bets, so you don't have to win every principal and interest betting game.

Note: The minimum bet is $0.50 (50 points), and your bet ratio must be 1.00% or higher.

Of course, in addition to handsome horses, there is even more pleasing to watch: beautiful women! ! ! At that time, beautiful women will gather in Melbourne, wearing gorgeous headdresses, reappearing aristocratic style, you are worth having!

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