[There are more than 50 blacks in Guangzhou]

According to statistics, there are at least 50 African blacks in Guangzhou alone, of which more than 90 are legally entering the country, and the rest are all illegally entered or have expired visas. Among them, black men account for more than 30%, and increase at a rate of 40%-XNUMX% every year.

After the Guangzhou Asian Games, the borders were loose, immigration inspections for foreigners were sloppy, and the large number of visas issued by embassies in Africa led to the spread of black disasters in Guangzhou. There is one black for every ten Cantonese. What a tragic phenomenon! It is a certainty that blacks will become the XNUMXth nation of the Chinese nation. Yuexiu District and Xiaobei Road Railway Station have become the most black places. In order to avoid inspection, they rushed to Foshan, Wuhan, Changsha and other places. There are also many black people in Wuhan. Many of them are from Guangzhou, and some are engaged in scalping business in the name of overseas students. The blacks were in groups and often appeared at night. Bars, karaoke bars, campuses, on the streets, wantonly chatting and harassing women, whether unmarried or married. Basically, women in Guangzhou have been harassed by blacks in at least XNUMX% of the population. There has been a significant increase in the number of mixed-races in Guangzhou, and conflicts between yellow and black mixed-races have repeatedly occurred on campus.

Although ZF is reluctant to make the announcement on the grounds of foreign affairs, some knowledgeable Guangzhou residents have long been aware that black QJ, crime, violent injuries, fraudulent money and deceiving sex have long been common, and Guangzhou has become increasingly serious for AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. disaster area.

Blacks belong to a parasitic race and are a current liability of any country. Former US President Nixon also used words similar to Despairs to describe blacks. They are African-Americans, without a great civilization, without great scientists, with a high crime rate, and whites. 7-8 times. They will only rely on their super ability to mix with local women to obtain the right of abode or nationality, parasite with this ethnic group, maybe they can play basketball, sing rap, and then play with your family’s women and eat your family’s food in peace of mind. rice. The black population in Europe and the United States is a sequelae of the slave trade era, but we in China should definitely not have a large number of black people!

[Digression: If the blood of the Han people is really contaminated by chimpanzees, the famous artists of Qin and Han dynasties cry to death, the talents of Tang and Song Dynasty cry to death, the generals of the Three Kingdoms cry to death, the four beauties cry to death, Zhuge Liang cry to death, Pan An Songyu cry to death, Tang Everyone in Song Ba cried to death, Qin Huai Ba Yan cried to death, Ran Min cried to death...]

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.00.39

You can see a few black people gathering somewhere in Guangzhou

[Blacks have a high crime rate and low IQ]

The low quality of black people is famous all over the world. Look at the national racial disasters in France and Britain. It is because some countries in Western Europe ignored the restrictions on immigrants and the punishment of smuggling. Now they are about to be occupied by blacks and Arabs who breed rapidly. Now, Britain and France are very regretful but it is too late! Blacks are recognized as the race with the worst quality. Black communities in many countries have the highest crime rate and the most chaotic. Half of the Dongguan prison in Guangzhou is black!

The proportion of black people with AIDS is very high, they are very sexual, and they have a very strong means of tricking women into chasing women's skin! Look at how chaotic and poor Africa is! Latin America is all mixed, but the development is still bad! It is relatively pure-bred Germany Japan and other countries are developing very fast! American blacks only account for 13%, and American blacks have lived for two hundred years and most of them are mixed. This is also a headache for the high crime rate of domestic blacks! Blacks have a high crime rate in any country in the world. It is the same in China. Black people in Dongguan and Guangzhou Prison have already accounted for half! If it spread to the whole country, the consequences would be disastrous!

After repeatedly asking the reason, he always shook his head and sighed, repeating the same sentence: "It's hard to \nsay." (It's hard to say.) For Africans as far away as China, their male to female ratio Serious imbalance, they almost all want to find a Chinese wife. The ghost knows how much love is here, but a transnational relationship will surely calm them down and stop panicking and fleeing.

Blacks have the highest crime rate in the United States. 12% of the population has a crime rate of more than 50%. One out of every three blacks has gone to prison. Black single-parent families are as high as 3%. They have the highest unemployment rate and the largest number of people receiving benefits. The test proves that blacks have IQ Very lowly, they have hardly any achievements in science, and this phenomenon will not change due to changes in the environment. I know you are now sure to say that black people are discriminated against. Wrong. The United States already has various policies that give priority to blacks. On the contrary, let’s look at Asians, especially East Asians. It is well known that Chinese (and other Asians) suffer more discrimination in the United States than blacks. The Chinese have created 70 miracles with less than 1% of the population, and there are a lot of accomplished people. A lot of scientists. On the contrary, black people contribute nothing to the field of knowledge.

All of this is data, to state the facts. If you are talking about my racial discrimination, I have nothing to say, because I think I am facing the race. Detroit, which was predominantly black, went bankrupt. I don't want Guangzhou to become the next Detroit.

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.00.44

Riots on the streets of black people in Guangzhou

["Go to China!" Now African blacks have a new immigration destination]

As of 2009, the number of black illegal immigrants in mainland China has reached more than 70, and most of them are young men, and they are still growing at a very high rate of 30% to 40% every year. Then, according to this calculation, by 2030, the number of black illegal immigrants in China will reach 1500 million, and the rate of immigration thereafter may decrease significantly, but by 2050, the number of black illegal immigrants in China will also reach at least 5000 million. Together with the black and yellow people, the population of black ancestry will reach more than 1 million people, accounting for about one-tenth of the Chinese population; among the Chinese under the age of 25, blacks and black and yellow people (black and yellow are also black) The ratio may be as high as about a quarter. In the next few decades, it will be inevitable that black Africans will immigrate to China in large numbers. China will change from a nation-state to an immigrant country, from a yellow country to a black-and-yellow mixed country. In fact, it is not uncommon for blacks to account for half of the country by the 22nd century may. Today's Chinese people should have a clear understanding of this and be prepared to accept it, because your daughter is likely to marry a black man when he grows up, and his grandson or granddaughter is likely to be a black and yellow hybrid. The future of China may be the same as the present China is very different from race to language to culture. This "future" may be very close to the present, maybe only 50 or even 20 years.

If the government does not take it seriously anymore, the blood gene of the Han nation will be changed. China should have a strategic vision of blacks, and should not ruin the great rivers and mountains of the Chinese nation for temporary benefits.

According to the statistical records of the Shanghai Customs Exit-Entry Administration for the past three years, the exit records from African countries are only over one-third of the entry records. In other words, two-thirds of the blacks came and did not leave. Don't think that they may have left the country from Beijing, Guangzhou and other places. In fact, the records there will not be different. More people come in and less people go out.

On the streets of Guangzhou, blacks and South Asians abound, and they have formed a permanent population. A huge "black city" is formed 10 kilometers around Hongqiao. China, especially large cities, may soon become a place full of blacks just like the United States and Europe. Do these people have any special skills that China needs? Is there a shortage of labor in China? Why do embassies in Africa issue so many visas?

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.00.56

Blacks are advertised as having strong sexual ability and low IQ

[We Chinese can only have one child for family planning, so we want to let foreigners stay in China]

Look at how hospitable and generous the Chinese are. They would rather have only one child to make room for black brothers. I have seen more than once in a TV show where the host and the audience are enthusiastically looking for jobs and wives for foreigners. See how willing the Chinese people are. They would rather find a job for foreigners with their surplus labor; they would rather bachelor (tens of millions) for their own males, and find a wife for foreigners first.

Nowadays, the Sino-Russian border line no longer exists for the Russians. In the big cities of Heilongjiang Province (Heihe, Harbin, Manzhouli), Russian house buyers can come and go as long as they want, and live as long as they want. They have been living in China at will, just like Hong Kong buyers simply entering and leaving Shenzhen, becoming the actual permanent population. But the Chinese do not have the same rights in Russia. In order to sell more houses and improve the so-called political performance, our local government ignores this and claims to promote openness and invigoration.

Ah, how stingy and shrewd the Russians are, and how generous and stupid the Chinese are.

Is China really overcrowded? If not, what kind of family planning are we doing? If so, why do we accept so many blacks, Koreans and Russians? When I saw black people coming on the street, I saw success I can’t help asking, since the country can accommodate so many immigrants, why not allow me to have a second child? Family planning will only reduce the proportion of Chinese descendants in this land. Two children, just to be filled by a black man?

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.01.10

Black people like to play with women everywhere, sadly there are still many Chinese women willing to play with them

[This country is unable to prevent the influx of illegal immigrants, just as it cannot prevent the loss of rare earth minerals]

The increase in the number of blacks in Guangzhou has also brought about many crime problems, affecting public security and stability. According to the Internet: "The ratio of men to women is severely imbalanced, and black rape cases have also risen sharply; they also cheat, rob, and sell drugs... but never want to return to their hometown."

Some people may say that I am a bit racially discriminatory. I just want to remind that throughout history, population or ethnic mobility is an important factor leading to the demise of the country and cannot be ignored. The Roman Empire was destroyed by the Germanic migration. During the five riots in China, hundreds of years of war broke out in northern China. If this is still the case of population movements between the same races leading to the country’s demise, the increase or decrease in the number of different races will have an immeasurable impact. Take the United States as it is now. Many people in the world predict its demise. The primary factor without exception is racial conflicts. In particular, blacks have better physical fitness and weaker intelligence than yellow and white races. The rapes, drug abuse, and high crime rates in black settlements around the world are indisputable facts. It is said that there are more than 200 million people in the United States. Half of the prisoners are black. my country is the most populous country in the world. There is no shortage of manual workers. There is no need for so many foreign manual workers to stay in China for a long time. Australia is a country with negative population growth and insufficient labor. In order to ensure its white dominance, manual workers are mainly imported from Italy and Greece. Only high-quality Chinese can enter Australia. There is also Russia trying to control the entry of Chinese into Siberia. It is hoped that the relevant Chinese departments can have a bit of strategic foresight, learn from the practices of Australia and Russia, and pay close attention to the problem of the blackization of Guangzhou. We can’t just let those blacks stay in China illegally just because of China-Africa friendship. If this continues, we wake up and Guangzhou has become a paradise for foreigners, especially blacks, and it will be too late to regret. So, what is the point of our hard work in family planning?

The number of blacks reaching a certain base will eventually pose a threat to national security. Many Western countries have learned from the past. The blacks who entered France illegally did not cause trouble to the authorities 20 years ago. When the number rose to hundreds of thousands, they began to riot and demand legality. Identity and control of various illegal activities in the region have now become the biggest headache in France. (The proportion of blacks and whites in France is close to that of the United States, and the fertility of blacks is amazing.) In addition, Africa is the most rampant area of ​​AIDS in the world, and blacks making love everywhere is also a potential threat.

First of all, please don't use the term racial discrimination. Brother is not discrimination, but confrontation. China is the China of the Chinese. In this land left to us by our ancestors, all things must be given priority by the Chinese. Resources are limited. How can we plan family planning for the Chinese while using a large amount of our food, housing, education and other resources for foreigners? Racial interests are the highest interests of a country. , There is still a chance for rejuvenation. But if the species of a nation is destroyed, the nation can never come back to life. It is a kind of rationality to face up to the peaceful invasion of China by foreigners using immigration, illegal residence, and having mixed-race children with Chinese women. Just as we had to drive out the Japanese when they invaded China, it cannot be said to be racial discrimination, but a holy war.

Regarding the issue of the large number of African blacks stranded in Guangzhou, print media such as Guangzhou Daily and Southern Metropolis Weekly have already reported a lot. The relevant departments have also taken some measures, such as tightening visa restrictions for foreigners in China and strengthening the fight against the "Three Africans". "Foreigners, etc., have also caused a large number of African blacks to attack the Guangzhou Mineral Street police station. Two years ago, in the Shishi Church area in the center of Guangzhou, a large number of Africans gathered on Sunday afternoon. A large number of black Africans have caused many social problems, such as fighting, rape, drug trafficking, playing with Chinese girls, spreading AIDS, marrying Chinese women and giving birth to mixed children, etc., which are hateful. For this reason, Chen Tiancun in Guangzhou has also made a local convention that no house should be rented to black Africans.

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.01.19

See how many black people are in Dongguan prison

[Guangzhou blacks take the route of "rural surrounding the city"]

At present, there are few large groups of blacks living in the core urban area of ​​Guangzhou, but according to reports, they are more fragmented, "lurking" in hidden corners, or spreading to surrounding cities, engaging in "rural surrounding cities." The following are some of the information I have collected last year:

1. There are still many blacks in Sanyuanli in the northern suburbs of Guangzhou.

2. Huadu in the northern suburbs of Guangzhou, which is also the hometown of Hong Xiuquan, has a large number of African blacks. According to locals, there are also many blacks in Panyu in the southern suburbs. The local public security agency also issued an "important notice" (warm reminder) to foreigners, supervised by the Municipal Government and Guangzhou Foreign Personnel Management Joint Conference Office, requiring "foreigners to abide by Chinese laws during their stay in China."

3. After some blacks were caught, they spoke neither Chinese nor English, but a lot of African dialects, which caused a headache to those who arrested them. Many blacks do not have passports and are actually stateless. Don't know how to deal with it. It can't be shut down for a lifetime.

4. Foshan, in the west of Guangzhou, now has many blacks. I once saw a Chinese woman and three African blacks in Huangqi, Foshan, on the border with Guangzhou.

5. In some small and medium-sized cities far away from Guangzhou, blacks have also appeared in the past two years. In Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, etc., blacks and Chinese women are also in love, and some elementary school students are Chinese and African mixed. In the past, a large number of web articles were about the "Guangzhou Negro issue". This article puts forward the "Guangdong Negro issue" because foreigners from the "three nons" have legs and cannot be caught only in Guangzhou. They will go elsewhere. Although I have not yet seen black people in cities farther away from Guangzhou such as Shaoguan, Qingyuan, Maoming, I am worried that if we continue, the "Cantonese black problem" will become a "South China black problem."

Of course, the information I have collected is not complete yet, and all netizens are welcome to provide more valuable and updated information in the follow-up.

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.01.27

The three black men looked at no one around the factory, and they wanted to play gang rape in a remote place with the girl directly. Fortunately, they were stopped by the security guard

[Talk about AIDS in African blacks]

Most blacks come from Africa, a high-risk area of ​​AIDS. According to the figures provided by the Guangzhou STD Surveillance Center, the number of AIDS cases and HIV-infected persons is showing a significant increase, and the situation is not optimistic. According to the Guangdong Provincial Department of Health, the number of AIDS patients in Guangdong in October 2008 increased by 10% compared with 2007, and HIV-positive people increased by 78.5% compared with 2007. In 46.3, Guangzhou Eighth Hospital, which specializes in treating AIDS patients, had more than 2008 inpatient AIDS patients, an increase of one-third compared to 360; for outpatient services, more than 2007 patients were admitted in 2007, but in 600 Increased to more than 2008 people. Note that these carriers detected in the hospital are just the tip of the iceberg.

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.01.31

It is undeniable that black rap is superb

[All frost and dew, sterile and heterogeneous; Ji Han Jiubang, no hybrids]

Even if black people do not have AIDS, it is a taboo for a nation to introduce foreign patrilineal genes. Even if a small number of maternal genes are introduced, it should be strictly restricted. China is a relatively single race country. Many of us have not realized this is an advantage! At least it can reduce racial conflicts! Singapore’s Chinese account for 80%, but XNUMX% of Malays, The Indians have already restricted the administrative offices of the Chinese government, and even have to specifically legislate to prohibit the wearing of religious ornaments in schools. As Singapore’s ethnic minorities have a higher fertility rate than Chinese, Malay babies have accounted for half of newborns in recent years. At present, a large number of children in Singapore's primary schools whose appearance is obviously different from those of the Chinese have been annoying. XNUMX% of American prisons are blacks. The Chinese who do small businesses in the United States have more or less learned how powerful blacks are. One of my relatives in Oregon was robbed by blacks once. Those who are not our race must have different hearts. Once the ethnic structure is destroyed, it will be irreversible. The current United States will never become a white country! Now is the critical period to prevent the intermingling of the Chinese nation.

Ethnicity is first of all races. Sun Yat-sen used the term "subjugation of the nation and species" when referring to the national crisis in the late Qing Dynasty. The blood on both sides of the strait is thicker than water because of the "same species." The "same species and the same text" promoted by Japan during its invasion of China failed to respond because they were not the same species as us. Just as no man can tolerate his wife being pregnant with other people's children, we will never tolerate those who live in China in the future as foreigners!

Frost and Lu are all sterile and heterogeneous; Ji Han Jiubang does not take hybrids, and racial interest is the highest interest of the nation. The country has broken mountains and rivers, and the city has deep grass and trees. China is the China of the Chinese, and the land left to us by our ancestors is the guarantee for the yellow-skinned and black-haired Chinese nation to settle down. We must not let it become a colony of alien species that breed evil species!

The black-skin gene of black people is a strong gene, and there can be no more yellow-skinned children in yellow-black hybrids, and there can only be more black-skinned hybrids going down. Unless there is a very individual genetic accident!

Many Chinese people have long been self-proclaimed and autistic in their personal world. At the same time, they are affected by the national political media’s confinement of racial knowledge and blindly guiding the international friendly atmosphere, making some basic racial mixed knowledge stay at a loss, personal imagination, and half-understanding. Even in a completely ignorant situation, whenever people from outside races pursue themselves, or relatives, friends, classmates and colleagues, etc., due to the lack of basic knowledge, there are few people who can rationally judge how much risk there is.

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.01.38

Girl, with so many blacks, don’t you worry about your safety?

[How much harm is mixed with black people]

In fact, I am not completely opposed to heterogeneous hybrids, but I hope that Chinese people can fully understand the basic knowledge of ethnic hybrids and understand that mixing with different races will bring very different consequences before thinking about whether to mix, especially with blacks. The great harm of the Chinese people is to be a clear parent of biracial children, and never be confused and regretful for a lifetime.

First, the black skin gene is extremely stubborn. The race is divided into three colors-white, yellow and black, the dark skin gene is the strongest, and the yellow skin gene is in the middle. If blacks marry any race, their black skin genes will overwhelm other skin color genes, so they can only give birth to black-skinned children. The principle here is by no means the neutralizing mixture of water ginseng and coffee that some people think. Genes are the principle of replication. The reason why some mixed races are often lighter is because the living conditions of relatively pure blacks are better, and they all live in white or yellow species. Human environment. Moreover, the black bastards can only give birth to black-skinned bastards, that is, once the yellow race and white race are combined with them, their offspring will only be blacks for generations, except for very few genetic accidents! Of course, the yellow race and the white race The majority of people of mixed blood also give birth to yellow-skinned people, but the yellow people in Northeast Asia are actually not darker than whites, and most of them live better, so it is generally not obvious.

Second, intermarriage of blacks will cause racial corruption to the family, descendants, country, and nation. China is the center and support of the oriental dragon and Eastern civilization. The Chinese are the most typical representatives of the yellow race. Except for the Chinese, the yellow race will become the endangered race of the world, and the yellow race will no longer have a future. And if the yellow-black mixture is not controlled, how will its speed of blackening our race behave? Can you imagine it? I guess few people would have expected it. In fact, a very simple algorithm is inherited from generation to generation because of the strong black skin. Because most Chinese girls are still at a super ignorant level of this knowledge, blindly pursuing novelty, naive and easy to deceive, because black people are less cautious and serious than Chinese men. , Shy, they rarely have direct and acute self-cultivation. Therefore, if every black man marries a Chinese woman and gives birth to two on average, then one pass two, two pass four, four pass eight... It is endless! It can be seen that it is geometric Multiplying growth is not an exaggeration when we call it explosive growth. It is likened to the spread of the virus, but it is appropriate. Today, there are at least 50 black people in China doing evil, marrying wives and having children, abandoning their wives and abandoning children and seeking new love, and the number is still growing rapidly! This is not alarmist talk, it is a fact. Black people come to China to enjoy superb courtesy, but relying on the Chinese government’s current policy of friendship for the mentally handicapped, but most of them are robbing money and deceiving sex. They tell each other not to go to Europe and the United States, which they already know, they have found a new paradise! Everyone can calculate. How long is it estimated that our descendants will generally be in danger of being eroded and blackened? Look at our poor neighbor, India, what has become? Brazil is almost finished, and the blacks will soon be over halfway. , You can't believe it, Brazil, a white country once, is about to become Guinea. So don’t think that it’s too early or too late, and everything will stop. By then, facing the black gangsters all over the street, we will still be able to claim that we are an ancient country of Eastern civilization, and that our black descendants dare to call themselves the descendants of Yan and Huang. Facing our ancestors? Compatriots, will you cry like me then?...We will be no different from subjugating our country and species...

Third, blacks have relatively low IQs, they are not cool, handsome, and simple. Are black people cool? Are you sure that’s cool? Except for MJ dance (except for this), if their behaviors or photos that they think are cool are replaced by our own people, you will still feel cool and handsome You don’t think it’s pretending to be contemptuous and cool? If you change to white again, you’re sure you won’t call them idiots? Oh, it turns out that racial recognition has a vertical contrast inertia, we have never seen them I have been really cool and handsome, and I take it for granted that they are like this, they are normal. Look at it now, is this really normal? Well, if you think they are just getting darker, that's fine, then please fill them with **, and see if they will become a handsome guy? Yo, no. It turns out that they are indeed not beautiful at all, and they are by no means limited to their skin! In fact, African and Australian blacks have relatively low IQs and cannot be compared with whites. This is the world’s biggest public common sense secret! It’s just for these blacks. Some dignity, no one in the West does not know this common sense! Of course, the IQ of blacks in places like South Asia is another matter. At this time, do you take it for granted that they will be more honest, but not so complicated and cunning than ours? I hope everyone is not so naive. But it is hateful that the blacks of primitive civilizations like Africa have low IQs but are full of crooked, violent and lazy abnormalities (of course, this is normal for them). Many of them come to China just to cheat for evil. The drug addiction-like corrupting paradise life is a very common genetic trait of their race, and it cannot be changed by the day after tomorrow. If you don’t believe me, you can check how many shocking nigger disasters have occurred in Guangzhou, where blacks are overrun! China is not only foreigners from non-blacks, but they are definitely the most unscrupulous and shameless group among them. Disaster star! If you can slyly say that this is caused by their low level of education, well, please refer to the black Americans. Of course, if they are pure blacks, mixed blood does not count. Is it over, is it still incomprehensible?

Fourth, the way of thinking between us and black people is at the extremes of the two worlds. It is difficult for us to communicate deeply with them and we cannot understand each other. Yes, especially our girls, how can you understand the thinking in their heads? We are a country of etiquette with a history of more than 5000 years of civilization. We are highly evolved through the strong baptism, immersion, and selection of civilizations. The races of the past stand at the forefront of the advancement of human thinking and IQ. The primitive blacks in Africa and other places have never had a truly formed civilization. If it were not for the cruel invasion of Africa by Europeans, they would still remain in the barbaric stage of primitive tribes! How can such two races understand each other? Most of them only pursue all kinds of things that come from the instincts of animals. They rarely pursue spiritual pursuits. They ignore credibility, commandments, and kindness. Most I just want to go to crooked ways and get something for nothing, and I want to enjoy, especially the cheap sex on some Chinese women. Can we communicate with these high-civilized minds? Oh, yes, aren’t Chinese women very conservative? Many girls are native It’s hard to chase the boys. Why is it so cheap to face such disgusting blacks? It turns out that people have relativity. In the face of traditional boys in their country, girls think that traditions are needed to be respected, and in the face of these reports. It's true that foreigners with simple and open brains are different. People say that they do whatever they want in their hometowns, and they want to do whatever they want. Some girls are looking forward to exotic romances out of ignorance. They only know that they like to be open and open, but they don’t know that they prefer dingo-style mating. Unexpectedly, it is not necessarily beautiful men who are bothered. If possible, shit men want to be perverts! Now even black people feel incredible, and they say Chinese women. It's traditional, so smart and cute, and it's the most readily available item in the world! So these black people are not tired of it, and they make a lot of bubbles and make one after another. They even compete with each other to change the speed of their Chinese sex playmates, just like the Japanese used to engage in a killing competition in Nanjing, and they are engaging in a competition that insults China and laughs at Chinese women! Those Chinese women can't understand why they just die. I can’t take a relationship seriously. What is wrong with him? I don’t deny that there are very few blacks who will settle down with a Chinese woman and get married and have children, but it is the vast majority of this part. It has another purpose, which is to stay in China without going back to their dilapidated Africa. And an ignorant and ridiculous woman who has been played with by blacks can not afford to marry a Chinese man who has a strong taste. Yes, it’s for you for nothing. You may be willing to play, but would you like to marry her home to face your parents and ancestors as your wife? You have the courage to face the powerful shame of being ridiculed for a lifetime Is it psychological pressure? If you have the courage, I really support you, but don't let it to me, then I would rather slap myself!

Fifth, interbreeding with most other races generally only lowers the quality of our offspring, especially African blacks. The most important qualities of human beings are IQ and appearance. According to Western research, kindness is also closely related to IQ. In a sense, kindness seems to be the performance of people with higher IQ. The lower the IQ, the more difficult it is to present. A truly kind state of mind, but tends to be animalistic. Some people say that the quality of Chinese people is notoriously low. Compared with developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, the reason for this phenomenon is actually very simple, that is, the level of education is low. The Chinese are like upstarts and believe in the next generation. Naturally it will be much better. Why do we say that mixing with most other races will lower the quality of our offspring? We have the highest IQ, but aren’t European and American whites generally more beautiful? Yes, if you look at the preferences of many people, these whites do Will be more beautiful, they have colorful hair color and changing eyes, as well as white skin. But it is precisely these trait genes that are weaker genes relative to our genes. These genes are generally overwhelmed when we are mixed with us and cannot be expressed. What is the use? (From the aesthetic perspective of more oriental people, Ou Whether people are really more beautiful is completely debatable.) The result can only be to lower our average IQ level. And African blacks have nothing to do with their physical fitness. And we don't care about their physical fitness, our athletes are not bad, not to mention the Olympics are just a political toy, for mankind, wisdom is the most precious and indestructible indicator.

Screen Shot at 2014 10-23-17.01.47

Mixed with blacks, children are generally darker and genetically stubborn

[From the perspective of genetic principles, why mixed-race children are healthier and smarter]

There was a saying that mixed-race children are healthier and smarter, and many people take it as evidence. This statement has certain genetic principles, but it is confusing. Here is a special explanation, in order to see and hear: The reason why organisms tend to reproduce in gender is because compared to species that reproduce without sex and are equivalent to clonal reproduction, it produces a huge reproductive advantage, that is, it produces The more excellent offspring from the blue. The detailed principle here is this-

First, the reproduction of both sexes realizes genetic recombination, and recombination produces offspring of three pros and cons. Assuming a pair of men and women, the men are more intelligent, and the women are beautiful, that is, men and women, then if they have a bunch of children, they will have—

1. Inferior offspring, inherit the ugly male and stupid female;

2. Intermediate descendants, inheriting the beauty of men or women;

3. Super superior offspring, inherit the talents of men and the beauty of women.

In this way, under the same conditions, when the offspring of this species and the offspring of the asexual reproduction species are put together to survive and compete, a miracle occurs: the super-superior individual among the offspring of the sexual reproduction species quickly gains an absolute advantage in reproduction and eliminates all other individuals. Although it eliminated its inferior quality and common compatriots, in the end, the sexually reproductive species survived. To put it simply, the reproduction of both sexes stabilizes the excellent genes in all aspects of the species within the species, thereby creating super-excellent and super-competitive offspring.

So this principle determines-when the two sexes are at the same level of excellence, it is best to have their own excellence in different aspects as much as possible, so that there is a greater chance of producing superior offspring. The more the same, the closer the effect of marriage between close relatives. Therefore, animals all seek better offspring of the opposite sex than their own, so that their genes can catch up with the excellent genes of their spouses, and this is undoubtedly a risk for the other party. Of course, if both parties are excellent in all aspects, then there is nothing to be surpassed, and excellent offspring will inevitably be born, and there is no need to worry about inferior individuals.

Following this principle, we can imagine that the emergence of mixed races between human races today does not mean how romantic results, because in fact, in terms of greater genetic integration (such as IQ, appearance), mixed races The most likely result is to achieve fair neutralization, of course, except for individual strong genes (such as black skin genes). That is, if a black person with an IQ of 80 and a yellow person with an IQ of 110 are mixed, the average IQ of the mixed should be about 95, which is lower than the pure yellow (110) and higher than the pure black (80). Even with the most rigid reasoning algorithm, the probability of the appearance of the super-superior offspring is only one-third, and the other part is only two-thirds, and no parent is willing to give birth to a lot of children and give up that part even if it is an idiot. The shady members and social welfare have almost completely lost the function of weeding out inferior individuals.

In today's tricolor race, whites are basically superior to appearance, yellows are superior to IQ, and blacks are superior to physical fitness. Looking to the future, because technology will absolutely dominate all destiny, physical fitness will first become insignificant, the Olympics and the NBA will become child’s play, and then beauty will begin to become cheap. Only the innovative ability of IQ will be the most permanent and precious wealth. Any possible replacement! It can be seen that in combination with it, we lose thoroughly!

The analysis of the principle ends here, it is really hard to say.

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[We do not discriminate against race, but we need to face up to racial issues]

Some people think that we cannot do such propaganda because we have also been discriminated against by whites and looked down upon by them. Therefore, we must treat blacks with "fraternity" and equal treatment. How contagious and deceptive these words are, but dear netizens, if you are smart enough, can you tell everyone what is wrong?

Yes, we should respect each other and treat them equally, but apart from physical contact and genetic mixing, because that will ruin our race! Ruin our civilization! If we don’t want to, then Okay, ask them to stand by themselves and stop thinking about our bodies! If some of us are willing, that's good, China does not want to become a black country,

Please warn your black descendants not to stay in the land of the descendants of Yan and Huang, and continue to blacken our descendants!

Yes, white people have discriminated against us. They are real discrimination. After careful research, they discovered that they are not the smartest race in the world. The smartest race is in our East Asia, China, Japan and South Korea, especially China. Han nationality. In addition, China's economy will soon surpass that of the United States, and more and more other areas will surpass it. Can they still discriminate? I am afraid that we will discriminate against them when we discriminate. But has anyone been afraid of black people in African countries other than the population?

There is also "fraternity", yes, we should fraternity, so our country's annual aid to Africa is not small. But some idiots sacrificed their lives for black people under the banner of fraternity! People use money, technology, and food for fraternity. But in China, some idiots think fraternity is broad love, and dedication to everyone is fraternity. I want to explode, "Then you still love your mother!!" Oh, sin, sorry. This kind of fraternity is not fraternity, it is stupid love, this love is ignorant love! And this kind of love will bring endless disasters to oneself, family, country, and race. In this way, this kind of fraternity is still fucking love!

Dear netizens, do you think I have racial discrimination? But I want to tell you that I am facing up to the race, don't believe those who distort it as discrimination!

Disclaimer: This article only represents the views of the original author

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