Honestly declare that all baggage in Australian Customs must pass through the inspection channel regardless of whether it is declared or not. After the declaration, even if it fails to pass the inspection, it will at most be thrown away; and if it is not declared, it will be found once it passes the inspection channel, even if it can Those who bring it into the country will also be confiscated or fined!

Meat and seafood are not allowed to be brought into Australia, regardless of whether they are raw, cooked, processed or packaged meat. Including: fresh meat, bacon, sausages, ham sausage, pork floss, beef jerky, dried fish fillets, salted fish, dried duck gizzards in isolation packaging, scallops, hairy crabs, chicken essence and any food or pet food with meat . Don't get lucky, know that all meat can't escape the nose of working dogs! If you are really greedy and accidentally bring some beef jerky or something to eat or throw away before getting off the plane.

Vegetables and fruits that are raw or lightly pickled are not allowed to enter. Both cooked and dried can generally be taken. No: Fresh bamboo shoots, lotus root, broad beans, edamame, bayberry, longan, lychee. These fruits and vegetables are indeed relatively rare in Australia. Some parents know that their children love to eat them, so they do everything possible to bring them here. There are only 3 ways to eat them: 1. Go home to eat them, 2. Go to Australian supermarkets to buy frozen bags. 3. Always pay attention to whether there are these rare fruits and vegetables in Asian supermarkets. Although it is sky-high, it is also good to buy some food when you want to eat. Can bring: dried and processed seedless dates, longans, preserved fruits, spices and tea. These declarations can be brought into the country after inspection. Of course, dried radishes and mustard pickles have been thrown away, and some have been brought out. It's hard to say.

Wood crafts, plants, and any articles made of wood or bamboo or leaves must be declared to the customs. Including: wooden lacquered handicrafts, wood carvings, straw mats, bamboo mats, bamboo steamers, rattan utensils, etc. After inspection, as long as there are no insects, there will be basically no problems entering the customs. Used sports equipment such as sports shoes, camping tents, fishing rods, etc. that may stick to soil or feces must be washed before packing, and must be taken out for inspection by the staff when they pass the customs.

Snacks can basically be taken as long as they do not contain meat. For example, melon seeds, prunes, raisins, hawthorn slices, fried almonds, cashews, non-meat biscuits, chocolates, etc.. What you cannot bring: zongzi (the zongzi leaves and the stuffing inside are prohibited items), Moon cakes, red bean paste cakes (red bean paste with lard), chicken cakes, etc.

Pharmaceutical granular or powdered Chinese herbal medicines packaged in regular pharmacies, such as cold granules, slimming tea, anti-inflammatory drugs, Yunnan Baiyao, etc., will basically have no problem in applying for customs clearance. But if it is the kind of white-packaged Chinese herbal medicines that need to be cured in the pharmacy, they will be carefully checked when they are exported. The medicines that you must not take are: antlers, antler, deer whip, cordyceps, Ganoderma lucidum, toad grease/cream, donkey-hide gelatin, bird's nest, shark fin, etc.

As long as dairy products contain eggs and milk on the packaging instructions, they cannot be brought into Australia unless they are from New Zealand. These include: milk, milk powder, coffee with creamer, coffee mate, malted milk, milk tea, mayonnaise, salted eggs, preserved eggs, egg noodles, instant noodles with eggs.

Tobacco, alcohol, alcohol and cigarettes are more cost-effective to buy in duty-free shops, and there is a limit to the number of people who can bring into the country. Alcohol can take about a large bottle and a small bottle, in short, the total amount does not exceed 1125 ml; strictly according to the requirement, the number of cigarettes is within 250, which is a little more than one. If you want to bring more, you might as well see if there are people who do not bring alcohol and tobacco at the airport to help you bring some.

Bring any food, snacks, medicines, wood products, plant products, seeds, nuts, spices, worn shoes (may be soiled), goods, samples and large amounts of cash must be declared when filling in the immigration card! All items on this page must be declared. "Enables" only means items that can enter the country after being checked.