A recent report by the Swiss Bank pointed out that Australians are the richest people in the world.

According to the Swiss Bank’s annual Global Wealth Report, the median wealth of Australians (adults) ranks first in the world, reaching 258,092 Australian dollars, and this number one has been ranked by Australia for five consecutive years. Won the year.

The wealth value in the data also includes real estate in the statistical scope. Generally speaking, housing property accounts for 60% of Australian household wealth.

In second place are Belgians, but they are a far cry from Australians. Their median wealth is AU$198,444.

The median wealth of residents of Italy, France and the United Kingdom is around AU$149,120.

North American residents have the world's highest "personal net worth" (some people have assets of between 110 million and 5700 million Australian dollars), but the median is very low, only 60,795 Australian dollars.

According to estimates by the Swiss Bank, a person can be considered a rich part of the world's population as long as they have 4187 Australian dollars.

The data also shows that the assets of 1% of the richest people in the world are equivalent to the total assets of 48% of the people in the world.

1. Australia

2. belgium

3. italy

4. la France

5. United Kingdom

6. switzerland

7. Japan

8. Singapore

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