Do you know how the Australian capital Canberra came from?

It's sauce purple:

Australia’s Australian capital, Canberra, was originally a small city. When Australia officially separated from Britain in 1901, the capital was set in Melbourne. However, Australia, an important city in Australia, also wanted to become the capital. After a fierce debate, people chose a new capital—Canberra. Canberra is the local language, meaning a place to meet. Canberra's location happens to be between Melbourne and Sydney. The earliest buildings in the city are two relatively small buildings. One building represents Melbourne and the other represents Sydney. Now the two small buildings are shops, but still It maintains the appearance when it was just erected, like a yellow building with a simple arcade below. It can be imagined that when there are only two small buildings and a small street on the wasteland, it is like a cowboy town, but also solemn and peaceful. .

Both Sydneysiders and Melburnians, regardless of the rich and the poor, especially the Melburnians, have a sense of superiority for no reason. As for Sydney, its status as a financial center has made Sydney a sense of superiority. That kind of optimism and casualness in your bones can be conveyed from your voice. However, in the eyes of Melbourneers, all this is just one word: soil. No matter how much money you have, no matter how developed your economy is, and without culture, you will be a desert.

The fighting between Sydney and Melbourne has been going on for many years. Melburnians will say nothing is wrong when they see Sydneysiders. George St doesn’t even have a tree... and Sydneysiders often regard Melbourne’s cloudy weather. On the lips.

Melbourne's strong cultural atmosphere and dressing and conversation make the whole city look tall, but the people in Sydney are far from conscious and material. Sydney people think this is called free and easy and accompanying, but Melbourne people decide not to eat this set, feel that it is not elegant enough, do not understand life. Let me talk about the differences in the humanistic environment of the two places. Melbourne's architecture has typical Western architectural features. It pays more attention to rules, especially business rules. The sense of distance between people is relatively close. The buildings in Sydney are more skyscrapers rising from the ground, just like a financial center. Since each individual has been running around in the "fast life in a slow pace", the communication between people is often ignored, making the whole city look "cold" compared to Melbourne. Of course, there is also the issue of weather! In Melbourne, there are at least 345 cold days in a year, while the weather in Sydney is very warm for about nine months. In Sydney, if you are healthy, you can wear shorts all year round, but not in Melbourne.

Here we compare the people in Sydney and Melbourne in detail. Of course, new immigrants will also be affected by them in subtle ways...

Let's first see what a standard Sydneyman looks like?

Hugh Jackman

Born in Sydney, Australia in 1968. Graduated from the Department of Communication Studies, University of Technology Sydney in 1991; graduated from the Western Australian School of Performing Arts, Edith Cowan University in 1994

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Nicole Kidman

In 1967, he was born in Australia and was born in Hawaii, USA. When he was 4 years old, his family moved back to Sydney, Australia. Soon she began to study ballet and received professional performing arts training at the age of 10. As a girl, she often participated in performances in the block theater. When she was 14 years old, she appeared on the cover of "Doll" magazine. She dropped out of school at the age of 16, ready to concentrate on acting.

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Miranda Kerr

Born in Sydney, Australia on April 1983, 4, he has Australian, Serbian, Persian and Filipino descent. In 20, when she was 1997 years old, she won the championship in the national model selection contest organized by "Cover Girl" magazine, and then began her modeling career.

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Let’s take a look at the standard Melburnians

Chris Hemsworth

In 2011, Chris starred in the Hollywood movie "Thor" and became a Hollywood star with the role of Thor. Born in Melbourne on August 1983, 8, an Australian actor. After finishing high school in Melbourne, Chris moved to Phillip Island with his family. Before contacting the acting industry, Chris did various jobs.

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Kate Blanchett

Born on May 1969, 5 in Melbourne, Australia, he graduated from the Australian National School of Art and Drama in 14. After graduation, Blanchett was mainly engaged in various theater performances, most of which were Shakespeare

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What are the characteristics of the people in these two cities?

1. In idea:

Typical Melburnians:


Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.44.59
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.45.31
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.45.39
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.45.46

Typical Sydney people:

Plan ahead

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.45.54
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.46.03
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.46.12
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.46.18
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.46.29

2. Extremely enthusiastic

Typical Melburnians:

Looking through various magazines, you can’t miss the title

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.46.49
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.46.57

Taste coffee

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.47.06

Ride in the most liveable city in the world!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.47.16

Food truck food, foodies are here!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.47.25
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.47.32

Niche gadgets, play alternatives

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.47.41

Typical Sydney people:

Go surfing!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.47.53

Go swimming!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.48.01

Lie down on the beach!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.48.10

Talking about the weather, it won't rain~

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.48.22

Lying on the sand sofa/watching a rugby NRL game at the bar

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.48.29

3. Extremely disgusted

Typical Melbourne

This music, what a ghost!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.48.39

This coffee! What the hell!Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.48.48

This place! …

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.49.03

Typical sydney

Why can't I get a taxi at the three o'clock shift time!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.49.17

Can't stand it on rainy days!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.49.24

Drivers who are not skilled enough will drive well!Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.49.33

4. Preferred job

Typical Melbourne

New media, tall!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.49.42

Operating bars, coffee shopsScreen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.49.53

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.50.00
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.50.05
Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.50.12

Open a small clothing store

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.50.22

Do charity work and show love!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.50.34

Operate a small bookstore, small and fresh!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.50.44

Typical sydney

Do finance and make money!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.50.57

Engage in IT! Start a business to make money!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.51.10

filming! Make money!


Make sales seriously! Make money!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.51.27

Engage in technology and earn enough money!

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-15.51.36

In summary,

The people in Sydney think that the people in Melbourne are very "X", and the people in Sydney think that the people in Sydney are very "early turtles"... So, what do you think?

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