Australia has many public holidays throughout the year, when banks, government offices and some shops will be closed. Australia’s public holidays are usually on Mondays, thereby extending the weekend time. Tourist attractions will still be open, but because many Australians take short trips during these holidays, it may be more crowded than usual. If you plan to travel to Australia during the peak season, it is best to book interstate flights, tours and accommodation in advance. If you drive, the traffic will be busier than usual. The following is a list of Australia's national public holidays in 2014, as well as public holidays in various states and regions in Australia, to help you plan your holidays.

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National public holidays in 2014

Our national public holidays include New Year's Day, Australia Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, Christmas Day ( Christmas Day) and Boxing Day. All other public holidays (such as Queen's Birthday and Labour Day) will be announced separately by the state and territory governments.

Wednesday, January 1st: New Year's Day

Monday, January 1*: Australia Day (Australia Day)

Friday, April 4: Good Friday

Saturday, April 4: Easter Saturday (Easter Saturday)

Monday, April 4: Easter Monday (Easter Monday)

Friday, April 4: ANZAC Day

Thursday, December 12: Christmas Day (Christmas Day)

Friday, December 12: Boxing Day

*When Australia Day (January 1) falls on Saturday or Sunday, the next Monday will be declared a public holiday.

Christmas (Christmas Day)

Christmas in Australia is in midsummer, not in the middle of winter like the northern hemisphere. This holiday is also in the middle of each summer school holiday. The period before Christmas Day is the shopping season, because Australians will buy gifts for their relatives and friends. Shop windows are often filled with toys and decorated with fake snow, reindeer and icicles, even if the outside temperature can be as high as 30°C. Traditionally, Christmas lunch is a traditional way for families to gather in the northern hemisphere to eat roast turkey, ham and hot plum pudding, but now many Australian families choose to enjoy an outdoor Australian barbecue meal. Many international tourists will go to Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach for a picnic on Christmas Day according to a long tradition.


Boxing Day

Every year, the day after Christmas Day is the Boxing Day public holiday. In South Australia, this festival is called Proclamation Day to celebrate South Australia's becoming a British province. The most noticeable thing on this public holiday is the sports event. The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race) will start in Sydney on Boxing Day each year, allowing sailors from all over the world to compete. Summer is also Australia's cricket season. The traditional Boxing Day Test Cricket held at the Melbourne Cricket Ground attracted more than 10 spectators. In 2014, Australia will play against England on the first day of the fourth game of The Ashes test cricket series. Boxing Day is also the beginning of the big auction season after Christmas. In most Australian cities and large towns, you can see long queues of shoppers waiting for shops to open.


New Year's Day

All states and territories celebrate New Year's Day on January 1 every year. For many people, New Year's Day is an excellent time to calm down from the New Year’s Eve party the previous night. Every major city in Australia holds New Year’s Eve celebrations, which are usually accompanied by fireworks and other activities, such as those held in Sydney Harbour. The Perth Cup is the premier thoroughbred race event in Western Australia. It is held every New Year's Day at the Ascot Racecourse. Crowds from all over the world joined the party at Sullivans Cove, on the waterfront of Hobart, with the competitors of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race). Celebrate the new year. Many Australians and their families will return home on the same day after their summer vacation.


Australia National Day

Australia Day (Australia Day) is January 1, and states and territories hold annual celebrations. Australia Day (Australia Day) commemorates the establishment of the first European settlement in Port Jackson, Sydney in 26. This day is an opportunity for all Australians to participate in celebrating our country and culture. Many people use this day to have a picnic in the park, host family barbecues, or participate in or watch sports events. In some places (especially Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra), spectacular public fireworks displays are set off. All cities and towns hold citizenship ceremonies to welcome immigrants who have obtained Australian citizenship. The Prime Minister will also award the Australian of the Year Awards (Australian of the Year Awards) to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to our country and community.



Celebrating Easter has a great impact on almost everyone in Australia, regardless of their beliefs. The Easter long weekend is one of the two major Australian holidays of the year. School holidays will start around Easter, and Australian families usually spend a few days enjoying the cool autumn weather. The two-week Sydney Royal Easter Show (Sydney Royal Easter Show) includes a four-day Easter weekend. In Ulladulla, New South Wales, the Italian community will pray for fishing boats throughout the Easter weekend to commemorate St. Peter’s role as a New South Wales Wales) the patron saint of coastal fishermen. In Victoria, the Rip Curl Pro (Rip Curl Pro) held at Bells Beach on the Great Ocean Road every Easter (Easter) has become the world’s top surfer for a year A pilgrimage.



ANZAC Day (ANZAC Day) is Australia's day to commemorate the heroic people who dedicated themselves to defending the country during the war. This day began to commemorate the soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army (ANZAC) who landed in Gallipoli, Turkey during the First World War. Towns across the country will hold mourning ceremonies, parades, and gatherings of past and current military personnel. The largest of these are the Australian War Memorial in Canberra and the Shrine Of Remembrance in Melbourne. After the ceremony, many people will go to the Returned Services League (RSL) club to play a two-up gambling game. The game is usually illegal in most states in Australia, but the law enforcement authorities don't seem to mind on ANZAC Day. On ANZAC Day (Melbourne Cricket Ground, MCG), Collingwood played against Essendon’s Australian Football League (AFL) at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The crowd is second to the audience of the Grand Final.


Labor Day

Labor Day (Labour Day) public holidays vary greatly among states and territories. Labor Day is also known as Eight Hours Day in Tasmania, and May Day in Northern Territory, to commemorate Australians Get an eight-hour working day. This holiday is always on Monday, thus forming a three-day weekend holiday. Many people use the Labor Day holiday to relax, spend leisure time with family and friends, participate in or watch sports activities, and enjoy traditional Australian barbecue dinners. Some people plan to go to coast, beach, mountain or country vacation for picnic, bush walk or camping. In Brisbane (Brisbane) there are sometimes commemorative parades, but this must depend on the office of the state government at the time.


Queen's Birthday (Queen's Birthday)

Because Australia is a member of the Great Britain Association and regards the British monarch as the head of state, it will celebrate the Queen's Birthday. With the exception of Western Australia, all states and territories will celebrate the Queen's Birthday on the second Monday in June. Some well-known sports events will be held on this day, including the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), where the Collingwood Magpies (Collingwood Magpies) played against the Melbourne Demons (Melbourne Demons)’s Australian Football League (Australian) Football League) games. This day is traditionally regarded as the opening weekend of the Australian snow season. Western Australia will celebrate the Queen's Birthday on the last Monday in September or the first Monday in October, which coincides with the spring school holidays and the Perth Royal Show. .


State and Territory Public Holidays 2014

In addition to national public holidays, each state and territory in Australia also announces its own public holidays.

Australian Capital Territory (Australian Capital Territory) public holidays

Monday, March 3: Canberra Day

Monday, June 6: Queen's Birthday

Monday, September 9: Family & Community Day (Family & Community Day)

Monday, October 10: Labor Day

New South Wales public holidays in 2014

Monday, June 6: Queen's Birthday

Monday, August 8: Bank Holiday

Monday, October 10: Labor Day

2014 Northern Territory public holidays

Monday, May 5: May Day

Monday, June 6: Queen's Birthday

Monday, August 8: Picnic Day

The Northern Territory also has some "Farm Fair Days" that are public holidays in local local areas.

Friday, June 6: Borroloola Show Day (Borroloola Show Day)

Friday, July 7th: Alice Springs Show Day (Alice Springs Show Day)

Friday, July 7: Tennant Creek Show Day (Tennant Creek Show Day)

Friday, July 7: Katherine Show Day

Friday, July 7: Darwin Show Day (Darwin Show Day)

Queensland Public Holidays in 2014

Monday, June 6: Queen's Birthday

Wednesday, August 8: Royal Queensland Show (Brisbane only)

Monday, October 10: Labor Day

Friday, November 11: G14 Leaders' Summit (Brisbane only)

2014 South Australia public holidays

Monday, March 3: March Public Holiday

Monday, June 6: Queen's Birthday

Monday, October 10: Labor Day

Wednesday, December 12**: Christmas Eve**

Tuesday, December 12***: New Year's Eve***

**Half-day public holiday, from 7pm to 12pm.

***Half-day public holiday, from 7pm to 12pm.

Tasmania public holidays in 2014

Monday, March 3: Eight Hours Day

Monday, June 6: Queen's Birthday

Tasmania (Tasmania) also has some public holidays and "Farm Fair Days" exclusive to local areas.

Wednesday, January 1: Devonport Cup

Monday, February 2: Royal Hobart Regatta

Wednesday, February 2: Launceston Cup (Launceston Cup)

Tuesday, March 3th: King Island Show (King Island Show)

Friday, May 5nd: AGFEST Circular Head (AGFEST Circular Head)

Friday, October 10rd: Burnie Show

Thursday, October 10th: Royal Launceston Show

Friday, October 10: Flinders Island Show (Flinders Island Show)

Thursday, October 10: Royal Hobart Show

Monday, November 11: Recreation Day Launceston (all areas in the state where the Royal Hobart Regatta is not held)

Friday, November 11: Devonport Show

2014 Victoria (Victoria) public holidays

Monday, October 3: Labor Day

Monday, June 6: Queen's Birthday

Tuesday, November 11th: Melbourne Cup Day (Melbourne Cup Day)

Western Australia public holidays in 2014

Monday, October 3: Labor Day

Monday, June 6: Western Australia Day

Monday, September 9*: Queen's Birthday

*Western Australia (Western Australia) local regions may celebrate the Queen's Birthday public holiday on other dates.

Sydney party

The Sydney Festival is held in January every year, and the whole city of Sydney will enjoy a carnival this month. Programs include operas, fireworks, steamship races, street performances, art performances and open-air concerts.

Adelaide Independent Arts Festival

Adelaide FringeFestival is the largest independent art festival in the country, held in even-numbered years. Young and new performers will take this opportunity to perform art and comedy works. The Queensland Festival Woodford Folk Festival (WoodfordFolkFestival) was held on Queensland's Sunshine Coast during New Year's Day. The refined program will take you into the world of music, stories, movies, drama and indigenous life.

Australia Festival

Bridgetown in Western Australia is the cutest village in Western Australia, and it is also the place where Blues Australia Festival is held. This three-day music festival will continue to present you with melodious complaints, and you are welcome to participate.

Australian Music Festival

It will be held in various states starting from January. On the crowded music festival schedule, dance, blues, jazz, independent production, rock, folk and classical music can be found. You can explore the ancient rhythms of aboriginal music at the Garma Festival (GarmaFestival); or at the WOMADelaide Festival Enjoy the music styles from all over the world. If you love music, Australia has prepared a holiday experience for you.


Sydney Gay Carnival

It starts at the end of February and lasts for two weeks. The sun is shining, ideas are subverted, big cities and homosexuality. Welcome to Sydney during the annual gay carnival. No matter what your sexual orientation, and no matter what age you are, you will love the cheerful and charming energy that burst out in the city from the end of February.


Australian Beer Rowing Festival

Venue: Darwin This event is held at Mindil River in Darwin and will be your rarest event. The designer used thousands of beer cans to create all kinds of ships, hoping to have a chance to win awards. In fact, the boats made of these beer cans must be able to float on the water.


Australian Flower Show

Venue: Canberra Festival Date: October 10th This is one of the several large-scale flower shows in the southern hemisphere and the most well-known festival in Canberra. Activities include music, dance, street performances, sculptures and food.


Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race

Venue: Sydney Festival Date: On December 12th, thousands of people gathered in Sydney Harbour to watch the sails heading towards Hobart.


South Australia-Adelaide Fringe Festival

Festival time: February-March Adelaide Fringe Festival (Adelaide Fringe Festival) began in 2. At that time, some artists and performers abandoned the traditional performances of the Adelaide Arts Festival and organized their own performances. Today, 3 years later, the Adelaide Fringe Festival will include 1960 days and nights with great drama, music, dance, drama, comedy, visual arts, film, literature, bar cabaret performances, electronic arts, etc. . The Adelaide Fringe Festival has become the largest in Australia and the second largest in the world after Edinburgh.


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