If you have witnessed Muslims being bullied, how would you react?
In a social experiment planned by the film producer Kamal Saleh, we saw a woman wearing a headscarf being harassed by a young man. In another scene, a young boy became the object of discrimination.
But the reaction of passersby will definitely make you proud of being an Australian. In every scene, regardless of age, these Muslims will come forward to stop them when they are being bullied.
Saleh was moved by this positive reaction and shared his appreciation for Australians' tolerance and sense of justice on his Facebook page.
"I don't want to lie... The response of the lady at the end of the video almost made me cry. This kind of social experiment may be the most eye-opening ever. Everyone passing by will stop to stop bullying and look around the world. I haven't seen this kind of scene in any country."
"This short film fully proves that Australians do not welcome gratuitous hatred of Muslims. Although bullying does occur, it is clearly unwelcome."
In an interview with The Herald Sun, Saleh said that this video was taken by him on behalf of the Muslim Student Union of Macquarie University in preparation for next week's theme "iSlamPhobia" Islamic Awareness Week.
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