Good news: According to the official statement of the Australian Department of Immigration: Chinese college students can apply for an Australian work visa for up to 18 months after graduation!

This visa category has already existed, but opening the door to Chinese university graduates is still relatively recent.

There are currently 11 recognized Chinese universities (not the 12 reported by some media):

1. Beijing Normal University


2. China University of Petroleum

3. Beijing University of Chemical Technology

4. Beijing University of Technology

5. China University of Mining and Technology

6. Guangzhou University

7. Shanghai Jiaotong University

8. Shanghai University of Engineering Science

9. Tongji University

10. Tsinghua University

11. University of Science and Technology of China

476 visa application requirements:

Under the age of 31, graduated from the engineering department of a relevant university recognized by the Australian Department of Immigration in the past two years, and have an IELTS score of 6 per subject.

This visa does not have any requirements on the applicant's financial ability.

Although this visa has no special requirements for an undergraduate degree or a college degree.

It needs to be emphasized that only engineering graduates are eligible to apply, and their majors are mainly mining, electronic engineering, machinery, chemical engineering and civil engineering.

Warm tips:

This visa is only a temporary visa, and the holder of the visa must leave Australia after the visa period expires.

However, during the 476 visa holders living in Australia, if they meet the requirements of skilled immigration or other immigration conditions, they can apply for a permanent resident visa.

International students who graduated from universities in Australia and hold 485 temporary graduate visas also generally stated that

However, the validity period of the visa is a bottleneck for Chinese graduates to find a job. Many Australian companies still choose to hire citizens or permanent residents.

Because the company still needs to invest time and energy to train a new employee, and these new employees who have been trained can only work for a maximum of one and a half years, which is unreasonable for the company's planning.

Therefore, domestic students applying for the 476 visa still need to consider carefully before submitting the application.

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