A long-established theory: The vast majority of immigrants are only suitable for three types of people, with an annual income of less than 3 in the country, and assets of more than 10 million, and there is a real top level in the industry that can be valued everywhere. People. Because in this way you can ensure that your standard of living will not drop significantly. One more sentence,The mountains and rivers abroad are so lonely, and the country is so crowded and messy and happy.

Many elements from American dramas and Hollywood movies can help Chinese people outline their imagination of life in developed countries overseas. It goes without saying that the wealthy who can draw out hundreds of millions of immigrants should be able to live a fairy-like life abroad. Regarding the lives of Chinese overseas, the public has learned from many reports on overseas students, smugglers, or some skilled immigrants over the years that overseas and even developed countries are not absolute paradise, and the Chinese have their own hardships to survive there. And sorrow. "The best is in the distance and imagination." This sentence comes from a young man who once immigrated to Canada, Daqi, who spoke meaningfully when he talked about years of life abroad.

Almost friends who have emigrated at my age have returned all these years. Without them, it is difficult to integrate. If you want to integrate into a foreign society, it is definitely not a simple "work hard, I will be successful". If it is for the children, the children are small, so it is easy to integrate, and for people over XNUMX, the three views have already taken shape, just imagine how difficult it is. There is a view that after at least three generations, one can formally integrate into an unfamiliar society. For specific cases, see Zhao Xiaolan and Luo Jiahui.
Many people say that there is no racial discrimination in New Zealand, France, Canada, and Australia. That's because you haven't touched that ceiling. In the NORMAL scene, who discriminates against you, to the key point, discussing business, good degrees, promotion of important positions in the company, everything is out. I was also smashed by a white kid in a car in Australia. In fact, in all developed countries in Europe, America, and Australia, Asians are more or less discriminated against.

If your life's ambition is to breathe free and fresh air abroad, have an income of several hundred dollars a month after spending your expenses, and have a loan to buy a wooden house in a small town, you can hold it during the election With the enthusiastic hands of civil servants, you can go to Outlet to grab goods in your free time, and drive a family to a tent by a lake on long weekends, while your children can speak fluent foreign languages. So please immerse yourself in the passion of immigration. If your ambition is more than that, then immigration may not be the best choice.

In addition, an important reason why many people give up emigrating is that I know my blood, the cultural attributes of the Chinese, and it is difficult to change. When working abroad, I had no problems adapting to diet. But at the end of last year, I had a serious illness. The hospital has a good food delivery, the taste is good, and the taste is authentic Jiangsu and Zhejiang. But after eating it for three days, I, a Southwester, dreamed of eating authentic twice-cooked pork. But no, I can only endure, I can only endure. That kind of taste is really hard on the hospital bed. You see, still in the same China, a little food culture can make such a big difference. Not to mention different countries?

There are big problems in China, but they are not unsolved. For food, buy organic or order farm products directly from the production area. For the air, don’t always settle in a big city, or install fresh air and air cleaners at home. Cooking oil, you really don’t need to give you cooking oil when you go to a good restaurant. These costs add up, it’s really not more expensive than your immigrants. Kneeling and licking it for a while, but it may not be good abroad. As a new immigrant, the experience of making things difficult on the first day of short-term boarding in a foreign country is really forgotten and unforgettable. Don’t listen to me. Explain, don't borrow my phone. At that time I was thinking, in China, I can at least put a red envelope, ha ha ha... China has China’s bad, but when you have a small disease and try free medical treatment abroad, you will feel The country is really good. You can get a professor with 3,000 years of experience to see a doctor for more than ten dollars. In Europe and the United States, the same treatment is estimated to be $XNUMX. It is very common to wait a month for a photo of appendicitis in foreign countries.

Chinese immigrating abroad, no matter young or old, rich or not, loneliness is destined to be sad, only the degree of it. If there is no major economic pressure, the common life of young immigrants is to cook and watch dishes all day long, and then regularly gather at home with a few friends, play "Three Kingdoms", play game consoles, and raise cats. dog. It looks good, but compared with the life in China, especially in places like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, where the situation is "continuous" and "new things are not stopping", there is indeed a kind of unspeakable loneliness.

There is no forced demolition abroad, but there are various flashing shootings and robberies abroad. There is no traffic jam abroad, but shopping is not good enough. EBAY, Amazon, etc., you can try the express delivery of various small commodities abroad. At this point, the Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai free shipping is really an angel the next day.

There are still many people who yearn for "freedom" abroad, but "freedom" is really a relative thing. Take all kinds of rumors on the Internet, there are many cross-events in China, but for example, in the United States, if you want If you dare to say you want to kill the president, someone knocks on the door. What about other freedoms? Try the freedom of not allowing clothes to dry in the backyard. Try the freedom of your own lawn to be neatly trimmed, otherwise you can experience the freedom of eating high tickets.

Now the main force of immigrants are enthusiastic young adults. Everyone is suffering and healthy. Most of them see beautiful scenery. When you are old, when you are weak, when you are sick, and when your parents need to support them, they If you can't get a visa, you become a two-headed trapeze, or they are unwilling to live abroad, you will feel that China is still inseparable from you.

Come back, most of the immigrants around me, almost came back with permanent residence instead of status and continued their business in the mainland, because in the long run, this would be a good choice, but the future and present are facing heavy taxes. The problem. And those desperate and want to never look back, well, not many really live well in that country.

There are also immigration prisons. This issue may have more feelings for couples who immigrate together. Local Chinese newspapers have not published news about new immigrants XXX Lao Yanfei recently because there are too many. If the husband is still trying to make money domestically, the wife will stay alone to accompany the children through identity, feelings and loneliness...Of course, it may be good to survive those years.

I have a Korean captain friend who immigrated to the United States, worked in Japan, and then worked in China for five years. It was truly an international standard. At the last opportunity, he returned to work in Korea without hesitation. Asked her why, she said, in other countries, it is impossible for me to fly a special plane for the president. In China, there are delicious Korean foods, but basically they are grilled meats. In Seoul, there are many, many kinds.

There is also an Indonesian Chinese friend who has suffered a lot of racial persecution since he was a child. He grew up to study in Wesley and married a Singaporean family, but except for a PR, he still stubbornly maintained his Indonesian identity. Asked her why, and her answer impressed me: My mother is Nyonya, I am Nyonya, and my daughter is also Nyonya. Singapore’s Nyonya and Indonesia’s Nyonya are also different.

Is the immigration life of the rich necessarily easier? For the older generation of wealthy Chinese, adapting to life abroad is not just a simple "language". The most important thing is that they have two life concepts that are incompatible with foreign countries.

The wealthy Chinese are not accustomed to all aspects of foreign countries. One of them is that many rich people are still accustomed to using "people to solve problems". They often embrace them before and after. If they have any problems, they usually find their own subordinates, secretaries, assistants and Various domestic service concepts that are accustomed to solving problems with human tactics often do not exist abroad.

Everything has to be done by yourself, which is a hurdle that many rich Chinese cannot pass. I bought a big house and when it was going to be renovated, I found that many things had to be done by myself. If the roof of a domestic home leaked, the water pipe was blocked, and a telephone company or community staff came to the door. However, in foreign countries, these manual services are very expensive, not to mention, often have to be scheduled.

Of course, if you have enough money, you can use manual services abroad, but it still feels a bit different from the domestic ones, and you might get a discount. The feeling of not being surrounded by babysitters, secretaries, security guards, and subordinates may also make some rich people look forward to it, but just like the local tyrant who was tired of lobster and geoduck and wanted to live a poor life in the movie "Party A and Party B", this For a few more days, these rich people will find it difficult.

The lack of human services is not the saddest part. The saddest part is the loss of social relations. Rich people, as successful people in China, have relationships everywhere, and they can also enjoy the convenience of relationships. In popular hotels, you can make a reservation with a familiar manager; if you feel unwell, you can find an acquaintance to enter a good hospital, stay in a good ward, or even meet a doctor directly; when you go out, there are friends who take care and reception everywhere. In short, all kinds of relationships, although not clearly marked and can be bought with money, are closely related to resources such as money and power. However, abroad, all this will disappear. Although many people think that developed countries are a society that pays attention to rules, in fact relationships still play a very important role in society, so even if many rich people carry a lot of money, they will find that many things cannot be bought with money.

I'm getting impatient in the line for too long. Tell your children, you go to discuss whether you can advance. However, young people who grew up in a western environment do not know how to "discuss" at all, and their parents do not understand English. Many wealthy Chinese immigrant families are arguing about this. Those Chinese figures in their 40s, 50s, and 60s went abroad, "In simple terms, all martial arts are abolished and they have become demented old men."
I am not denying immigration entirely, just immigration, not the ultimate solution for the individual to domestic problems-I have been made difficult by kindergarten teachers, "I can only immigrate!", I can't apply for a residence permit, "I can only immigrate!" , The air is bad, "I can only emigrate!" Abroad, these problems also exist, my land and my people, my land and my people, it is not so easy to change things.

I personally think that the more acceptable plan is to live in the country and go out to live for a few months each year without delay. If you want to change to another place, it is more casual. In fact, once immigrating is a waste of money for anyone. If you have never lived abroad for a long time, you want to immigrate. It is recommended that you first live with a tourist visa for 3 months and rent a house locally. , Try to find a job, buy pots and pans to experience the real life. Being a tourist and life are really two different things. If you cannot apply for a 3-month tourist visa, then please think about it, are you really suitable for immigration?