Many domestic visitors say that the United States is good, but it actually smells like flowers in the mist. It's not that I look down on my relatives in China, but because after all, tourists stay in the United States for too short a period of time, and it is difficult to figure out the internal details of the United States. For the United States, although we as citizens of the United States may have the feeling of "being in the room of Zhilan and not smelling it for a long time", the following are the main reasons why I, as a woman, like the United States.

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▌Americans do not discriminate against older women

My children have all gone to college. People of my age must belong to the scope of little old ladies in China. But in the United States, I don't feel that way. I don't need to be particularly tender, I still feel quite young. Recently, our local newspaper reported several news about mothers and children going to college together. This kind of thing is incredible in China, but similar stories happen all over the United States. American women’s attitude towards age is obvious. You see, the United States has made me forget the fear of coming old. For a woman, what is more important than this? I plan to go to university with my son for a degree in liberal arts.

▌Easy to return in American stores

As a housewife, I have to deal with Cai Lanzi and shopping every day. Except for food, if you want to return any goods purchased in American stores, it is definitely not a difficult task. Even if there is no receipt, even if the label of the clothes has fallen off, as long as you want to return, the store will definitely not trouble you. The easy-to-return American store makes my mind highly relaxed. Even after shopping impulsively, I can immediately find a solution—return the goods.

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▌You don’t need to give doctors red envelopes for medical treatment in the United States

With the aging of body organs day by day, it is inevitable to see a doctor. To see a doctor in the United States, patients do not need to give red envelopes, and doctors always greet patients with a smile. If a doctor yells at the patient, it is estimated that the doctor is living enough or wants to be fired. The patient is respected, which feels great. Not only are you not afraid of meeting doctors in the United States, but the medical level and treatment plan of all cities are unified. Even if you live in a remote area, you don't have to worry that the doctor will abuse you. The laws in the United States are very strict. Doctors can only treat doctors honestly and never dare to act rashly.

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▌American teachers don’t call their parents

Regardless of the child's test scores, American teachers will not embarrass parents. When encountering a difficult child, the American teacher will contact the parents and deal with the parents in a consultative manner. Parents in front of the teacher are not the relationship between mouse and cat, but the relationship between cat and cat, equal dialogue, meow meow, teacher and parents will work together to find a solution to the problem.

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▌American men are models of loving family

Men go home after work is the mainstream way of life in American society. If a man can go home on time, can a woman complain too much? Americans have a strong family concept. In such a country, men themselves will gradually become models of loving families.

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In the United States, people don’t take eating and drinking very seriously. Life is simple, so people can spend the rest of the time to go and recharge themselves.

In the United States, I don’t have to worry about when I will fall into an uncovered well, nor do I have to worry about toxic foods;

In the United States, if someone happens to see my tragic situation when I fall, someone will definitely ask me, Are you OK? Do you need help?

In the United States, I don’t have to worry that my income is not as good as that of family A, family B, or family C. Everyone closes their doors to live their lives, earning more and earning less, and always have their own way of living;

In the United States, if I don’t wear a diamond ring or a designer bag, no one will laugh at me as shabby;

In the United States, no one sympathizes with me for not going to work, and no one regrets that I don’t make money;

In the United States, although I don’t need to study any documents, my mental consciousness is not necessarily very bad;

In the United States, although I rarely go to karaoke, I sing a lot of hymns and hymns every Sunday.

Although the United States is not perfect, it can generously accept foreign immigrants. Because of this, I can still mix in America today!

Many times, when people mention the United States, the concepts in their minds are: a developed economy, a high standard of living, and indifferent relationships, indifferent concepts of family relationships, men and women are very open, money is supreme, and so on. In fact, it was said in a book by Bai Yansong a long time ago: These concepts have little to do with the United States.

Many people who live in the United States have almost undergone this kind of complete conceptual adjustment: the imaginary United States in China is not the same as the real United States. Hereby share some concepts that have been completely upended after the Chinese came to the United States.

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▌It is an irresponsible behavior to persist in work while sick

When I was writing an essay when I was young, when I talked about a person working seriously, the commonly used adjective is to work ecstatically to the level of "persistent with illness". It was only when I arrived in the United States that people came first. People should take a break when they are sick. Persevering in work while sick is a manifestation of irresponsibility to oneself and to others or to work.

In addition, if it is an infectious disease, such as the flu, the doctor will tell you to stay at home and how long you need to self-isolate before you can go to public places. This is a public moral and an expression of social responsibility.

When you arrive in the United States, you will immediately find that a car is just a necessity for the poor or the rich. Without a car is like having no legs. In the United States, most houses are single-family houses, that is, villas that Chinese people say. More than half of American families own single-family houses, so car bungalows can only be regarded as basic necessities.

U.S. government officials are elected through elections, and ordinary people have many opportunities to meet them. If it is during the election campaign, officials will often contact the people. If they ask for a group photo, they will definitely smile and put their arms around you in the most touching posture, and they will say, "Thank you for your support." Not even the president. exception.

U.S. officials are elected by people of all nationalities. Public places such as parades and rallies are close to everyone, and no politician will let go of such a good opportunity to get votes. In addition, members of the constituency need help after members and other officials take office. If you write to a member, you will definitely receive a reply. If the grassroots office cannot solve it, you will report it layer by layer.

Every Monday after Easter, the White House of the Presidential Palace of the United States holds a "get out" contest, which has a history of 126 years. The White House, which is heavily guarded on weekdays, has an opportunity to bring people close. On Easter this year, Obama was on the lawn of the White House, playing a game of fucking eggs with children.

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▌Family first, money and work must make way for the family

Speaking of the American family concept, I am afraid that many people will say that the American concept of family affection is very indifferent, and even father and son eat together with the AA system.

In fact, this is a bit one-sided. The AA system for fathers and sons can only be said to be a concept of financial management and an independent concept of educating children. It is only a phenomenon. In fact, not all families are like this.

If you can spend more time in the United States, you will find that Americans are very family-oriented. For example, Americans can't understand that some people in other countries will leave their families and travel far away in order to make more money, miss their wives to have children, delay seeing their children, and cannot accompany their parents and elders.

In the United States, many people’s desks are placed with family photos. The happy group photos reveal the American family concept. After work and weekends, it belongs to the family. All the holidays are also where the family gathers quietly. together.

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▌Suit and leather shoes depend on the occasion

The United States has discovered that the suit is really a solemn dress for very formal occasions. Church services, weddings, funerals, graduation ceremonies, important business receptions, defenses, etc., if there is nothing wrong with a formal dress, people will keep asking you why this day. dress up".

In the United States, the rich are not distinguished by brand-name packaging, nor by famous cars and houses, but in a quiet state: a neat mouthful of white teeth (very important), a body of bronze skin (a rich holiday in the sun), one The most important thing for a fit body (have time to go to the gym) is the large donation to charity associations and churches every year.

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▌It is better to believe in the law to "look for relationships"

In the United States, the laws and regulations stipulate that things that can be done can be done smoothly without looking for someone, and things that violate the rules can not be done by someone. Therefore, everyone has developed the habit of checking relevant regulations in advance. Some Chinese still retain the inertia of "listening to what people say", but they misunderstood a lot of things through false rumours. I will write an article on this later.

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▌University is a kind of personal development, not for a way out and increasing one’s worth

Signs of academic qualifications are often used as a weight of value, and when you arrive in the United States, you will find that it is not new for intellectuals with high academic qualifications to do ordinary jobs.

For example, doctors of philosophy in India drive taxis, musicians in Eastern Europe do decorations, graduate students of the geography department work as waiters in furniture stores before they find jobs as teachers, and doctors of engineering work in car shops for sales. Conversely, there will also be cleaners from Columbia University who have obtained an undergraduate degree in classical literature, and truck drivers love Shakespeare’s leisure time on long trips and write scripts that shock people in the circle. The proportion of the U.S. population with a college or higher education It is much higher than China, and the pursuit of this education is a kind of cultivation, which has nothing to do with getting ahead.

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▌Credit is very important

The personal credit record of the United States is tightly tied to one's own social security number. This record directly affects a person's ability to borrow money to buy a car and buy a house, and even affect a person's employment, such as working for the federal and state governments. Both require a good credit history. It is also because everyone values ​​their own credibility that makes getting along with each other much easier, eliminating the need to fight wits and courage. So people often say that after Chinese immigrated to the United States, they became more and more silly.

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▌Divorced men are like grass roots

In the case of a divorce in the United States, a man must give half of everything to his wife. If the wife is not able to earn money, he must also pay alimony to ensure that the wife’s living standard does not drop significantly after the divorce, until the wife remarries or dies; child support. It is even more important. Most states require payment until the age of 18, and there is no tax rebate for the child support payments paid by men. If a man is divorced, his value will immediately shrink. Therefore, American men rarely raise a third or a fourth. It happens, but to go home after work and spend the weekend with the child's wife.

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The postscript Bai Yansong said: "In China today, our humanity is in a stage of retreat due to desire." On the contrary, those Americans who we have always thought to occupy, or at least stand on the moral high ground, their pursuit is actually related to material It doesn't matter much, but it is very close.