Interview location: New York. Fifth Avenue
Cui Ge: Officer (Mr. Police), let me ask you something. If there are tens of thousands of people occupying the streets in the United States and occupying them for several days and blocking the traffic, what will you do?
Policemen: Remove them by force, period! (Remove them by force, no nonsense!) Remember the occupation of Wall Street in 2011?

Cui Ge: Of course, I was in New York at that time. I remember the New York Police Department transferred police forces from eight cities, including explosion-proof vehicles, explosion-proof teams, snipers, and cavalry horses. The weapons used were batons, electric batons, and Tessa stun guns.

Policemen: Don't forget, there are real guns. If we resist arrest, we have the right to use force; if we threaten the life of a police officer with any weapon, we must shoot to kill.


New York police warned students who occupied Wall Street to evacuate
Cui Ge: But, but the students who occupy the streets are young people. They are pursuing democracy.

Policemen:Democracy is none of my damn business (it has no relationship with me), my duty and job (my job responsibility) is to maintain the order of a civilized society. Without order, democracy is a piece of shit. (a bunch of shit)


Democracy’s baton hits democracy’s head, because public order is great


After being dragged away, he was sent to the court for prosecution, and the attorney's fee was paid by himself, and it was himself who suffered.


That's how the American police sprayed chili water, asking Hong Kong students to call them dictatorship.
Cui Ge: Then, how can they vent their dissatisfaction?

Policemen: Everyone who is alive is dissatisfied. I am dissatisfied that Americans can have guns, which increases the coefficient of police death. I am also dissatisfied that the police can only carry pistols, while our opponents are holding machine guns. What about dissatisfaction? I go to work as usual every day, the earth cannot revolve around me. You see how many people on the street, everyone is satisfied, is it possible?


In the Occupy Wall Street incident, the police arrested a woman like this
Cui Ge: In 2011, when they occupied Wall Street, what the students wanted was to break the monopoly of wealth by the rich and reduce the gap between the rich and the poor. This is no different from today’s Hong Kong students’ demand for universal suffrage. Many women took to the streets to protest. Do you also use force to expel women?

Policemen: The policewoman is specialized in this matter. Everyone is equal before the law, and a society must have rules and order. If you feel unfair, you can go to the court to sue, you can protest at a prescribed place, you can give a speech, you can make joint appeals online. But once you go too far, the police order you to walk away, lay down, spread legs, and hands back. You must obey. This is the right and dignity of the police.


If you hinder the freedom of the public, you have to pay a price.
Cui Ge: But, when you see young people in Hong Kong occupying the streets for so long, they don't think it is illegal, but they think it is reasonable.

Policemen: This is bullying the weakness of the Chinese police. When the British ruled, how could Hong Kong people not dare to occupy the streets? I tell you that the British police are not the gentleman you imagined, they will still round your baton and beat you to the head.


See clearly, this is the British police. Where is the gentlemanly demeanor?
Cui Ge: But now you are frozen here, do you have any good suggestions?

Policemen: Didn’t our President Obama just finished speaking and said that wherever there is a crisis in the world, he would turn to the United States. If he gives the order, we, the New York police, can go to Hong Kong to maintain order, so that Hong Kong students can understand what a respect authority is. By the way, what language do Hong Kong people speak?

Cui Ge: Speaking Cantonese, I don't understand; but most people go to English school and speak English.

Policemen: I can't understand their English either. By the way, aren’t the Chinese rich? You can send your police officers to the United States every year to train and learn what is violent law enforcement.

Cui Ge: China has a department specifically responsible for violent law enforcement, called urban management. Finally, I would like to ask, do you have any suggestions for the Hong Kong police?

Policemen: If I were the Governor of Hong Kong, I would prohibit any policeman from eating noodles, rice rolls, and gruel. How can I enforce the law when I eat those things? How can you qualify as a policeman?


Police show high-power stun gun

The police used hollow bullets, with small eyes going in and big holes going out.


The police I interviewed
Brother Cui declared:

1) Support China's democratic process, but the act of occupying the streets will not be tolerated even in the democratic country, the United States.

2) I have been in the United States for 27 years and have repeatedly witnessed the violent law enforcement by the US police. I have also been in prison, so I am qualified to introduce the truth about democratic countries to my compatriots. The photos are here, right and wrong. Therefore, anyone who scolds me at fifty cents and waits for inferior words, the black blood that hates China flows in their stocks, and it is not honorable to be scolded by such people.

3) Hong Kong is occupying the streets, the stock market plummets, the market is paralyzed, and the relatives are bitter. Once it spreads and the north and the south turn against each other, what Hong Kong people get is not democracy, but what Iraq is today. On the day when the Chinese nation was devastated, it was probably not the Chinese who laughed. You know what I mean. Therefore, compatriots should not be fooled. Discuss your own affairs.

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