On October 10, General Secretary Xi Jinping hosted a symposium on art work and delivered an important speech. The speech of General Secretary Xi pointed out the direction of the next development of literature and art work, which produced a huge response throughout the country. As a well-known artist, Zhao Benshan thought that when he talked about the greatest feelings of General Secretary Xi's speech, he was very grounded and very real. All actors and managers engaged in two-person transfer art must study this speech, implement the spirit of the speech, perform seriously, purify the stage, and resist vulgarity. He said: "We are farmers and the beneficiaries of reform and opening up. We must truly serve the people, look up at the road, and don't get into the eyes of money."
In the middle of the night on October 10, Zhao Benshan rushed to the "Liu Laogen Stage" in Shenyang Middle Street from the crew of Tieling's "Country 19", and organized a conference of Benshan media cast members to learn and implement General Secretary Xi’s work in the literary work forum. Important speech spirit. Our reporter noticed on the spot: Zhao Benshan gave a special study speech for 8 minutes. He said, "I have watched General Secretary Xi’s speech repeatedly and carefully. I am very excited and excited. Even unable to sleep at night, we have encountered an era of dreams. An era of positive energy! Literature and art spring is truly here. We must produce more good works to repay the people." At the same time, the reporter saw that the employees of Benshan Media, such as Xiao Shenyang and Wang Xiaoli, listened very carefully!
At the meeting, Zhao Benshan said with deep feeling: "General Secretary Xi’s speech is a spur to literary and art workers, and it also points out the direction for the prosperity of folk art including Errenzhuan. All employees of Benshan Media must earnestly implement the spirit of the speech. Persist in the direction of literature and art to serve the people, and create more excellent duo works and film and television works."
Zhao Benshan said excitedly, “General Secretary Xi’s speech has thoroughly explained many issues! Everyone has been discussing these issues, and I am also studying seriously.” Zhao Benshan is currently busy filming "Rural Love 8" in Tieling. He said that in addition to filming in the past few days, the company's cast and crew members and I have been studying the important speech of General Secretary Xi at the symposium on art work. The speech is very inspiring. Our literature and art are the people's literature and art, and the people are our food and clothing parents. We must persist in serving the people and serving socialism. Our two-person actor must recognize our mission, insist on creating high-quality products, and strive to create more ideological, artistic, and enjoyable works.
Zhao Benshan smiled and said: "I have been very excited after seeing General Secretary Xi’s speech at the art work symposium on TV. I think another art spring is coming." Zhao Benshan also said that I was born as a farmer. The duo turned actors, but they caught up with a good era. General Secretary Xi’s speech mentioned that “artists and artists should keep in mind that creation is their central task, and serving the people is their foundation”. We must calm down, strive for perfection, and dedicate the best spiritual food to the people.
In his speech, General Secretary Xi emphasized that literary and artistic works should not be vulgar. In this regard, Zhao Benshan said seriously: "I think General Secretary Xi said this very well. As early as more than ten years ago, I advocated'green two-person transfer' and resisted vulgarity. The spirit of General Secretary Xi's speech will make us two-person transfer. Achieve new improvements from a new starting point."
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