Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne) attracts more than 160 million tourists every year. It is a precious part of Melbourne's cultural life and a gem of this city with many cultural heritages. There are amazing scenery, peaceful lakes and a variety of plants in the garden, which is undoubtedly a place that attracts people to explore and feel joy.

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The Royal Botanic Garden in Melbourne has a wide variety of plants, such as camellia, tropical rainforest plants, succulent plants and cacti, roses, California species, herbs, perennials, cycads and plants from southern China. The newly opened Guilfoyle's Volcano in the botanical garden is a wonderful new area for tourists to explore.


The botanical garden also provides natural reserves for wildlife such as black swans, eels, bell birds, cockatoos and kookaburra. One of the most popular attractions is The Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden.

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The children’s garden has everything to help children explore the natural world: a plant tunnel to crawl, rocks to climb, and a bamboo forest to play "hide and seek".

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The Royal Botanic Gardens also carefully planned several walking routes and sightseeing routes to introduce tourists to the history, cultural significance and diversity of horticulture in Melbourne's most exquisite gardens.

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Located at the Observatory Gate (Observatory Gate), the Visitor Centre (Visitor Centre) is the gathering place for all tourist routes. The Information Officers at the information desk will introduce the characteristic attractions, tour routes and related activities to tourists according to their needs. Visitors can enjoy a delicious meal at Terrace Tearooms and Observatory Café while enjoying the magnificent view of the Botanical Garden.

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The award-winning Gardens Shop specializes in plant-themed souvenirs and gifts, including stationery, skin care products, books and greeting cards.

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In summer, the Royal Botanic Garden becomes a vibrant cultural gathering place, regularly arranging open-air movies, theater performances and exhibitions.

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