On November 2014-11, 15, the world-renowned G16 Leaders Summit will be held in Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane, a city that was not well known to the Chinese in the past, will become a place for everyone to talk and talk, and Chinese President Xi Jinping will also attend this summit.

1. Introduction to Brisbane

2. The world-renowned Brisbane G20 summit

3. Brisbane Education/Study Abroad

4. Brisbane necessities

5. Hold koalas, feed kangaroos, and experience the wonderful Brisbane in the air

Introduction to Brisbane
Brisbane, or Brisbane, is the capital of Queensland, Australia. It is located in the northeastern part of mainland Australia, on the northern edge of the Sunshine Coast, and on the south is the international tourist attraction Gold Coast (80 kilometers away, about an hour's drive). The metropolitan area has a population of more than 1 million, making it the third most populous city in Australia, second only to Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane is a fast-growing city, among which Brisbane’s technical four-corner area is particularly famous and has a great influence internationally.

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Brisbane is close to the Pacific Ocean and faces the Tasman Sea to the east. It is a city that develops from the coastline, rivers and ports to the west inland. Its city center is located on the Brisbane River (Brisbane River), and the state uses it as the main axis of politics and traffic and then extends north and south. Brisbane domestic and international airports and international seaports are located on both sides of the Brisbane estuary.

Brisbane was the host city for the 1982 Commonwealth Games, the 1988 World Expo, the 2001 World Friendship Games (Goodwill Games), and the 1996, 2003, 2007, and 2011 Asia Pacific Cities Summit.

Unlike the capitals of other Australian states, the Brisbane metropolitan area is governed by a single local government agency called the Brisbane City Council. The executive head of the municipal unit is composed of the majority party members in the city council. The city government, therefore, the city council is deemed to be the city government, without another name.

The world-renowned G20 summit

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The Group of Twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors, also known as G20, is an international economic cooperation forum, established in Berlin, Germany on December 20, 1999, as part of the informal dialogue within the Bretton Woods system. This mechanism consists of the Group of Seven (United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada), the BRIC countries (China, India, Brazil, Russia, South Africa), and seven important economies (Australia, Mexico, South Korea) , Turkey, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina), and the European Union.

As usual, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank attend meetings of the organization as non-voting delegates. The GDP of the G-20 accounts for about 85% of the world's total, and the population is about 40 billion.

Except Taiwan, Iran and Venezuela, all the top 30 economies in the world's GDP ranking include them. (Other Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Austria, etc. are represented by the European Union.)

The initial purpose of the establishment of the G20 was to prevent the recurrence of similar financial turmoil and allow relevant countries to hold informal dialogues on international economic and monetary policies, so as to facilitate the stability of the international financial and monetary system. The G20 has held a summit of leaders since 2008. As the structure of the G20 matures, and to reflect the importance of newly industrialized countries, the leaders of the group’s member states announced in 2009 that the organization will replace the GXNUMX as The main forum for global economic cooperation.
Brisbane Education | Study Abroad

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There are three comprehensive public universities in Brisbane, namely the University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, and Griffith University, all of which are accredited by AACSB International; the other universities are all branch campuses located in Brisbane.

The University of Queensland (University of Queensland) is one of the eight prestigious universities in Australia. It was expanded and established in the suburbs of St. Lucia in 1909 in accordance with the legislation of the Queensland State Council. According to the announcement of the University of Kunming, there are 37,950 students, 5,530 international students, and 5,661 faculty members. It ranks 4th in the country and is one of the largest universities in Australia. It is an important town for academic and scientific research in Queensland. At the same time, it has formed alliances with top universities in various countries as sister schools, which has made great contributions to Queensland's political and economic development.

Queensland University of Technology (Queensland University of Technology, also translated as Queensland University of Technology), is now Australia's second largest teaching university. Originally a branch campus established by the Central Technical College in 1908, it was upgraded to a comprehensive university in 1990 and ranked 14th in the country. In 2007, Kunke University announced that it had 39,240 students, 5,390 international students, and 3,702 faculty members. .

Griffith University (Griffith University) is located on the outskirts of the southern end of Brisbane and was founded in 1971. The main campus is located in Nathan in the Southern District. The main teaching projects include business, information management, Asian studies, ecological and environmental protection, urban planning, film production, international relations and Asian languages.

In 2004, Griffith University Fenghuai established the second medical school in Queensland on the Gold Coast campus, which strengthened Griffith University’s competitiveness in the Australian education evaluation rankings. Keep an eye on the largest public WeChat account in Australia: abcmedia is based in Australia and connects the world.

In 2007, the national comprehensive ranking was 15th, and the business school was in the top 10; the campus plus the remaining 4 campuses had 37,780 students, 8,840 international students, and 3,563 faculty members.

Brisbane has become sister cities with Shanghai (1989), Shenzhen (1992) and Chongqing (2005), China.

With the convening of the G20 summit, it will surely bring a new wave of investment immigration and study abroad to Australia, including Brisbane.

Food, clothing, housing and transportation in Brisbane


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Brisbane has a subtropical climate. Generally speaking, it is neither too cold nor too hot.

If you come in late September and early October, it is recommended to wear long-sleeved T-shirts, jeans, and sports shoes on the plane, and put a jacket in your schoolbag to prevent it from getting cold at night. Each person on the plane will give out a blanket, but if it is not enough, you can ask the flight attendant for more.

From October, Brisbane has gradually entered the summer. The clothes can be long-sleeved jeans at first, and then gradually reduced to short-sleeved beach pants, so I suggest to bring a few more short-sleeved and long-sleeved when you come. Slippers can also be bought in advance, ordinary slippers here also cost 10 dollars.

In addition, it is recommended to bring more underwear and socks, the better quality underwear is quite expensive.

The ultraviolet rays in Brisbane are particularly strong in summer, and the UV index can reach 8 or more in many cases, so if you walk a lot, it is recommended to wear a hat. If you go out to play in summer, it is recommended to apply sunscreen in advance, just buy sunscreen in Brisbane. The two largest supermarkets here, Coles and Woolworths, have suitable sunscreens.

If you like to swim, it is recommended to bring a swimsuit and goggles. The University of Queensland has an open-air swimming pool and the hardware facilities are OK.

Brisbane begins to enter winter roughly in April. Winter will not be particularly cold. At the coldest time, sneakers, jeans, long-sleeved T-shirts and jackets are enough. Girls can bring a scarf. There is no need to bring down jackets, but windbreakers should still be brought. You can use them during the coldest days in Brisbane, and you can also use them if you go to Melbourne to play.

It is recommended to bring two sets of pajamas that you can wear in the living room. After all, you are sharing a house with others. If you are active in the living room, you should pay attention to wearing them.

After you settle down, you can consider buying clothes here. If you want to buy clothes, I suggest going to David Jones and Myer. The discounts here are very powerful, especially one day around Christmas in December called Boxing Day, which is the most powerful day of the year. Good brands can get discounts of 12 to 3%. , It is recommended to buy more clothes that you need that day.

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In the large supermarket here (Coles & Woolworths) you can buy vegetables, fruits, meat, salt, soybean oil, olive oil, rice, white flour, eggs, bread and milk.

Hot water boilers, microwave ovens and toasters are usually available in rented houses. If not, you can go to K-mark to buy them, or buy cheap second-hand ones on the Internet. The second-hand trading website most commonly used by Chinese people here is called Ozyoyo <bbs.ozyoyo.com>, which contains a lot of information about house leasing, second-hand trading, and airport transfers. It is recommended to check this website before coming.

The animals here are slaughtered without bleeding, and the meat will smell of blood after it is made. Therefore, it is recommended to soak raw meat for a while with cooking wine.

Cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, vinegar, noodles, tofu, and other specialties that Chinese people need for cooking, as well as special products such as fermented bean curd, Laoganma, mustard, salted duck eggs, etc. I know of 3 places to buy: There is a small shop near the school The Asian supermarkets in China are a bit more expensive and the vegetables are not fresh. We usually call this store "little black shop"; Brisbane Chinatown, near the city center, can be reached by train, but it is relatively small and crowded. It’s messy; there is also Sunnybank, a Chinese-inhabited area here. The school has a direct bus that can reach you in about 40 minutes. However, it is recommended to go during the day and the public security is not good at night.
It is recommended to bring, ladle, spatula, chopsticks, spoon, kitchen knife, rolling pin when you come.

Let me talk about the restaurant. There are two big places to eat in the school. If you don’t have time to go home, you can eat at school, but the price is generally around $10, which is more expensive. You can choose to bring your own meals. There are many free microwave ovens on campus. After I come, I will introduce the campus.

There are several restaurants opposite the "Xiaoheidian", among them is an Indian-style roast chicken restaurant, which many people like to eat. The shopping mall closest to the school is called Toowang Village. Toowang Village is a blue glass-walled building with a supermarket Coles and many places to eat. There is a supermarket Woolworths outside Toowang Village, and there is also a Sichuan restaurant called "Taste of China", but it is very uneconomical and it is not recommended to go. If you are eating Chinese food, I suggest you go to Sunnybank. There is a Sichuan restaurant called "Shuijingfang". Sichuan cuisine is very authentic, but also very expensive. The place with the most restaurants is the city center. Locals generally call it "City". You can eat authentic western food on the City pedestrian street, as well as several good Chinese and Japanese restaurants. It takes half an hour to get to City from the school by bus 412. When eating in a restaurant, even if the Chinese are together, they pay their own bills and do whatever they like in the countryside.


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Because the school is located in the St Lucia district (area surrounded by the Brisbane River), many students choose to live in St Lucia, which is the closest to the school, and because it is a school district room, there will be security patrols at night, so it is relatively safest. The disadvantage is that the rent is the most expensive. If you have a double room, the water and electricity grid should be around 250 per week. You can go to Ozyoyo for the specific price.

The second place to live in is Indooroopilly, where rent is cheaper.

The third place of permanent residence is across the Brisbane River (such as the Fairfield area), and the school is connected to the opposite by a bridge. The rent here is also cheaper. If you live in St Lucia or across the river, you can walk back and forth to school if you are not in a hurry.

The fourth place of permanent residence is Sunnybank. This is the Chinese district. The rent is the cheapest, but the public security is not good. There are more robberies at night.

If the house has not been decided yet, it is recommended to read the original text and post a topic to the ABC Chinese network micro-community for grouping.

The University of Queensland is in Zone 2.

If you rent a house, it is recommended to choose a brick house instead of a wooden house. The wooden house is not insulated, and it is cold in winter and hot in summer.
You need to ask if the rental package does not include furniture. It will be very troublesome if you have to buy furniture yourself after you come.

For the bedding, I personally recommend a quilt that is not too thick, and two sets of sheets, quilt cover, and pillowcase. In summer, it’s a little hot, and you need to turn on the air conditioner or electric fan. In winter, if one quilt is not enough, you can buy another one. The quality of the woolen quilt and quilt is good, and the price is about 200 dollars. You can buy a small heater in the bedroom in winter.

You can bring a few more toothbrushes, a small piece of soap, a small bottle of hair lotion and shower gel, so that you can use it just after you arrive in Australia. Several bath towels and towels.

You can bring more batteries. The batteries here are very expensive. There is also a patch panel, which may be used. Domestic three-phase plugs can be used here, but two-phase plugs cannot.

One hair dryer. If you like to drink tea, bring tea with you. You can't buy good tea here. You can buy some paper-cuts as gifts for foreigners.


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After getting off the plane, if you have booked a house before you come, you can talk to the landlord and ask him to pick you up at the airport. If the landlord can't pick it up, go to Oz Youyou to find an airport pick-up service. The price is about $20 to $30. You can talk to him about this. In addition, because cigarettes are very expensive here in Australia, some drivers don’t have to pay for a cigarette if they want a cigarette. You can also talk to the driver about this. If you are a taxi, it may be more expensive. The taxi drivers here are less local, mostly Middle Eastern and Indian.

Once you arrive at the school, you can use your student ID to apply for a bus pass, which can be done at the school’s convenience store. If you take a bus in Brisbane, the card is about 1.5 dollars for students and 3 dollars for adults. If you do not have a student card, you can pay the driver with your student card after getting on the bus, but the price will be around $2. The bus card here can take buses, trains and the City Cat on the Brisbane River, and if you get off and then board the bus within an hour, you can take the bus for free.


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There is a zoo in the south of Brisbane, called Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. There are many Australian specialty animals, as well as shepherd dogs and falcon shows. The kangaroos and koalas inside are so aesthetically exhausting that you can hold koalas. Take pictures. Queensland is the only state in Australia that allows koalas.

The other side of the river in the center of Brisbane is called South Bank. It is the site of the previous World Expo. The scenery along the river is still very beautiful. South Bank has a movie theater called SouthBank Cinema. You can go to the movies and take a boat home after watching.
The closest tourist city to Brisbane is the Gold Coast. You can go there to see the sea. There are 3 amusement parks on the Gold Coast. If you buy a package ticket, it will be very cheap. It is recommended to go and play. Link http://myfun.com.au/

There is a city in northern Queensland called Cairns. If you want to see the Great Barrier Reef, you should go to the sea in this city. It is recommended to go in summer. If you go in winter, it will be a little cold to see the corals in the water.

The main thing in Sydney is city tours, watching the bridge and the opera house. The Opera House is very ugly at close view. It is recommended to take a boat to Manly Beach. It will be very beautiful to see the Opera House and the bridge from a distance.

Melbourne mainly looks at the surrounding areas. You must visit the Great Ocean Road. It is known as the most beautiful coastal road in the world. There is also Phillip Island, where you can see wild penguins.

Hold koalas, feed kangaroos, and experience the wonderful Brisbane in the air!

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Some people say that you can’t go to Brisbane like hug koalas and feed kangaroos. They don’t count as having been to Australia, because here is the largest koala sanctuary in the world and the largest kangaroo colony in Queensland. The place is the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Lone Pine is not far from the city. It can be reached by taxi or by bus 445\430. Now you can take a Mirimar yacht at North Quay in the city, winding along the Brisbane River and enjoying the riverbank scenery. .

When you come to Lone Pine and buy a ticket to enter the park, each person will get a one-day performance schedule in the park, including parrot feeding, sheep shearing, shepherd dog driving sheep, kangaroo feeding, koala photo, etc. Visitors can follow their own Arrange the route during the tour time. Recommend one of Brisbane’s largest local WeChat: this is the cloth village (ibrisbane)

Colorful parrots show affection

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When it's time for dinner, let's put the meal~ The full parrot still molested the tourists from time to time. Seeing these two standing so calmly, oh, your life is also colorful!

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There are also people who like to date on bare branches, as if to remind us that it is winter in Brisbane, you see, you see...

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So here is a semi-open safari park, all kinds of animals and people stroll around the park!

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Cute mini brown horse and hanging lamb

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The signature star is coming... It looks like you two didn't wake up...

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This sleeping position is too cute, I am really worried that it will fall...

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Why are you just like me, a touch of sadness...your mother doesn’t give you sweets anymore

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I hugged the koala and fed the kangaroo. Next, we took the Heli Experiences sightseeing helicopter to tour the sky above Brisbane. Heli Experiences is Australia's largest capital city scenic tour helicopter company, address: Building114 & Hangar 115 Hudson Pl off Grenier Drve, Archerfield Airport, QLD, Australia. The heliport is in the south of Brisbane, about 50 kilometers away from the city. There is no direct public transportation nearby. The most convenient way to get there is by self-driving. It costs about 60 Australian dollars to reach the airport by texi from the city, which is a bit expensive Say, but it's worth it for the beauty of the sky.

At 13:30 in the afternoon, I finally arrived at the helicopter sightseeing center. It was a coincidence that the handsome captain was driving to go out for a coffee. Seeing that we were refreshed and parked the car back to the original position, we first arranged our tour itinerary. It goes without saying. The red helicopter is pretty~! The helicopter is as handsome as the captain~ is there any

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Before boarding the plane, the captain patiently explained the precautions for safe flight until we were completely relaxed. After boarding the plane, the captain consulted our tour route suggestions-direct flight to city, hahaha, we flew to Brisbane The most prosperous city with the most high-rise buildings, a 20-minute flight around the city, the captain enthusiastically explained various attractions in Brisbane, overlooking the city beach, Story Bridge, Kangaroo Point, etc., and the Brisbane River The galloping yachts, the cars running on the winding roads, and the criss-crossing of the sea, land and air in Brisbane give people a heavenly enjoyment.

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Time is the miracle that creates urban dreams, and time is the best creator to change the history of the city. Brisbane, the former exile, has been transformed into the most beautiful "city of the river" after time. Time stays in those colonial buildings. Those traces of various buildings tell the story of its past. If you listen carefully to the story of the years, the legend of the story lies in this vertical and horizontal chessboard passage, and this continued beauty is also in the streets named after men and women.

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