This is great! The Australian Chinese Lintel Club entered the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to buy it.‏

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The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone is the first free trade zone approved by the Chinese mainland government. The so-called free trade zone refers to a small specific area established within a certain country or region that implements preferential taxation and special supervision policies, similar to the "free zone" explained by the Customs Cooperation Council (the predecessor of the World Customs Organization). The free trade zone evolved from a bonded port area or a bonded area and other special customs supervision areas. In addition to the function of a free port, it can also increase the attraction of foreign investment, the introduction of technology, the development of industrial processing, tourism services, financial insurance, etc. This business is a comprehensive free economic zone that expands exports, increases employment and foreign exchange income. "Free trade zone" or "free trade zone" is generally called "free trade zone", but this term is also used as the corresponding English FreeTrade Area, which means that different countries or regions have established and improved through agreements. The area of ​​trade freedom belongs to the category of regionalism.


The establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone pilot is also believed to benefit Shanghai’s ports, airports, warehousing, real estate, and financial services industries, and greatly promote the development of Shanghai’s offshore economy, port economy, and headquarters economy. The regional economic development has a positive radiation effect. The Waigaoqiao area is also considered to be the central business district of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone due to its advantages in administration, finance, transportation, regional maturity and supporting facilities. After the pilot project of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone was approved, Jiangsu and other surrounding areas have also begun to deal with its possible impact on their own development and possible benefits. After the Shanghai Free Trade Zone pilot was approved, other regions in mainland China, such as Zhoushan, Chongqing, Tianjin and other regions, have followed up and launched free trade zone planning projects in the region in order to obtain favorable policies and promote economic development in the region. In the face of this situation, some commentators pointed out that the establishment of a pilot free trade zone is essentially sharing the "policy dividend", which may cause vicious competition between regions. For the central government, a bowl of water is difficult to balance. The focus of China’s economic development should be to improve people’s lives, so in addition to opening to the outside world, more importantly, efforts should be made to expand domestic demand.

Hongcheng Tourism Group stood out among many applicants and became the only designated travel agency for the Australian Pavilion in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. This is not only because of the high-quality service of Hongcheng Tourism for XNUMX years, but also because of the outstanding contribution made by Australia's largest Chinese travel agency to the tourism industry of Australia and China. If you want to buy Australian products, you no longer need to buy from Taobao and other channels. Go to the Australian National Pavilion in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone to find Hongcheng, you will buy the most authentic Australian products, which will definitely make you feel that you are worth the money!


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