Today, a netizen "Shangguan Xiaopeng" who is certified as a producer and host of Shanxi TV on Weibo broke the news that Chai Jing will join Shanxi TV to host an evening news program.

Shangguan Xiaopeng wrote: "I heard from a few colleagues and friends that Chai Jing will join Shanxi Satellite TV to host an evening news program. If it is true, I will be able to meet the host whom I admire very much."

Some Weibo netizens also broke the news that Chai Jing did talk to Shanxi Satellite TV about basically confirming his intentions, but for the time being there is no final decision on whether to join. It is possible that Chai Jing will use her own portal to produce programs and then broadcast on Shanxi Satellite TV to cooperate with Shanxi Satellite TV.

On October 10, the well-known CCTV reporter and host Chai Jing was revealed to have resigned from CCTV in a low-key manner. Later colleague Qiu Qiming confirmed that Chai Jing had resigned: "Friends who came to verify, I reply: Chai Jing did resign from CCTV at the end of 13. . I am very grateful to the CCTV platform for giving me the opportunity to meet Lao Chai, admire her persistent journalistic beliefs, thank her for her generosity in dealing with people, and appreciate her low-key attitude towards life. The original CCTV "Seeing" Li Lun team made me fortunate to meet A group of young people with ideals and convictions. They are dedicated, professional, and love life foolishly and cheerfully. Bless you!"