The sacred wedding in the church is the dream of many girls,

In front of God, the sentence "I am willing" tied the fate of the two people together.

There are no countless dining tables, and no emcee’s tearful speech

The National Day wedding craze is coming again, Cheng Cheng is sent to the most suitable church in the country for weddings.

Declare to God and the world that your union is destined in this life.

Beijing Haidian Church

Haidian Church is a Protestant church, designed in a modern style, with a construction area of ​​4000 square meters. Enclosed by 193 white columns, it symbolizes Noah’s Ark and symbolizes the unity of the church. It looks like an open bible. On the bell tower are three large swinging European clocks, swinging at a height of 48 meters. The sound echoed far above Haidian District in Beijing.


Requirements for newcomers: Can be held for foreign friends

Auditorium: The main hall can accommodate 1500 people, and the sound on the screen is superb.

Address: No. 9 Caihefang Road, Haidian District, Beijing

Gulangyu·Xiehe Chapel

The oldest church on Gulangyu Island, "Concord Chapel", built in 1863, is an authentic Christian church. It is said that the literary master Lin Yutang and his wife Liao Cuifeng tied the knot here. Concord Chapel brings together the ancient traditions and historical connotations of Gulangyu Island. Nowadays, it is a dream of many people to hold a church wedding here.


Requirements for newcomers: It can be held for foreign friends.

Auditorium: The auditorium is small and can accommodate not many guests. The venue is exquisitely arranged and suitable for detailed control and artistic style.

Address: Lujiao Road, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province

Qingdao·Christian Church

Qingdao Christian Church is a typical German castle-style building. It consists of two parts: a bell tower and an auditorium. The interior decoration is very exquisite and elegant, and it gives people a sense of sacredness. It is a masterpiece of Christian architectural art. Holding a wedding on such a solemn occasion makes people feel solemn.


Requirements for newcomers: one needs to be a Christian

Auditorium: The auditorium can accommodate more than 1000 people. The wedding scene is open to the public and accepts blessings from strangers and faithful

Address: No. 15, Jiangsu Road, Shinan District, Qingdao

Shijiazhuang·Xili Catholic Church

The Sili Catholic Church has a history of one hundred years. It combines European and Chinese design styles with white marble, granite, marble and hollow glass curtain walls. The interior is mainly based on white. There is also "This is my order, you should love each other." "The word, the wedding blessed before God is unforgettable for a lifetime.


Requirements for newcomers: It can be held for newcomers outside the teaching profession.

Auditorium: It can accommodate about 400-500 people, and there are candlesticks, flower gates, road guides, carpets, projections, and speakers.

Address: No. 13, Xili Street, Qiaoxi District, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Chengdu·Ping'an Bridge Catholic Church

The Ping'an Bridge Catholic Church was built in 1904. The overall architectural Western style and the layout of the Chinese courtyard are in harmony. It is the only Catholic church in China that combines Chinese and Western styles. The public advocating European weddings can hold wedding ceremonies here. The Religious Wedding Ceremony Hall at the intersection of Xihuamen Street and Pingan Alley will undertake ritual activities related to religious weddings.


Requirements for newcomers: open to the public

Auditorium: It can accommodate about 1000 people, with complete facilities in the auditorium.

Address: No. 29, Pinganqiao Street, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province

Shanghai International Chapel

The International Chapel is the largest Christian church in Shanghai. The main building style is a German imitation Gothic church building with a red brick structure and an elegant environment. The beautifully textured red brick wall and comfortable and elegant green grass are suitable for wedding photography. The International Chapel also has the best choir in Shanghai, which will add a lot of color to your wedding.


Requirements for new couples: accept non-believers to hold weddings.

Auditorium: The auditorium has 1700 seats. The church will provide the wedding venue. Wedding companies are declined.

Address: 53 Hengshan Road, Shanghai

Shenyang·Xiaonan Catholic Church

Xiaonan Catholic Church was originally built in 1878 and was designed by Frenchman Liang Henry. This is a pure Gothic cathedral. There are colorful glass windows in the church. The sunlight will reflect the colorful light, which is really beautiful. Pure church weddings, experience the holiness of marriage in the glory of God.


Requirements for newlyweds: accept non-believers to hold weddings

Auditorium: It can hold nearly 1500 people, the scene is very spectacular

Address: No. 40, Nanlejiao Road, Xiaonan Street, Shenhe District, Shenyang City

Jinan Xindian Catholic Church

Sindian Catholic Church was first established in 1925, adopting post-Gothic architectural style, and the overall shape is elegant and generous. The interior details of Xindian are exquisite, and the stained glass alone is very elegant. The heartfelt vows witnessed by priests and relatives and friends make the wedding look solemn and romantic.

Requirements for newcomers: Both parties are not restricted and can be held for foreign friends.

Address: 500 meters north of the intersection of Huayuan Road and Qilihe Road, Jinan City

Wuhan·Shanghai Road Catholic Church


This church is the largest existing Catholic church in Wuhan, also known as St. Joseph's Church in Hankou. It is a classic design by the Italian missionary Yu Zuobin, and it is a Roman Basilica style. Inside the church there are windows decorated with enamel, and the atmosphere is solemn and solemn.


Requirements for newcomers: no special requirements, non-believers are allowed

Auditorium: The venue is very large and can accommodate nearly 1000 people

Address: 16 Shanghai Road, Hankou, Wuhan

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