For Chai Jing, it is difficult to say goodbye to CCTV for 13 years. However, look at CCTV, which is under the torrent of consumerism. This is known as China’s most important news and public opinion organization. Last year, it swallowed 158 billion bidding cakes. It also ushered in Zhou Libo, Xie Na, and He Jiong. This unprecedented power swallows CCTV, as well as Chai Jing and her slightly abrupt journalistic ideals. In this sense, is it not the right choice to leave?

After more than half a year after the public view disappeared, Chai Jing came back, but this time in the name of leaving:

On October 10, the media broke the news that Chai Jing had already left CCTV in a low-key manner. Chai Jing did not respond to the resignation rumors, but Qiu Qiming, a friend of Chai Jing and former CCTV host who had cooperated in "Seeing", subsequently confirmed the news on his personal Weibo. According to the information disclosed by Qiu Qiming and related media reports, Chai Jing had the intention to resign after "Saw" was stopped in July last year. CCTV retained but did not keep it.

There are divergent opinions about why Chai Jing left CCTV. What is the truth?

The "resignation truth" in the entertainment trend

In fact, as early as the end of last year, the news of Chai Jing's resignation had been spread, but it did not arouse more attention.

A detail that cannot be ignored, on November 2013, 11, the CCTV advertising tender was officially held. On the previous November 18, CCTV held the 11 blockbuster program promotion conference. Tianyu Media’s number one Long Danni appeared at the venue to interpret the new program "Hi! 8" is a bidding platform for CCTV, and it is mentioned that Chai Jing will host it.

It is reported that "Hi! "2014" is a talk show that is positioned as entertainment for the people's livelihood-through contextual theater design and character setting, commenting on social hot issues; allowing stars to play various incredible roles as ordinary people. Experience an unexpected life experience.

At that time, this was the only show where the name "Chai Jing" appeared. At the same time, "Seeing" is invisible. In other words, if Chai Jing is still on CCTV, the only choice is "Hi! 2014". If I said that when I was working on "Seeing", I was surrounded by a variety show atmosphere, watching the unexpected news ideals, then even this extravagant desire cannot be satisfied now.

On April 2014, 4, CCTV launched the first issue of a new variety entertainment program "Hi, 11". The hosts were Yu Chengqing (first from left) and Xie Na (third from left). Picture source network.

Therefore, resignation seems to be natural. Regarding Chai Jing’s resignation, Qiu Qiming wrote on Weibo, “Seeing” was the only program that Chai Jing had hosted on CCTV before. But a well-done program suddenly stopped broadcasting. I think it’s similar. No matter how good a chef, you suddenly go to serve dishes. When you are not allowed to display your expertise in a real space, it is also normal to propose to resign." With a little suspense, it is like a lead. In general, this Weibo pointed the direction to CCTV-the stage where chefs were not allowed to cook.

As Qiu Qiming pointed out, CCTV is gradually entertaining. This vice-ministerial institution, China's largest public television station, and this important news and public opinion organization in China, welcomed Zhou Libo, Xie Na, He Jiong... It seems that Chai Jing is out of fashion.

The "Invisible" "Seeing" finally "Invisible"

It is generally believed that Chai Jing’s popularity and reputation benefited from the CCTV stage. It was difficult to say goodbye to CCTV for 13 years, but in fact, the official media system of CCTV also prevented Chai Jing from "seeing" to some extent.

Like other media, CCTV also depends on media marketing to survive, and packaging is a logical way of communication. Chai Jing wants to reach the truth through interviews, but this arrival process is hard to say is completely personal. As long as it is not a self-sustaining self-media, Chai Jing will have to engage in news production in a packaged state. Even if "Seeing" under her has been led by a director to a reporter, she has absolute autonomy. Being packaged and restrained is tantamount to constraining hands and feet to varying degrees. In this case, it is easy to talk about the truth.

Too many people can't see the identity separation that the real Chai Jing faces. This separation has to be left to Chai Jing, and to her to use journalistic professionalism to melt the individual into the social reality that she cares about.

Just look at the CCTV under the torrent of consumerism. CCTV, which is wrapped in variety entertainment, swallowed 158 billion bidding cakes last year, but Chai Jing's XNUMX years of professional experience are serious news and a deep scrutiny of society. The rise of pan-entertainment more or less heralds the decline of serious journalistic ideals and journalistic professionalism.


CCTV announced the screenshots of the 2014 Golden Resources Advertising Bidding Document, and a variety of variety "blockbuster programs" debuted for the first time.

In those years, "Eastern Time and Space", which changed the audience's viewing habits, and "Focus Interview", which promoted China's reform and opening up and democracy and the rule of law, have not been obscured in the entertainment trend of this small age and gradually weakened? Take the CCTV set of "Seeing" as an example. When the most important public channels in this country are only the usual news and information products such as "News Network", "Zhaowen Tianxia", and "Evening News", we will leave again Isn't it the right choice?

In this sense, Chai Jing's resignation is a farewell to CCTV, but it is a return to the original intention. Not only must she leave all public opinions that cannot face her true life and taste, say goodbye to the system’s separation of individuals, and create conditions for herself to be truly and completely “seen” by the public, she must continue to use news to directly reach humanity and achieve her “arrival”— —In her own words, it is "like a knife sticking straight down to the handle of a knife", inserted into the bottom of the news to reveal the truth of this society, "Don't ask why, and don't care what you encounter" .

Watch the peace and freedom in the storm

Of course, Chai Jing's resignation has no accident become a forum for discussion. The desire to consume eagerly is not so much a snooping, but a check-in, grafting the pre-determined reason for resignation to their imagined Chai Jingshang. It has nothing to do with the truth, it is more like a tear-off-the pleasure of "making gods" or "destroying gods" is always hard to resist.

Qiu Qiming and Cui Yongyuan are listed on the CCTV resignation wave. Chai Jing will not be the last. The resignation of these big-name celebrities has caused the system of CCTV to face speculation and scrutiny from the society. Therefore, some people have resigned Chai Jing and described it in a tragic tone. Similar to Chai Jing’s resignation, “revealing the overwhelming power of power and the situation where the truth is difficult to picket up”, the suspicion that “people with conscience can’t stay on CCTV” is widely spread. There are also other people who pay attention to her resignation, just to complete the self-inquiry and self-certification of "the female CCTV intellectual anchor went to the United States to give birth to a child, and resigned under pressure under pressure."

Chai Jing did not respond, just as her departure was so peaceful. She didn't want to tear it back and forth, dissecting her heart to others for entertainment. Chai Jing, who was born in the media, has a clearer view of the operating rules of public opinion than ordinary people. This is evident in the "firewood chopping storm". At that time, when the rumors of American birth women, old men's dinners, and rumors of a small third appeared like a bean in a bamboo tube, she was calm and silent, allowing the aftermath of "chopping wood" to automatically dissipate after the topic cooled down. Even if the "interview is a kind of arrival" she believes in was rejected by colleagues in the media, she did not reveal the slightest self-defense.


The cover photo of Chai Jing's autobiographical work "Seeing" published in January 2013 about the 1-year history of CCTV. "Seeing" is also regarded as a memorandum of the changes in Chinese society in the past decade. The picture comes from Guangxi Normal University Press.

Such Chai Jing is colder than ever, contrary to the warmth she showed in the show. However, when the girl next door, known as "Chai Huiyin," stared blankly at the storm, rumors and criticism, this lack of temperature is not part of the real Chai Jing? It is like when she quietly married and became a wife, when she was in the circle, when she was a mother, our surprise and strangeness were not due to Chai Jing's change, but we were only living in one side of Chai Jing.

The lights are dim, and Chai lives quietly. How can this quietness be seen by modern audiences who want to build their own barriers or suffer from consumer hunger? The crowd of onlookers who are immersed in the pleasure of consumption and voyeurism have ever asked CCTV about the real motivation behind the resignation? This silence became more and more like a well-directed CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and Chai Jing's calmness and the hustle and bustle of the crowd were like never before. If you don’t know each other, how can you see?

Then, bless, bless the ordinary woman Chai Jing who is already a mother. As for the prying and obtaining of the truth about the resignation, leave it to CCTV.

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