When he was 42 years old, Wu Xiubo finally became popular. From "Beijing Meets Seattle" to "Divorce Lawyer", Wu Xiubo has become the "Uncle National". This talented, temperament, and personal charm actor finally ushered in his own era.

As a late-blooming star, Wu Xiubo learned to take care and let go after experiencing countless difficulties. As the father of two children, Wu Xiubo's life experience in reciting the "Diamond Sutra" has become more profound and broader. He said "awareness of impermanence". Since all phases are illusion, why is it not a drama?

Wu Xiubo said that since then, he has tried to be a vegetarian, just like he designed for Chi Haidong in the play. In order to calm his desires, he started with the simplest three meals a day. "The first time I became a vegetarian, I ate it for myself, gritted my teeth and persisted for a month. It is no exaggeration to say that once I asked a friend for a meal, the friend came a bit late, and the food was served first, and a chicken was stewed in a stone pot. , When my friend arrives, there is only one pot left, and I can't hold it anymore." The desire of the body has overcome the desire to be a vegetarian, and Wu Xiubo went home and read the scriptures.

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After a while, he discovered that the agent who had been persuaded by him to be vegetarian was still insisting, "We went to work in Italy together. The steak is so thick and delicious. I chewed it and the agent couldn’t touch it all the way. She touched all the vegetables and leaves, and she said that she promised me to be a vegetarian, and she was ashamed of me." So Wu Xiubo became a vegetarian for the second time. It happened to be in time that he took a rural drama and went to the mountains to film and stayed away from the city. In such a clean environment, he watched "Diamond Sutra" every night and insisted on being a vegetarian.

After filming, on the plane flying back to Beijing from the crew, the simple plane meal only had a box of white rice which was vegetarian. He ate and burst into tears. "Maybe because I have been light vegetarian for a long time. That was the first time in my life. I shed tears from eating. The rice was sweet in my mouth. The more I chewed, the sweeter it was. It was so delicious. Then I had an idea. People just toss, how great can they make rice out of thin air? Some people should learn to be grateful if they eat some. Now even if the plane falls down, I have nothing to ask for."

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Since then, letting go of desire due to vegetarianism has cured Wu Xiubo's phobia. And the new problem that brings is, "every time I meet a friend for dinner, I hope that someone who eats meat will order two meat dishes. Otherwise, a large group of people will eat. If you are a famous person, order a large table of dishes for only more than 200 yuan. Money? Very embarrassed."

"Actually, I am greedy now when I see meat, but I really can't bear to let go of the mood I have obtained through three meals a day for so long for my appetite. I finally found that desire is not so difficult to overcome." Wu Xiubo said, after eating vegetarian He got a baby called "Don't". By overcoming desire bit by bit, he picked up this baby and felt free.

In "Divorce Lawyer", Chi Haidong's buddy, Cao Qiankun, has fallen into an extramarital affair. He admits that there is a good wife who can't find a wife with a lantern at home, but the lover's tenderness still makes him unable to let go. Chi Haidong advised Cao Qiankun that life is like a process of constantly breaking free from the cage. Desire is your constantly expanding body. When a person's desires become greater and greater, there will be more and more attachments, and the larger the body, the better. Being tightened in a cage is painful, and only by letting go of desire, letting go of attachments, and letting myself become smaller can I be at ease in the cage. If you can get rid of all desires and make yourself smaller, you can get out of the cage and get complete freedom. These words are Wu Xiubo's own life insights.

He confessed that although "Divorce Lawyer" is a comedy, what he wants to do is to give the female audience a kind advice and pull them out of their dreams sober, "All women think that marriage can bring happiness for a lifetime. This is a particularly illogical thing. If you want love, just work hard to find it, and you will get it for a moment in your life; if you want to love for a long time, you have to have a house, a car, and a culture... Oh , Guo Degang's words, "die." That is when you put your life's desires on another person. All your desires are dependent on others to help you build and complete? I think marriage cannot carry all life problems. "

Group pictures to feel the aura of the vegetarian Uncle Bo, don’t think that a man will call you "Uncle!" when he arrives in more than 30 people. "Uncle" is a unique name for being rich, handsome and mature. Diosi can only be called "master" after her 30s. !

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