Los Angeles, September 2014, 9 – Recently, Tufeng Travel signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Grandcity Travel & Tour, Australia's Grandcity Travel & Tour, officially announcing its entry into the Australian market. In order to rapidly develop Australia's tourism business, Tufeng established an Australian business unit.

In January 2014, Ctrip strategically invested in Tufeng, the No. 1 travel brand in the Americas, and started Ctrip's overseas travel layout. Backed by China's online travel giant, Tufeng has also moved continuously this year: it has reached a strategic cooperation with travel chain distributor Travel Besttone. Try the O2O model; debut at the 2014 Global Travel News Summit as an official travel partner to promote the brand; September ushered in the 9th anniversary of Tufeng Tourism and did the largest promotion event in the history of the entire network. In the same month, Tufeng and Grandcity, Australia's largest local Chinese agency, has reached a strategic cooperation and officially announced its entry into the Australian market. This means that Tufeng is unwilling to be the No. XNUMX travel brand in the Americas, and this veteran OTA that specializes in travel to North American destinations will also be the rising star of Australia travel.

Tufeng Tourism was established in Los Angeles, USA in 2006. After 8 years of accumulation, it has achieved the No. 2014 market share of tourism in the Americas. After being strategically invested by Ctrip in 20, it has comprehensively adjusted its strategy and is rapidly expanding globally. The new goal of "tourism first to overseas tourism first". The advantage of Tufeng lies in its ability to quickly replicate the North American tourism development model to the Australian business: a professional team, sophisticated services, accurate control of the outbound travel needs of Chinese customers, and strong support from Ctrip are all expected and unattainable. Unique advantages; Kevin Xu, general manager of Hongcheng Tourism Group, said: As the largest Chinese travel agency in Australia, Hongcheng Tourism has the advantage of having a strong team of professional tour guides, a brand-new tour fleet and XNUMX years of professional experience in the Australian tourism market. This strong cooperation with Tufeng, the No. XNUMX tourist market in the Americas, is the most effective combination and complementarity of the advantages of both parties. Hongcheng Tourism will provide high-quality, comprehensive and all-round tourist destination services in an open, honest and trustworthy manner.

The strategic cooperation between the two parties is phased. At present, 100+ classic routes are initially cooperated, covering multiple cities and regions from Tasmania to central Australia, covering Melbourne, Sydney to Cairns Great Barrier Reef, except for the traditional one day In addition to travel and multi-day tours, there will also be car rentals, short-term rental apartments, food, study tours, and local special activities to meet the travel needs of consumers. In the next year, there will be more than 1 tourist routes in Australia, and we will strive to provide consumers with rich and demand-oriented characteristic tourism services.

Sophia Shi, head of Tufeng’s Australian business unit, said: The Australian business unit was fortunate to become a strategic partner with Grandcity just after its establishment. This will bring strong support to Tufeng’s Australian tourism business. At the same time, Tufeng will also help Grandcity. The veteran local pick-up agency brings new challenges and opportunities from the Internet industry. Both of our companies are committed to providing customers with excellent products and perfect travel experience.

Australia Hongcheng Tourism Group was founded in 1994. It is a multinational group integrating tourism consulting, business travel services, ticketing visas, passenger transportation, cultural exchanges, conferences and exhibitions, and academic communication. Since its establishment, Hongcheng Tourism has adhered to the forefront of tourism information in the world, and its comprehensive tourism capabilities have been ranked at the top of the Australian tourism industry. It is currently the largest Chinese tourism company in Australia, and an expert in Australian and New Zealand tourism. Known as the "largest", "best quality", "widest range", "most sophisticated" and "most comprehensive" tourism group.

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