When Internet people mention Hangzhou, they probably think of e-commerce, O2O and entrepreneurs instead of West Lake, Silk and Longjing. In this city with a population of more than 800 million, which is surrounded by mountains and rivers, not only the Internet giant Alibaba was born, but also the huge Alibaba entrepreneurship department and countless flexible entrepreneurs were nurtured. Tongban Street, Che Ants, 51 Credit Card Butler, Microphone Camera, Tiantian Sing... From financial management to community services, Typhoon Kou’s start-up companies are showing their abilities.

Copper Street

Two days before the launch of Yu'ebao, Ali entrepreneur He Jun's "Copper Street" was launched on Apple's mobile phone. The model of this financial management tool is similar to that of Yu'e Bao. It launches a low-threshold financial product with a minimum financial management amount of 100 yuan and a maturity as low as one week, and the interest rate is maintained at 5%-10%. Its head of operations Hong Hao said that Tongban Street had completed a US$9 million Series B financing in September this year, and the accumulated transactions will reach 100 billion yuan by the end of this year.

He Jun left Alibaba's financial division in 2012 to set up Tongban Street, an Internet wealth management trading platform. At the beginning of his business, he accumulated more than 2.0 users by providing information on financial wealth management products. These users later supported the iterative Tongban Street 10 Trading version, and obtained a nearly XNUMX-fold increase.

Hong Hao believes that compared with Yu'ebao, Tongban Street cooperates with a number of financial institutions to provide users with more product choices. In the face of the biggest competitor-Ali's Zhaocaibao, Tongbanjie's biggest advantage is its "small", which can provide more personalized wealth management product packages based on user needs. The boat is small and easy to turn around, and it is easier to grasp the speed and rhythm.

Car ant

The car-raising platform Che Ant, which just launched its APP in October this year, has targeted users to the “little white car owners” of private cars of 10 to 10. They have cars but don’t necessarily understand cars. They are often at a loss in vehicle maintenance. They either have no way to start or they walk into the 45S shop and let someone kill them.

On the one hand, Carant predicts the possible problems of the vehicle based on information such as vehicle model, vehicle age, mileage, etc., and provides some maintenance suggestions to the owner, helping the car owner find a fast repair and fast-guarding store that Carant cooperates with; on the other hand, it strengthens cooperation with car manufacturers , Procurement of accessories directly from brand owners or general agents, and then deliver them to various stores according to user needs, and extract a certain profit from each order. Because the accessories are purchased from upstream, the price is often lower than the market price, and this part of the profit car ants will be handed over to car owners and stores to cultivate the market.

Che Antyi said that the APP was launched one month ago, with about 1 downloads, more than 3 registered users on the website, and nearly 5 car owners who have purchased the service. The overall car maintenance volume in Hangzhou is about 4 million. Offline, Che Ants has now integrated 100 stores, and the number of users is second to none in Hangzhou. They plan to cover Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the second half of next year.

The four executives of Che Ant’s founding team all stepped out of Ali, and in June last year, they won US$6 million in Series A financing. Compared with many after-car service platforms such as Wuyou and Tuhu.com, which focus more on serving professional car owners, Che Ant believes that they provide simple services to ordinary users and "make car maintenance easier."

51 Credit Card Butler

Urbanites' poor management of their own financial and account status has made Sun Haitao, who founded E-city and Rentfangbao, once again see business opportunities.

Sun Haitao founded 2012 Credit Card Butler in 51 and has reached the critical stage of Series B financing this month. 51 Credit Card Manager is designed to help users manage multiple credit cards under the account. As long as the user is authorized, 51 Credit Card Manager will extract the credit card electronic bill from the user’s bound mailbox every month, perform intelligent analysis on it, and transfer multiple cards The repayment amount, time limit and other usage conditions of the are pushed to users.

According to the official data provided by 51, as of July, 51 Credit Card Manager has had more than 7 million APP downloads and has managed a total of more than 3000 million credit cards. It basically cooperates with all credit card issuing banks in China. Compared with competitors Wicai Credit Card Manager and Suishouji Credit Card Manager, 2600 believes that its own product upgrades and iterations are faster and more focused on credit card management business.

Mega Camera

Meca Camera attributed the first opportunity for growth to the recommendation of the Xiaomi app market. This camera application for young female users born in the 80s and 90s has accumulated hundreds of thousands of users in the ten days since the mobile phone system dominated by male users went online, squeezing a place in the camera market where Meitu Technology dominates.

Meca Camera went online in November last year and has accumulated more than 11 million downloads so far. Meca Camera was incubated by Rainbow Soft, which specializes in image multimedia software technology, and later established an independent subsidiary for development. Its operations director Yu Jun believes that although Meica has not received any investment due to valuation issues, the parent company’s international leadership in graphics and image algorithms helps Meica continue to improve its products and gain a firm foothold in the camera APP market. The essential.

Sing every day

More than 160 anchors live live on time-sharing, 250 million men interact offline. This is a mobile-based video social platform built by Sheng Junming, the founder and CEO of Tiantianchang. Although YY, 9158 and other Internet video live broadcast communities have already taken the lead and seized most of the existing market share, Sheng Junming believes that 60% of this market is still to be developed.

On Everyday Singing, each host arranges two and a half hour classes every day, broadcasts live on the platform, sings, chats and interacts with users. Sheng Junming said that Tiantiansang has received an angel investment of RMB 1000 million and is now jointly promoting it with seven or eight game platforms such as Jiutian Games. He positioned platform users as males aged 18-35 in third- and fourth-tier cities, who have social and entertainment needs and are the mainstay of Diaosi's economic services.

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