The cold snap hit Victoria today, and the low temperature is expected to continue until this weekend.

The temperature last Sunday was more than 30 degrees. Victorian citizens were still bathing in warm sunlight. But this week, office workers faced a completely different day.

At 7:10.8 this morning, the temperature in Melbourne was 9.7 degrees, Geelong 9.9 degrees, Mildura 9.1 degrees, Bendigo 5.3 degrees, and Ballarat XNUMX degrees.

The weather bureau's senior forecaster Scott Williams said that with the increase in cold air, Melbourne may face storms and hail on Monday afternoon.

"With the gathering of cold air from southern Tasmania, there is the possibility of hail and storms in Melbourne this afternoon," he said.

The wind speed of 40 kilometers per hour also makes the air colder, "the body temperature is only 8-10 degrees." He said.

Williams also said that the past October has been cloudy and unpredictable, and it is "very common" for Victoria to experience this kind of reversal. The temperature dropped by about 20 degrees last night.

According to reports, the cold air will continue until this Thursday. By this weekend, the weather will be warm again. It is expected that the temperature will be 24 degrees on Saturday and 28 degrees on Sunday.

So on the weekend, you can wear the skirt again~

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