Is it cold in mid-October in North Korea? The average temperature in North Korea in October is 7°C-18°C. The weather is cold, with an average of 18°C ​​during the day. It is recommended to wear short suits made of single-layer cotton and linen, T-shirts, thin denim pants, and casual clothes. , Professional suits and other comfortable clothes. At night, the average temperature is 7°C. It is recommended to wear warm clothes such as windbreaker, overcoat, clip coat, coat, sweater, wool suit, suit, and winter clothes.

Kim Jong-un was forced to show his face on North Korean TV screens. This is the season when the trees are dead and the grass is withered. However, the background of the pictures of Kim Jong-un is blue and green, which is not the current climate at all! Please pay attention to the large green grassland in the background of the picture, and the broad-leaved poplar forest sandwiched behind the building in the distance. At this time, the poplar trees in Korea should be bare and the dead branches are standing upright. From this, the seabed can be determined that this is burnt. The North Korean authorities used Kim Jong Un’s previous inspections to prevaricate the world and the people of North Korea and South Korea! In addition, he fought back against South Korea's "fire test" at the border between North Korea and South Korea to show its toughness. The purpose is to ask for a bargaining chip in gaining South Korea's support for "unification"! Talk at the negotiating forum and fight under the negotiating table, using the usual practice of the Chongqing negotiations-this is Cui Longhai's political strategy. It seems that China's "non-support" has exhausted North Korea and the domestic economic collapse has arrived. The critical moment of death! Otherwise, the urge will not suddenly violate the hereditary will of the Kim family and "peace talks" with South Korea-this is completely contrary to the "Sonjun politics" philosophy of the Korean Workers' Party! A lonely Siberian tiger cannot tolerate someone sharing it on a couch. There is only one sun, unless Park Geun-hye wants to be the "moon"!

North Korea is in a crisis, arrogant, and unassuming, so he can play Zhuge Liang's "dead car"! As for the Korean Central News Agency’s report that Kim Jong-un’s appearance today was not clearly stated, it was because he was afraid that “news distortion” would be exposed and be perfunctory--it was also Cui Longhai’s “political integrity” as a trick that would never be used in the future!

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The following compares the North Korean October Lawn with the above Lawn Specialty


There are three questions about this picture:

First, the green belts on the two sides of the perspective behind the characters have a huge gap between the yellow and green colors!

Second, in the gap between the two groups of people, there is a white unidentified object barricade under the shoulders of the "men in black". According to the edge of the green belt behind, it can not follow the "white object" in a straight line. The "white object" is not the green altar that stretches out from behind, it is another irrelevant obstacle, but who would leave such an "obstacle" on the street? And there are dark green flower beds here, but not on the opposite side-there is only a row of fences facing the street of a certain unit. This street is so asymmetrical, with flower beds on one side and no flower beds on the other side, and regular street lights on the other side but you can’t see it. To the regular street lamp-completely unreasonable, and the color of the lawn inside the fence and the opposite flower bed form a strong contrast between the two seasons!

Third, Kim Jong-un obviously has difficulty walking on crutches. He can only run in small steps and is not suitable for large steps. However, the steps of the followers on both sides are very large, as if they are walking forward. This kind of pace is completely unsuitable for the speed of alloy. This picture is very likely PS made


Where is the red badge in Kim Jong Un's left jacket pocket? It should not be blocked by the hand, the badge should be above the pocket-he wears it in the picture above, but not here! It can only prove that this picture and the above are not the same day!

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