Hong Kong is currently China's largest offshore renminbi market. The US Central Intelligence Agency is urging Hong Kong to occupy the center. On the surface, it is for universal suffrage. In fact, the United States wants to disrupt and block Hong Kong, the largest offshore renminbi center.

Strictly controlling the domestic RMB market while advancing the internationalization of the RMB is the only way for China to crack the US financial strangulation! The United States wants to disrupt Hong Kong and disrupt China's efforts to counter US financial attacks.
Another important reason why the United States is so anxious to carry out a precise strike on Hong Kong, China is that major Asian currencies fell in the middle of this month and capital returned to the United States. The Indonesian Finance Minister pessimistically stated that Asia might become a victim of US interest rate hikes. It is against this background. The renminbi is still unchanged, as stable as Mount Tai, which makes the United States very angry.
The United States tried to make Hong Kong the "Benghazi" of China by disrupting Hong Kong. Although the hope is slim, the United States is lucky, holding the mentality that "the Americans are not the last to die anyway", and the Hong Kong people are bewitched by this gang of pirates. In a vain attempt to let the Chinese people "fight in the same room" as running dogs, they should really be killed! The United States took advantage of the special occasion when China was preparing for the National Day and mobilized Hong Kong students to take to the streets to make a surprise attack on China in an attempt to make Hong Kong the second place in Ukraine.
The central government's response to Hong Kong's Occupy Central will determine the direction of China's finance in the next few years. We should wait and see!
China’s current financial main battlefield is in Asia, and our response is actually: “tighten the fence internally and violently collude externally.” On the other hand, as part of the construction of China’s financial firewall, we must vigorously build Shanghai. The free trade zone strives to build Shanghai into China's financial center to replace Hong Kong as the largest offshore RMB center, and does not give hostile forces the opportunity to attack China on Chinese territory!
The latest news is that China is preparing to build the Maritime Silk Road Bank. President Xi Jinping visited Sri Lanka to sign a RMB swap agreement and also visited the Maldives. Both countries are important nodes on the Maritime Silk Road. As expected, the Maritime Silk Road Bank will be located in Shanghai.
According to Australian reports, China is pressing Australia to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as soon as next month.
The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is an international financial institution dominated by China. AIIB is regarded as the main competitor of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
The situation is urgent. China has obviously begun to lose patience with Australia. If Australia fails to comply, China's stick will inevitably fall. On September 9.1, China announced a ban on the sale and import of low-quality coal to pressure global coal companies. This measure is mainly aimed at Australia. China clearly showed its fangs in this matter.
The central bank announced that the RMB can be directly traded against the euro in the inter-bank foreign exchange market. The internationalization of RMB has made another major breakthrough! We know that the EU has begun to cut interest rates, and the EU will certainly continue to launch its own QE in the foreseeable future.
After the EU releases its liquidity, it will inevitably enter China under the lure of China’s economic growth and the appreciation of the renminbi. The direct trading of the renminbi against the euro will inevitably help these capitals bypass the U.S. dollar settlement and invest directly in securities in the Chinese market. It is conducive to the precipitation of international investment capital into China, and it is indeed a good move to use the euro to share the pressure of the US dollar attack on China.
When Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Ma Kai visited Paris, France announced BNP Paribas Investment Partners, the asset management business of BNP Paribas (the bank that was fined 7 billion by the United States on July 1 this year).
And Carmignac became the first batch to obtain the RMB Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (RQFII) license. The so-called RQFII refers to RMB Qualified Foreign Investor, which is another legal channel for foreign investors to invest in the mainland capital market under the background of foreign exchange control.
Since the formal establishment of the system at the end of 2011, it has rapidly expanded from Hong Kong, China to Singapore, London, Taiwan, France and other countries and regions. The quota has continued to increase, and the products have also expanded from the initial bond category to trading open-end index funds.
In the fight for the capital of Muslim oil tyrants, China also chose to act in the face of the double reed drama co-played by the United States and ISIS. The Chinese naval warship appeared in the Persian Gulf for the first time. China showed its firm determination to support Iran and Syria. This is for the United States to see. of. The United States did the first year in Hong Kong, and Beijing did the XNUMXth in the European Union, Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions around the world, giving Obama a head start.

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