Fiji, located in the center of the Southwest Pacific, is a transportation hub in the South Pacific. Across the eastern and western hemispheres,180The longitude line runs through it, making it the easternmost and westernmost country in the world. by332Consists of two islands, mostly volcanic islands surrounded by coral reefs.106This island is inhabited and has a tropical maritime climate.


Fiji is a multi-ethnic country with the capital Suva. English is the official language of Fiji, and they also speak Fijian and Hindi. On October 1874, 10, Fiji was reduced to a British territory and has remained a British colony until October 10, 1970, when it became an independent country in the Commonwealth. Fiji is full of the original beauty of the ocean. In recent years, due to the development of tourism, the coastal areas have been developed into modern leisure resorts with many restaurants, clubs and bars.

The ordinary sea is blue, but the sea in Fiji is colorful. Because countless weird and colorful marine fish swim in the water, making the sea colorful. Fiji has more than 300 islands of various sizes. These islands are surrounded by circular coral reefs, making them a paradise for fish. Although there are many islands, each one is exquisite. The largest island is Meijilai Kirishima. At the pier not far from the Imperial Airport, there are many boats going to various islands every day.

Due to its sparse population and beautiful scenery, people in Europe and the United States have long regarded Fiji as one of their first choices for vacation, and even many big-name celebrities choose it for their honeymoon. There are many golf driving ranges on a small island. When tourists are on vacation in Fiji, they tend to dress casually, carrying boxes of beer and tents, and enjoying the sunset on the white sandy beach. It really is a fairy-like life.


Men also wear skirts and flowers. There are many flowers in Fiji, and there are people wearing flowers everywhere, men and women without exception. It is said that wearing flowers on the left means unmarried, while wearing flowers on both sides means married. In addition to men wearing flowers, what is even more surprising here is that men also wear skirts. The skirt is called "SOLO" here. Not only do men usually wear SOLO, but even the policemen who direct traffic wear SOLO to perform official duties. It's really a street scene.


Wearing flowers, wearing skirts and other weird alternative behaviors have already made you fully feel the amorous feelings of this island country, and the high-pitched singing of the people flying around completely brings out the island country's leisurely and leisurely sentiment. There are still many traditional customs on the island, such as the magical singing rituals that call the fish from the deep sea to the shallow sea, and the traditional fire escape rituals, which are all mystical traditions that have not disappeared in Fiji.


Before seeing the beauty of Fiji, I have seen the enthusiasm of the Fijian people. Get off the planeBIG BULAShocked. At the exit of the airport, there are people wearing traditional Fijian costumes, playing guitar, singing and welcoming guests. As long as they are tourists, they will stop and watch and listen quietly. After a song, a smiley face, with aBULA, Welcome guests from afar, and send a necklace made of small conch to open the door of Fiji travel for you. Let us remember the two most heard words and one sentence along the way:BULA(Hello there);VINAKA(Thank you);ITS FIJI TIME. I asked our driver what this sentence meant, and he smiled and said,ITS FIJITIME,Its always late.hahahaha. Actually it’s not late, it means don’t worry, take your time, and Thailand’szai yanyan(Take it slowly) The same result.


The small and exquisite South Island (South SeaIsland) Is dotted with charming palm trees and surrounded by a beautiful coral lagoon. The island is uninhabited, so it is very peaceful, but there are many activities for tourists to entertain during the day! The cute and small South Island is one of the treasures of the Mamanuca Islands. The island is surrounded by crystal clear waters, with colorful coral reefs and thousands of colorful tropical fishes growing inside. There are no residents here; the only overnight guests are tourists travelling to and from the Yasawa Islands. This is away from Denarau Pier (DenarauMarina) Thirty minutes by boat, simple and easy! A dormitory with a spacious balcony and sun room(dorm)Located on top of an open restaurant, full of original island style.


You can watch the sunrise on the beach of the island in the early morning, and walk to the beach on the other side in the evening (just a few minutes!) to watch the sunset! Experience simple and pure happiness!The area of ​​the island is small, but the entertainment activities are rich and varied. During the day, day-trip tourists coming by boat from Denarau will engage in various water activities and entertainment on the island. There is a seawater swimming pool on the island, and you can also use non-motorized water sports equipment for free. Climb aboard a semi-submersible boat to explore the underwater world, or watch a traditional Meke dance performance from Monday to Saturday, or visit a hand-made market to experience Fijian culture. South Island is a good place to learn to dive. The waters here are shallow, and there are experienced diving instructors to guide you to ensure that your first diving experience is beautiful and unforgettable. The marine life and corals on the bottom of the sea will make you amazed. If you have more strength and stamina, you can also dive to a shipwreck ruin. There is no place more peaceful at night. Standing under the night sky with a glass of cold drink in hand, the only sound that can be heard is the waves crashing on the shore.

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