"Resurrection from the dead" may no longer be just a dream under modern medical conditions. According to the New Express and Australia’s Daily Mail,Australian doctors recently successfully resurrected 3 dead hearts and successfully transplanted them into patients. This operation is the first in the world..

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According to reports, doctors at St Vincents Hospital in Sydney used a mechanismPreservation solution developed by Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Implanted the dead heart into 57-year-old Michelle Gribilas, 44-year-old Jan Damen and another patient who was still recovering.

One of the hearts was restored after stopping for 20 minutes, Then put it on the machine andInject the preservation solution. The hospital believes that with this preservation solution, it can reduce the damage to the heart, make them more adaptable to transplantation, and the lives that can be saved will increase by 30%.

It is understood that in the past, cardiac surgeonsOnly use hearts donated by XNUMX% brain-dead patients, But now the scope of donations will be greatly expanded. After the new preservation solution appears, 90-95% of patients with brain death can be used. When the life support equipment of these patients is turned off, the heart will gradually stop beating in about 20 minutes.According to Australian law, doctors must wait 5 minutes after the heartbeat stops before removing the organs. During this period, hypoxia can cause serious damage to the heart, making the heart unusable for transplantation. but nowAfter injecting this new preservation solution, its cells will start to regenerate. This kind of preservation solution has taken 12 years to develop, and it can enhance the function of the heart when the heart beats again.


Griblias said she was completely different after receiving a heart transplant. "I had a transplant a few months ago. I was very ill before, but now I feel great. I walk 3 kilometers every day." Damen is the father of 3 daughters. He is looking forward to returning to a normal life in the country. He is a carpenter.

Dr. Paul Jansz, who participated in the operation, said that this technology will have an impact on transplant institutions around the world. "North America and Europe are very jealous that we can do this. Many famous institutions in the world are doing this research, but they have not succeeded.This is really the first case in the world, which is of great significance to the transplant field."

Outstanding Chinese Australian Victor Chang's contribution

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The bronze statue of Dr. Zhang Renqian

According to an exclusive investigation by the editor of ABC Media, the heart preservation solution used in this heart transplantation came from the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. Dr. Victor Zhang here is a very outstanding Chinese Australian. He was born in Shanghai, China, and his parents are Chinese Australians. During his medical career in Australia, not only did he have profound medical attainments, but he was also enthusiastic about public welfare and organized many health volunteer activities that cared for patients, and he was deeply loved by Australians. It is a pity that he was shot and killed after being blackmailed in the Mosman district of Sydney.

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