Sydney Asian handsome Thien Nguyen recently won Cleo Magazine's Bachelor of the Year (Cleo Magazine's Bachelor of the Year). It is reported that Thien Nguyen is a personal fitness trainer. He defeated 30 finalists to win this award. .
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The picture below shows some other contestants.

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Sydney's most responsible Chinese fitness personal trainer team

All the coaches have worked in fitness first, vision fitness, jetts fitness and other fitness coach teams with the highest quality in the fitness industry. They have rich work experience. With the most responsible coaching method led by the fitness industry, you can reach your fitness goals faster, more scientifically and more easily, and make you a younger, confident, energetic and determined self.

Coaching qualifications: [Member of Australian Fitness Coach Association] [Nutrition Coaching Qualification] [Australian Strength and Fitness Coach] [Olympic Weightlifting Coach]

  • Keep fit regardless of age, gender, or injury. Live till old and fitness till old. Develop a fitness plan centered on you-according to your own physical condition, age, gender, degree of old injury, different fitness goals, eating habits and time gaps, design the most efficient and intensity-appropriate course to create an inclusive body for you Fat content, weight, various physical dimensions, physical fitness test data, personal training files for maximum muscle strength.
  • Fear stems from ignorance. In order to eliminate the fear and lack of self-confidence in fitness exercises, while ensuring the achievement of personally set sports goals, teaching as many different combinations and training methods of various equipment as possible, greatly expanding the cognition of fitness. In other words, let students know how to use as many patterns or equipment combinations as possible when training each muscle, and learn how to flexibly adjust the patterns of training and the decreasing and increasing intensity of training. It really allows you to learn by analogy and build strong self-confidence and interest relative to ordinary people.
  • Based on the understanding of Chinese diet, teach you to develop correct diet and nutrition habits. Western coaches in Sydney are mostly ignorant of Chinese dietary habits, and giving many dietary suggestions to Chinese friends will not last long. Good eating habits and adequate nutritional supplements can make you feel more energetic and energetic every day, and maintain a high level of metabolism for a long time without gaining weight. Barbecue, hot pot, spicy and skewered in the most correct way. Let you eat sour and refreshing, still thin into lightning. At the same time, we have a special fresh customized daily delivery fitness meal manufacturer to provide customized fitness meals for you who lack the energy to cook by yourself.
  • Make your training more secure. Fitness is a long-term repetition of a series of actions. So correct all your potentially harmful actions. During exercise, the coach will focus on every detail of your exercise, closely observe and assist, correct wrong actions in time, prevent potential safety accidents, and ensure your long-term fitness safety.
  • Maintain the continuity of your fitness process, accompany you through the most difficult stage-a personalized training schedule for you, long-term urge you to exercise on time, eliminate the excuse of not exercising due to laziness. Be true perseverance.

Training location:Jetts gym central station (level 1, 815 George St, Haymarket NSW 2000)

It operates 24 hours a day and is located opposite the most convenient Central bus station and railway station.

At the same time, our personal trainers enjoy the minimum membership fee for the gym, $89 Join Fees are waived, only $14.95 per week or $7 per Entry. There is no mandatory time-limited contract, and membership can be cancelled at any time.

Service items (1 to 1 60 minutes training): Fat reduction/weight loss, line shaping, Olympic snatch and clean and jerk, pregnant women exercise, postpartum body shape and health recovery, muscle gain, muscle endurance and strength training

contact number: 0424088877 0416168711 Call today!