This year, China launched a global "Fox Hunt" for fleeing and recovering stolen goods. According to media reports, the current number of fleeing corrupt officials is between 4000 and 18000; the United States, Canada and Australia are the top few hiding places for fleeing corrupt officials. In these areas, a "corrupt official street" and a "corrupt child village" with Chinese characteristics have even formed. (October 10, People's Daily Online)

Compared with the famous corrupt officials and Shen in the Qing Dynasty, some contemporary corrupt officials are extremely "happy". Because even though Heshen has embezzled a lot of money, his wealth can be called a rich and adversary country, but in the end he will not end well. As for the wealth he has corrupted, he can't enjoy it at all. Except for the part that he squandered during his lifetime, the rest is still used by the country. Even the squandered part is still consumed domestically, and it has not been "funded" to other countries to benefit the governments and people of other countries.

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Contemporary corrupt officials are not. Not only are they corrupt, they also live a "free and easy" life overseas. The ill-gotten gains from their corruption were also transferred overseas one after another by them, and then used for the squandering and enjoyment of them and their families.

If He Shen could see the "happy" life of contemporary corrupt officials, he would be extremely envious. I wish he could reincarnate later, so that he could be the same as those fleeing corrupt officials, so that he could get rid of corruption for no effort and transfer property safely. , His individual can "land safely", really can be regarded as "perfect life".

With the development of society today, corrupt officials naturally have more ways to "escape". The safest place is where our hands cannot reach, which is where you can’t manage. Once I become a citizen of another country, my personal safety and property will be protected by other countries accordingly. Even if you want to arrest me, there are all kinds of troubles and procedures, which may cause you to give up in the end. So, aren't corrupt officials happy and at ease? They not only have an astonishing amount of wealth, but also enjoy a good life overseas. What could be more "happy" than this?

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This kind of beautiful "vision" is not even dare to think of ordinary people. But this kind of beautiful "vision" can often be "realized" when it comes to corrupt officials. Despite the "risk", they will take the risk and take a gamble in the face of the temptation of interest. For example, Gao Yan, the former general manager of the State Power Corporation, the governor of Jilin Province, and the secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, fled to Australia in September 2002. It has been 9 years since this year. Even if you can finally arrest him through various efforts, he himself has lived happily overseas for 12 years.

Driven by these "successful" cases, there are more and more imitators. As a result, in the United States, Canada, Australia and other countries, a "street of corrupt officials" with Chinese characteristics has gradually formed. These corrupt officials, who had gained enough wealth from the country that did not belong to them, turned around and went overseas to enjoy them. If it is not punished and prevented, such people will continue to increase. I am afraid that the "corrupt official street" will not be able to accommodate them. If possible, it will develop into a "corrupt official city". Until then, how can you "extradite" them one by one back to China?

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The formation of "a street of corrupt officials", on the one hand, shows that official corruption is becoming more and more intense, on the other hand, it shows that our supervision of officials is too lax, allowing them to easily escape overseas. What's more serious is that the wealth taken away by corrupt officials is staggering!

According to Australian media, the Chinese and Australian police have reached a priority list of "less than XNUMX people". According to the Australian police, the amount involved in the case amounts to "hundreds of millions of Australian dollars." With less than one hundred people on the list, the amount involved in the case amounts to "hundreds of millions of Australian dollars". It is conceivable that the corrupt officials distributed on the "corrupt official street" in other countries will have an amazing amount of money involved!

Perhaps this number makes us even dare not think about it. The wealth that was taken away actually belonged to our country and the people. When this wealth is transferred, it means that the wealth of the country and the people is decreasing and being "diluted." These wealth are taken overseas by corrupt officials to squander, but we can only live a "poor life". If this situation continues, won't the country be lost? Therefore, punishing corruption not only focuses on the domestic, but also requires us to bring those corrupt officials who are at large abroad to justice.

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Failure to bring them to justice will not only cause huge losses to our wealth, but also cause their actions to pollute our political circles and all walks of life, causing people to follow them and harm the country and people.

And only by bringing them to justice, can we not only show the dignity and justice of our country's law, but also warn those who are prepared to be corrupt, even if you escape overseas, you will not escape the punishment of the country and the people after all!

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