Huang Zaihao said that China-DPRK relations are now very cold. In the first few months of President Xi Jinping’s presidency of China, North Korea has launched many missiles and conducted nuclear tests, but this is something that should not be done.In particular, China is a big country that North Korea needs to rely on, but it still keeps "noisy" when the new Chinese leader comes to power. So President Xi’s impression of Kim Jong Un is very bad.

He says,"I personally think that Chairman Xi Jinping is soft on the outside and strong on the inside. He may look as cute as a panda on the surface, but he is a strong-willed leader.Kim Jong-un may not have such a thorough understanding of President Xi’s style, and his China policy remains the same as before. but,President Xi is a very principled leader and has not visited North Korea so far, so the North Korean side is also a little angry. Maybe Kim Jong-un will visit China one day, but not now, because he will get nothing but criticism when visiting China now."

Huang Zaihao said that the climate for the meeting between the leaders of China and North Korea is not yet mature, but it is impossible for President Xi Jinping to wait for Kim Jong Un. The leaders of China and South Korea can talk very well. The mutual trust between the two countries has been improving, while the relationship between China and North Korea has been declining. However, there is one variable that is the issue of the missile defense system. Earlier, the South Korean Defense Minister said that in response to North Korea’s threat, cooperation in the South Korean-US missile defense system is helpful, but the Chinese Ambassador to South Korea expressed strong concerns about this. In this regard, Huang Zaihao said that if the missile defense system is really deployed, it will still have a great impact on South Korea-China relations.

Huang Zaihao said that some time ago, the South Korea and the United States held an annual consultation meeting. The United States accepted that the South Korean side would extend the wartime operational command until the mid-2020s. This can be said to be an indefinite extension, and it is also a "benefit of the United States to South Korea." In contrast, South Korea must pay a "price." Then, this "cost" may be cooperation between South Korea-US missile defense systems (including THAAD), or strengthening military cooperation, intelligence exchanges, and so on between South Korea, the United States and Japan. In addition, the South Korean side will correspondingly increase a portion of its expenditure on the US military in South Korea.

The primary reason for cooperation between South Korea and the US in missile defense systems is the security of the peninsula, but China does not agree. However, the relationship between South Korea and the United States is an alliance. If the requirements of the allies cannot be met, then it is not an alliance. Therefore, this is a situation that we cannot avoid, and China-South Korea relations will definitely be affected.

The missile defense system was originally a military issue, but it has now become a strategic issue. South Korea is suddenly faced with such a strategic choice, which is very difficult. China must have its own reasons for opposing this. The United States also requires South Korea to make a choice. The current environment is not good for South Korea. We did not expect the time to make a choice will come so early, so South Korea is very dilemma, and of course we I hope that the time to make a choice can be extended all the time.

Regarding the issue of the reunification of South Korea and North Korea, Huang Jae Hao said, "The reunification of South Korea and North Korea requires the support of other countries and the international community. Now some statements in South Korea must have the support of China to be reunified, but I think this sentence is half correct and half. wrong.If we want to reunify, we must be supported by the United States and China at the same time. This is why South Korea is so embarrassed, because we don’t want to lose the support of either of these two most important partners, but how can we get two countries? Where's your heart? "

The support of other countries such as Japan, France, the United Kingdom, and the international community is also important, but the most important thing is the support of the two major powers of China and the United States, because European countries such as Britain and France and Japan will follow the opinions and ideas of the United States. In addition, if South Korea can give Russia a place, it will not object to it.

As for whether North Korea is China's military buffer state, Huang Zaihao said he disagrees with this view. He said that China has encountered many military problems, such as the South China Sea issue, the East China Sea issue or the dispute between China and Vietnam, but it is okay if there is no buffer state between China and Vietnam. Moreover, compared with China-North Korea relations, China-South Korea relations are closer and friendly. South Korea has not threatened China's security. When Minister Wang Yi came to Seoul in May, he said: "China chose South Korea." and so,North Korea is not a buffer country for China. Instead, we can say that South Korea is a buffer country for China to fight against threats. South Korea is a good friend of China.