The original meaning of the word culture is the rule of culture and education, which is rarely used in ancient documents. The meaning of today's culture specifically refers to the sum of spiritual wealth, created by a certain group in social and historical practice. This kind of culture has become the strongest living background of this population with its unique characteristics.

This background determines survival. Chinese culture is a culture generated by the square gene, full of powerful and unique cultural colors. The evolution of thousands of years has proved the vigorous vitality of Chinese culture. Every member of the nation will make full use of its own culture to adapt to survival.

My friend invited me to give a half-hour lecture at the conference, and the topic for me was "The Layout and Game of Culture and Business". I talked about an example of culture and business at the beginning.

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the phenomenon of prostitution in the south was resurrected. At that time, there were no rules in the society and it was just a rivers and lakes. Therefore, prostitutes all called their clients as "big brothers".

Within a few years, the economy has improved, prostitutes started to rename their clients as "bosses";

When the economy develops to a certain stage, the collusion between officials and businessmen can be achieved. When officials decide the life and death of businessmen, prostitutes judge the situation and call their clients as "leaders";

In the past few years, culture has become popular. Both the cultured and the uncultured have touted each other on various occasions, so prostitutes followed suit and called their clients "teachers".

This is a classic example of the game between culture and business, which is vulgar, but it is very illustrative.

In front of elder brothers, bosses, leaders, and teachers, prostitutes are still prostitutes, and they are still invincible, but their souls are different. They are manifested in business pursuits, in the arena, business, officialdom, and even inexplicable moments. , Prostitutes have a clear mind and use culture to maximize their personal interests, which taught EMBA teachers and students a good lesson.

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