Do you know what rights you can enjoy when you officially get an Australian green card, which is PR?

1. The right to work

Permanent residents have the right to work. Unlike student visa holders who can only work for 20 hours, permanent residents have no working hours restrictions; unlike work visa holders who can only work for the nominated employer, permanent residents can work for any employer in any occupation. The only exception is that it is usually necessary to have citizenship or a permanent resident who is qualified and intends to become a citizen to engage in the civil service profession.

2. The right to attend a local school

Permanent residents are entitled to education in Australia and no longer need to pay overseas student fees.

3. The right to participate in free English training

The Australian government stipulates that, except for special visa exceptions, new Australian permanent residents have the right to free 510 hours of English lessons. The special provisions of these exception visas mainly refer to the following visas for applicants over the age of XNUMX, if they do not reach the functional English level, they must pay an English study fee before they can take the above-mentioned English class: ordinary skilled immigrant visa, business skilled immigrant visa, employer Nominate immigrant visas, labor agreement visas, special talent visas, etc.

4.The right to enjoy national medical care

Permanent residents have the right to apply for and obtain a government-issued Medicare card. All Medicare card holders are free (including hospitalization expenses) when they go to public hospitals for medical treatment. In most cases, including seeing a specialist doctor, outpatient fees are either free or partly free. The cost of physical examination, including X-rays, blood tests, etc., are all free. The cost of eye examination by the optometrist is also free. Surgery may also be free or just a part of the cost.

5.The right to social welfare

Permanent residents have a two-year waiting period before they are eligible to apply for social security benefits. The waiting time starts from the day of becoming a permanent resident, that is, Offshore's so-called "landing" time shall prevail, and Onshore's shall be calculated from the day of becoming a permanent resident. However, for spouse visa applicants who need to wait two years to become a permanent resident, the two-year temporary residence time is counted as the waiting time, that is, when they become a permanent resident, they can enjoy the social security that ordinary permanent residents need to wait two years to enjoy. welfare. However, the subsidy for children due to childbirth is not subject to the two-year waiting period.

6.Right to be a guarantor

Permanent residents can sponsor or nominate visa applicants to apply for visas to Australia, such as visitor visas.

7.The right to become an Australian citizen

You can apply to become an Australian citizen after you have lived in Australia for two years within five years after becoming a permanent resident, and you have left Australia for no more than 9 months in the last year.

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