In the Doncaster/Templestowe area in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, where Chinese people gather, the post box in front of the Post Office operated by a Chinese owner was graffiti "too many Chinese" in blue paint. The anti-China provocation intention is clear. The local residents are very indignant.

In front of the PostOffice of the Templestowe Heights post office on Macedon Road, the red mailbox entrance was painted with the capitalized "TOO MANY CHINESE"-too many Chinese.

The post office is daily operated by the Chinese owner Alf Qiang. Mr. Qiang, who took over the store for more than a year, was shocked. Mr. Qiang said that his family and employees are very worried about the signs of racial discrimination. Mr. Qiang has reported to the Australian Post Office that the latter will send someone to remove the graffiti as soon as possible.

However, a letter picker from Australia Post said that graffiti with the same wording had appeared on mailboxes in many different regions.

Chinese have immigrated to Australia in recent years, and many choose to run small businesses as a way to develop their careers. The post office has become one of the best choices because of its stable business.

The traditional Chinese virtue is that people don’t offend me, and I won’t offend people. But many times, this virtue is regarded as timid and fearful, but it will be bullied. What the Chinese need is to unite around the Chinese community. And Chinese associations should also abandon political interests and wholeheartedly advise governments at all levels for the future living environment of the Chinese.

Many residents of the Eastern District are very angry at this graffiti. A non-Chinese resident, Vakmu Thog, said that the Chinese have brought a large amount of investment to Australia and promoted employment. They should be a respectable nation.

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