In order to let Victorians know the real-time information of the local emergency department, the government invested 400 million Australian dollars to create a "real time" website (, but in the past year, the site has only 20 hits per day.

Emergency medical personnel said that the website could not report in time which hospitals were full and told them to stop receiving patients from ambulances. Before the 2010 general election, the Victorian Union pledged to establish a transparent hospital information website to provide the public with relevant information about the emergency department, including whether the ambulance triage was implemented or the "hospital early warning system" was used-both They all mean that the hospital is about to be full and hope that the ambulance will send patients to other hospitals.

The Emergency Medical Workers Union stated that during September and October, this website failed many times to correctly indicate whether the hospital was full. Therefore, ambulance personnel do not make a decision based on the information on this website, and they say it may be misleading. Opposition health affairs spokesperson Gavin Jennings said that this website is purely a waste of money, so it is either abandoned or upgraded to a website that provides really useful information for Victorians. Jennings promised that if the Labour Party wins the general election next month, they will review the site again.

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