Recently, many domestic and foreign media reported that iPhone 6 Plus has quality problems and may face a large-scale recall. Some media also said that only a very small number of iPhone 6 Plus have problems and it is impossible to recall them on a large scale. In this regard, Apple has not responded temporarily. For now, the "iPhone6 ​​Plus recall" is just a rumor.

Recently, some Chinese and English media reported that iPhone 6 Plus has quality problems and may face a large-scale recall.

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On the morning of November 11, some media reported yesterday that the iPhone 5 Plus may face a recall due to quality problems.However, recently, foreign media imore, 9to5mac and other media reported that the "recall" may not exist, this matter has been magnified by some media, and the "recall" is currently only a rumor.


This news comes from Business Korea and Taiwan’s "China Times Electronic News", claiming that some users’ iPhone 6 Plus frequently crashes. They analyzed that the reason may be a defect in the TLC NAND memory control IC. Although the storage capacity is more, the read/write speed is slower. It is said that many users said in Apple's official forum that their iPhone 6 Plus has been sent for repair many times because of this problem.

From this, it is concluded that iPhone 6/6 Plus may be recalled on a large scale.


However, 9to5mac reported that their own sources confirmed that the so-called recall was purely a rumor, and that there were indeed iPhone 6 Plus crashes, but it was not "a large number." As of press time, Apple’s official support forum posts about the crash (the original link is here) had a total of 177 responses, and many of these responses came from the same person. Those users who talk about crashes usually have 500 or 1000 apps installed.

Rene Ritchie, the editor-in-chief of, said in an article that the recall rumors did not specify who came from, but rather vaguely referred to "some insiders". At the end of the article, he mentioned by the way that his 128 GB iPhone 6 Plus did not have the above problems, and he thought that his phone was "very hard."

There is news that Apple has understood the problem. At present, the number of affected users has not been specifically determined. Some users reported problems in the Apple Technology Forum, but it seems that the problem is not very common. It is not necessarily accurate to speculate that the problem is related to flash memory, and it is not responsible for being enlarged to "recall".

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