According to related reports, some foreigners have targeted lonely women in Australia in order to obtain permanent residency rights in Australia, defrauding their feelings to achieve the purpose of marrying them.

4BC Radio learned that several foreign men seduce local women, persuade them to marry or make them pregnant, and open bank accounts with them in an attempt to obtain permanent residency in Australia.

Sean, a pastor from Logan, said he had learned that three women had been deceived in the past two years.

"This seems to be an organized and premeditated operation. I don't know if I can call it a scam. This organization specifically targets young women who are in a sensitive period and yearning for love and desire for intimacy, and then guide them into a period of Among the arranged'marriage'."
Sean believes that the men have always stayed in Australia on student visas. He also claimed that of the three cases he learned about, two were introduced by women who met men.

One of the victims, Rose, told 4BC that the man who cheated her made her pregnant.

Rose said that he was in a period of depression and was very vulnerable. After learning that she had Australian citizenship, the man began to pressure him to marry her. She refused at first, but later found out that she was pregnant.

Rose's baby is now 2 years old. Rose said that she loves children very much and feels very happy when she sees them.

But the child's biological father (who had abused Rose's body) now claims that he wants to take the child away from Rose and continues to demand to marry her.

"He was with me entirely because of his residency. He never regarded me as his wife, and he didn't love me either." Rose said.

Sean said that under normal circumstances, a man can obtain a visa after two years with the victim, and then disappear and divorce the victim, because the man usually has other family members waiting for him in his home country.

Forde's Federal Assemblyman Bert van Manen said that in the past few weeks, there have been two such incidents.

"If someone pressures you to get you married quickly, then you should be more vigilant. Anyone who has doubts about their relationship can go to the Scam Watch website for more information," he said.

Any victim of this scam should report the matter to the Immigration Bureau. Currently, the Immigration Bureau is conducting relevant investigations into these cases.

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