The American website Buzz interviewed several American women and asked them to leave a love advice to their daughters as people who came by. When you fall in love, you should also listen to your mother~~

1. Find someone who can accept your shortcomings.


2. Don't attach the source of happiness to others. Happiness is given to yourself.


3. If your family and friends do not like yours, listen to their opinions (they may be right)


4. Find someone who thinks you are beautiful without makeup.


5. If you want to please everyone, you yourself will never be happy.


6. Feelings may be unpredictable, but family members are always by your side.


7. If you don't take yourself seriously, no one will take you seriously.


8. Don't worry too much about dating. Just live out your unique side. As long as you live dazzlingly, you will always find each other.


9. At the first heartbreak, you may feel that the sky is broken and the earth is end of life, but it is not. . . There are better ones waiting for you.


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