Tourism has become an important way for modern people to improve their quality of life and release work pressure. More and more people go out to travel, making tourism a bright spot in the new economic growth. However, in the process of traveling, a slight negligence may cause accidents, causing pain to yourself and your family, and even lifelong regrets. In order to meet the requirements of everyone, Hongcheng Travel Agency provides you with a very rich short-term travel insurance product. The insurance period of these insurance products ranges from 3 days to 30 days, and the premium ranges from a few yuan to tens of yuan. Insurance liability includes transportation accident liability, Accidental injury and medical liability, sudden acute illness and other insurance liabilities, fully meet the short-term travel needs of customers.

Therefore, don’t forget to give yourself a travel insurance when you travel. To give yourself a protection is also a responsibility to your family. Of course, even if you have insurance, you still have to pay attention to travel safety to make travel comfortable and at ease.

Below, let everyone share the benefits of travel insurance:

Travel insurance refers to the protection of deaths and injuries caused by accidents that may occur during travel. Travel insurance generally includes tourist accident insurance, travel personal accident insurance, residential tourist personal insurance, travel assistance insurance, and travel rescue insurance. Among them, tourist accident insurance, tourist personal accident insurance and hotel tourist personal insurance are the basic insurances.

The coverage of travel insurance includes medical care, accidents, and some also include flight delays, luggage theft, emergency rescue, etc. The specific coverage is as follows:

(1) Personal accident: If the insured person has limbs, blindness or even death due to an accident, the insured person can be compensated by the insurance company. Accident Double Compensation: When the insured takes public transportation or a private car at his own expense and encounters an accident, the insured will receive double the amount of compensation.

(2) Personal baggage: The insured's personal baggage is stolen, accidentally lost or damaged during the journey and will receive a certain amount of compensation. Baggage delay: If the insured person’s baggage is not delivered to the destination 12 hours after the flight, the insured can be compensated every 12 hours. Cancellation of the trip: If the insured cannot make the trip due to a serious illness or accident between the effective date of the policy and the date of travel, the insurance company will be responsible for all travel expenses, deposits, air tickets and other losses. Journey delays: If the transportation used is delayed due to bad weather, mechanical failure, industrial actions or being hijacked, the insured can be compensated according to the time.

(3) Personal liability: If the insured person is legally liable for personal damage or property damage caused by personal negligence, the insurance company can compensate for it.

(4) Personal money and documents: the scope includes monetary losses (cash, local currency, traveler’s checks) and losses due to loss of passport.

(5) Emergency medical evacuation: When the insured suffers an accident or suffers from a serious illness, relevant parties will provide emergency medical evacuation.

(6) Shorten the journey: If the insured or family members have to end the journey early due to an accident, serious illness or death, the insured can claim for the expenses that have been paid or cannot be enjoyed.

(7) Repatriation costs: If the insured dies accidentally, the insurance company is obliged to transport the insured's body back to the local area.

(8) Medical expenses: The insurance company needs to pay the required medical expenses if the insured contracted a disease or suffered an accident during the travel.

Many people often confuse travel insurance and travel agency liability insurance, but in fact these are two completely different types of insurance. Travel agency liability insurance is a type of insurance purchased by travel agencies for travelers. If the travel agency’s negligence or negligence causes losses to the travelers during the trip, the insurance company insured by the travel agency will compensate the insurance money. But it should be noted that when a tourist has an accident due to personal reasons, the travel agency will not be liable. From this point of view, tourists should also purchase travel insurance for themselves in case of accidents.

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