For many tourists, enjoying the local food and wine is definitely a travel plan"required"project. If delicious food and mellow wine are the focus of your itinerary, then the North and South Islands of New Zealand100% Mid-line gourmet9The day trip will not disappoint you. Our Hongcheng Travel Agency's North and South Island of New Zealand100% Mid-line gourmet9The day tour departs from Auckland on the North Island and travels all the way to Rotorua, and then flies to Christchurch in the South Island. Afterwards, guests in Queenstown will have the opportunity to take the1912The XNUMX-year-old classic steamboat in the year went to Walter Peak’s Highland Ranch Walter Farm, where you can taste the unique garden-style royal buffet dinner and enjoy the interesting farm show. In Milford Sound, in addition to admiring the world’s most scenic highland roads, admiring the pristine cold temperate rainforests on both sides of the coast, guests can also take a cruise to enjoy buffet food and visit the deep canyons created by glacial movement and cutting thousands of years ago. Admire the strange scenery.9During the day’s journey, everyone can enjoy the world-class wines and specialties of New Zealand while enjoying the famous mountains and rivers of New Zealand. Unique West Coast game. In our itinerary, the gourmet feasts that guests have the opportunity to enjoy are high-grade flavored meals including West Coast game buffet.SKYLINELuxurious buffet on the top of the mountain, the highest altitude salmon sashimi in the world, Chinese lobster and more.