When a city is farther and farther away from dreams, and even the air we breathe is so unbearable, I believe that more and more people will choose to stray away. Will the other things that we advocate match our health? Will Beijing's housing prices still stand out?

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A few days ago, I received text messages from several friends in Beijing, telling them their mobile phone numbers in Hainan, Guangxi and other places. I called back: "Why stay in Beijing well, why use a foreign number?" The answer is mostly: If you want to stay in another place for a few days, you will often not be in Beijing. To put it lightly and casually.

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Recently, a friend from other places wanted to rent a house in Beijing. He picked an ideal house online and asked me to see the owner to confirm the facilities of the house and pay the deposit.

I met the owner. The surrounding environment, decoration and facilities of the house are all good, and the deposit is also paid. When I was free, I asked the owner why he rented the house. He smiled: "I haven't lived here for a year. I have always lived in Weihai, Shandong."
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"From Shandong?"

"No, my ancestral home is Beijing. I was originally an employee of Shougang. I have retired for a few years. My wife has passed away and my son has his own house."
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"Then why are you going to Weihai?"

"It's good there. You don't know how good the air at the seaside is. I can't bear to come back when I live. I may not live in Beijing much anymore."
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"Will there be financial problems if I live in another city for a long time?" I asked.

"You foreigner, not only will there be no problem, but I also earned it." He happily: "Look at the house I rent now. The annual rent is more than 4 yuan, plus the pension is more than 3 yuan a year. I only spend 5000 yuan on renting a house in Weihai every year. Fresh vegetables, fish, and fruits are cheaper than Beijing. Fishing and swimming are free at the seaside, and the costs of playing golf, health care, and entertainment are not expensive. Do you think this is cost-effective or not?"
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"I am old and sick. Medical treatment may be a problem." I am worried about this.

"The medical relationship can be transferred wherever it goes, just like seeing a doctor over there," he said.

I don't have much to say, looking at his honest appearance, he is actually shrewd. From this, I thought that two months ago, a classmate in Beijing advised me to buy a river-view house by the Yalu River in Dandong with him, and another classmate had earlier advised me to buy a sea-view house in Jinzhou by the Bohai Bay...Of course. I think of those friends who have added their mobile phone numbers in Hainan, Guangxi, etc....

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Finally, I understand that Beijingers are quietly driving away.

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There are indeed too many reasons to slip out of Beijing. The haze weather that has continuously exploded since 2013 is enough to make people feel that if there is no reason to stay, it is a wise choice to leave Beijing temporarily. An old man living on a high-rise building on Dawang Road, Chaoyang, Beijing. Since one day in March 2012, he has set up a camera on his balcony and insisted on taking one photo every day at the same angle and at the same time. He took 3 consecutive photos. Days. Finally, he put these photos together and posted them online. Looking at these photos, it is not difficult to draw conclusions: In Beijing, polluted weather is normal, and fresh and hearty weather is abnormal.

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In addition to pollution, there is undoubtedly congestion. People who squeeze the subway say they are very flexible now, and those who drive cars say they are very patient now. Another vivid example is the opening of the Beijing Book Fair this spring. A friend from Changchun came as the guest of honor to participate in the launch ceremony of the "Chinese Essays" book. So I invited friends familiar with each other near the art gallery in the center of the city. Have lunch together. Among them, Mr. Chen Lao, who lives in the south of the city, arrived at about 11 o'clock. This makes me very happy-now what I fear most is that the guests are invited and no one arrives. I am very grateful and said: "You are so old!" He replied solemnly: "Maybe earlier, because I am half past eight. After breakfast, Zhong left to catch this lunch."

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In addition to congestion, there are prices. In Beijing, a few relatives and friends, stay in a hotel for a few days, plus entertaining dining and sightseeing tickets, no one can not afford XNUMX to XNUMX yuan. And Beijingers take a family to travel to other places, and run to three or five provinces, and they can't spend so much money. I went back to my hometown during the Spring Festival. I was very happy to see the fresh green onions. My mother was amused: "Have you never seen this?" I said, "Do you know how much this thing costs a catty in Beijing?" "Three yuan "Thirteen yuan!" Mom was taken aback for a moment, and then said: "No wonder I went home this time to see you so thin."

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There are still many people in Beijing who still yearn for it, but it might be nice to slip away if necessary.

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