Don't make a fuss...

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This group of foreign gun market photos on the Internet keeps me on the lookout for a long time. What kind of confidence does a government need to let its people wear shorts and flip slippers, just like buying vegetables in a vegetable market, choosing their own weapons at will?


The sentence posted on the wall in the photo: "Defending Your Right To Defend Yourself", translated into Chinese as: "Defending Your Right To Defend Yourself", made me feel inexplicable.

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The Chinese gun shop is located in the area where the Chinese are most concentrated, and it is on the street. The shop on the first floor of an office building is surrounded by barber shops, beauty shops, restaurants, and there seems to be a karaoke bar opposite... People feel that this is a threat to them, and they don't feel anything wrong.

I can't help but sigh that it is not that complicated. Mutual respect and trust constitute a harmonious society.

Under the starry sky, the concept of human rights is so deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, seeing guns as freedom; while at the other end, they regard speech as guns and try their best to ban kitchen knives, slingshots, and...

I was finally relieved, why this land has repeatedly staged violent demolition, self-immolation and anti-riot, fishing law enforcement, three shots and two lives, death by drinking water, 70 yards... etc., etc., and so on, such absurd and unruly things that challenge the limit of human nerves. Event!

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