1. Freeze the account immediately

If you lose your mobile phone, you should log in to Tencent Anti-Fraud Center 110.qq.com to freeze your account immediately.

(1) Select "Freeze WeChat"

(2) Click "Start Freeze"

(3) Select "Freeze by QQ number" (WeChat needs to bind the QQ number) or "Freeze by mobile phone number" (you can only operate after you go to the operator's business hall to replenish your card).

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After completing these small steps, even if your phone is temporarily unavailable, you don't have to worry about WeChat account being stolen and used!

2. "Account security protection" must be turned on

WeChat and WeChat Pay have become a part of our lives. Recharge phone bills, shopping, order takeaways, movie tickets...As long as you need WeChat in your life, we can do it for you. And once your phone is lost, don’t worry-WeChat itself is very safe! It is not only protected by Tencent's own security system, but also improved the protection mechanism on the original basis, and is equipped with a unique account protection system for WeChat. Therefore, the most important thing to use WeChat is to turn on the account protection system. Even if a thief steals your phone, you can't easily steal your WeChat!

How to enable account protection: Click the upper right corner of the main WeChat interface to enter the settings, click "My Account", and see "protected" in the account protection column, indicating that you have activated the security protection function.

If it shows "unprotected", continue to follow the diagram and click to enter → account protection → bind phone → verify phone, after accepting the verification code, you can bind the phone!


3. Remotely lock the phone

After the phone is lost, in addition to immediately notify relatives and friends to prevent fraud and freeze the WeChat account, the photos, videos, text messages, address book, and APP account in the phone are also very important! After all, mobile phones are no longer just as simple as going deep into our lives, they are almost becoming an "organ" of human beings. Xiaopai will teach you a "high-end" method. Use remote locking of your phone. Even if your phone is lost, you can't lose its core!

IPhone users: Users need to activate the "Find My iPhone" function first. Once the phone is lost, immediately log in to www.iCloud.com and click the "Find My iPhone" icon to remotely lock the phone.


Android phone users: Users can install mobile phone security software first. Take Tencent Mobile Manager as an example. Log in to m.qq.com and click "Mobile Anti-Theft" to lock the phone.

After the remote lock function is enabled, no one can operate your phone! Self-portraits and family photos are not seen by others!

Needless to say the importance of mobile phones to us, WeChat is also playing an increasingly indispensable role in our lives. It's a pity that the phone is lost, but it is the kingly way to quickly take the correct method to remedy the loss!

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