Doncaster in the east of Melbourne is the main commercial center in the east of Melbourne. But for a long time, apart from buses and highways, there has not been a subway train line connecting the city to the CBD. Can the Doncaster train line project that has been debated for decades be officially opened in the next 15 years? This is a major event in the Doncaster area for those striving for the railroad tracks to become a reality. I hope to get a positive response from the government before the November election.

Although Doncaster developed earlier than the Glen Waverley area in the southeast, the latter has developed rapidly, and in recent years has obtained official government approval for the train line connecting Clayton Railway Station to Rowville. Doncaster has been arguing for decades to build a train line to the city. Even today, whether to choose light rail or heavy train, high-speed parallel lines, or other options, there are still arguing and no decision.

The Doncaster train line investigation report has been written:

According to a spokesperson for the Victorian Minister of Transport, the first phase of the investigation into the feasibility report of the Doncaster train line has been completed and will be announced in the next few weeks. It is said that in the next second phase of the investigation, an analysis will be conducted on whether to adopt a heavy track or other plans.

Listening to it, it seems that the first phase of the investigation did not reject the Doncaster train line's idea, and it supports it. It's just a report that has been called for many times, and we have to wait for the next phase of the next phase of the possible train line to carry out the trajectory and vehicle types. It is still quite far away from the real construction.

In the government budget in February this year, the Victorian government decided to widen the exit of the Eastern Expressway at the end of Hoddle St in the urban area to speed up the speed of expressway travel. From this move, the Doncaster train line can be opened, at least not included in the current government's vision.

But every survey report will bring the railroad track into a dream closer to reality. As long as you don't give up the action you strive for, there will be a day of success.

Even if we didn't have a train when we were old, our children and grandchildren will have the chance to get on the train because of our hard work.

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