Almost all people like beautiful women, but most people have almost no idea how much a beautiful woman costs.

One day I chatted with my friends about this topic. We took the 25-35 beauties around us as an example, and roughly calculated how much it would cost to build a beauty. For temperament women over 35 years old, the cost of skin care products and clothing is roughly 1.5-2 on this basis (everyone knows that anti-aging is more expensive)

Of course, the samples are all beautiful women, and they are the "temperament beauties" in the eyes of male compatriots. In layman's terms, they are 8-point female dicks up.

The following skin care products, cosmetics, bags and other foreign brands have an overwhelming advantage. The prices are calculated based on the online purchase price. There is no counter price! If the girl is a counter expert, please consciously multiply the cost by 1.5.

Basic care:Including: water, essence, lotion, night cream, sunscreen, eye cream, lip balm, facial mask, hand cream, body lotion-and what?

Make-up lotion: According to the normal amount applied with cotton pad in the morning and evening, it is about 600-800ml a year. Take Lancome powder water as an example, 500 yuan; high-level fairy water as an example, 3000 yuan (for those who are used to applying it on the face from time to time, count 4000).


Lotion and night cream: 1500 yuan a year.

Sunscreen: 3 bottles a year, 800 yuan.

Eye cream: 1500 yuan a year. Assuming no eye essence and eye mask

Lip balm: 4-5 pieces a year, Mentholatum basic, 100 yuan

Mask: Calculated at 12 yuan/piece, one piece a week, 600 yuan a year. Of course, once a week a mask is not enough for most girls, but also some fresh, origin and other smears, plus 1000.

Hand cream and body lotion: 200-500 yuan a year.

Gym, yoga, beauty salon, photon rejuvenation, SPA magic horse, 5000-1 million a year.

Total: 12k-25k

Makeup:Including: base makeup (isolation + makeup primer + liquid foundation/BB cream), pressed powder, loose powder, eyeliner, eye shadow, eyebrow pencil, mascara, blush, lipstick and lip gloss, various beauty tools, etc. Add hair and nails

Base makeup: Clinique as an example for liquid foundation, and CPB as an example for advanced liquid foundation, 700-3000 per year

Isolation and makeup primer: 1000-2000

Pressed powder & loose powder: some girls don’t use it, some only use one of them, count 1000

Eyes: count 1000

Blush: 300

Lips: ranging from 1000-3000. Some girls are lipstick-controllers, while others are rigorous in makeup. Ten lipsticks a year are needed. They have to touch up their makeup after eating and drinking. Do you have to match clothes of different colors in different seasons~

Beauty tools: makeup brushes, eyelash curlers, eyebrow cutters, double eyelid stickers, cosmetic contact lenses, etc., 200-500 a year

Hairdressing: 2000-3000 per year

Manicure: 2000 per year

Total: 10k-17k

clothes: 穿着算得上有“质感”的女生,夏季一条裙子(或两件套)500-2000,春秋外套500-2000,冬季一件毛衣300-1000,大衣1000-3000,内衣/睡衣一套500-1000。一个美女,夏天怎么着不得有6条裙子(3k-12k),6套衣裤(3k-12k),春秋2套正装(4k)加6套衣裤(20k),冬天5件毛衣(3k)加5件大衣(10k-20k),内衣睡衣3K,打底裤丝袜1k。

Total: 50-70k

Feel too much? It's really not much, this is still the girl did not buy a famous brand! If you really want to wear a pair of jeans, Haitao will get 1000+ pro. Have you ever seen a girl over the age of 25 who is treated as a goddess in Taobao goods? Anyway, I have never seen...


Total: 24K

Accessories:Including decorative jewelry, scarves, hats, etc. The accessories of a beautiful temperament, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc., even if you only buy big-name basic models, at least 40K. Scarf and hat, 10-20K.

Total: 50-60K

Bag:The highlight is coming. If a beauty is spotted and carrying a fake bag in front of everyone one day, your impression of her will be greatly reduced. So, a woman of temperament (don’t tell me anything about "poems and books, and self-satisfaction" is a lie! People are visual animals, regardless of men and women, at least at first sight!), there must be 3 anyhow Genuine good bag, 50-80K. Plus 7 coaches, such as Longchamp, 20K.

Total: 70-100K

This is the entry level of the goddess... it won't be lower. Now you know why you can't catch up with women~

To sum up: to create a beautiful temperament, not a fixed asset (car house), the minimum cost: 22-30.This is the expenses calculated by the editor and my friends based on the daily outfits of several male and female recognized goddesses around them (the expenses of frugal goddesses who rely on online shopping and online shopping)...not considered as "temperament" promotion expenses (outbound travel, enter High-end restaurants, wine tasting, concerts and dramas, etc.).

To male compatriots: If you feel that the female votes or LPs around you are not beautiful enough, you must consider that sometimes beauty requires money, time and energy to accumulate.

To female compatriots: Maybe the gap between you and the beauty is only RMB... So, fight, girl!