Our Grand City Tourism and Lady Elliott Island officially launched a day trip to the Great Barrier Reef.

Day trip to the Great Barrier Reef (departing from Coolangatta) starts at approximately 6.00am in the morning. Guests will be picked up from the hotel to the SeairPacific airport building and boarded a scenic flight to the coral sandbar of Lady Elliot Island. Lady Elliot Island is recognized as one of the best places for snorkeling and scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. It is famous for its unspoiled coral reefs and gorgeous marine ecology! You can have a bird's eye view of the Gold Coast, North and South Stradbroke during the flight Beautiful views of the island, Moreton Island and Fraser Island. After arriving at Lady Elliot Island, the guide will briefly introduce the island to the guests, and then accompany the guests to the daytime guest facilities, where you will get snorkeling equipment. Then, guests will participate in a glass-bottom boat and a guided snorkeling group to watch various corals and five colorful fishes. You may even meet turtles, dolphins and the devil fish that live there.

Sea turtles lay eggs, from November to March every year, you can sign up to visit and learn about the process of sea turtles laying eggs. Other features of Lady Elliot Island include climate change, eco-tourism with hybrid solar power plants, and the opportunity to participate in monitoring and research projects .

Elliott Island is an advanced ecotourism operator who also focuses on providing guests with a true ecotourism experience.

The restaurant serves lunch, including cold dishes, hot dishes, stele wine, wine and soft drinks. After lunch, guests can choose to join an island guided tour or spend the afternoon leisurely. Guests boarded a scenic plane back to the Gold Coast at 2.00pm. The tour group ends at approximately 4.00pm and guests will be sent back to their respective hotels. Light breakfast and afternoon tea (bottled water and chocolate) are served on the plane.

The itinerary includes:

★Pick up to and from the hotel

★Sightseeing plane to and from Lady Elliot Island

★Welcome drink/welcome introduction

★Glass bottom boat/snorkeling group led by guide

★Snorkeling equipment (diving goggles, snorkel, fins and tights)

★Buffet lunch, including cold dishes, hot dishes, stele wine, wine and soft drinks

★Towels, sun oil, snorkeling equipment, coral reef walking shoes

★Using daytime guest facilities

★Provide guides throughout the journey

Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is served daily from Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay and Bundaberg Sightseeing planes are provided for day trips or overnight visitors. Since Lady Elliot Island is the closest island to the Great Barrier Reef (Queensland's SouthernCapitals), it puts us in a favorable terrain, so we are the only one that can provide from the Great Barrier Reef to Brisbane or Gold The operator of a day trip to the coast.

One of the highlights of taking a scenic plane is that you can see the beautiful Great Barrier Reef directly from the air before landing on Lady Elliott Island and feel your natural environment on the water and underwater.

Lady Elliot Taiwan Island has more than 1500 different kinds of marine life including manta rays, green, red or hawksbill turtles and various natural coral reefs. Guests can take a glass-bottom boat, snorkel or learn scuba diving, guide to appreciate the coral reef, enjoy a series of guided activities or stroll on the unmanned beach.

Due to the daily limit on the number of tourists on the island, tourists can experience a free paradise environment, and the green zone experience is one of the most simple and primitive parts of the Great Barrier Reef. Throughout the year, you can see nesting turtles, hatchlings, nests and whales around the island.

Lady Elliot Island day trip including hotel pick-up and drop off, scenic sightseeing plane bird's eye view of Gold Coast, Brisbane, Tangalooma and Fraser Island, glass bottom boat and guided snorkeling tour (guidedsnorkelling) tour), you can make full use of one day's tourist facilities, buffet lunch and drinks, and afternoon tour around the island.


Madame Island is the first choice for honeymooners. Our low-key accommodation options are Eco Cabins or two-bedroom Island Suites. The cabins or suites are designed to minimize the impact on the island’s environment. It also enables guests to fully experience the wild living environment. All overnight visitors can enjoy island sightseeing and buffet breakfast and dinner for free.