The Chinese Communist Party announced on the day before the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the party that Xu Caihou was expelled from the party, and his suspected bribery crimes and clues were transferred to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate to authorize military prosecutors to deal with it in accordance with the law. With this announcement, Xu Caihou's political life came to an end, and another biography featuring Xu Caihou as the main character was also sentenced to death. He was "dead in the belly" before it was published.

"Xu Caihou Biography" "miscarriage" less than a year after starting work

Starting from mid-September 2013, the staff of the writing team of "Xu Caihou's Biography" went to the hometown of Xu's family in Changxing Island, and the alma mater of Xu's alma mater in Xigang, Dalian, etc. to find out about Xu Caihou's growth. Born in the door of bitter cold, then titled on the gold list, and finally ascended to the peak of power in the CCP's military. Xu Caihou grew up and experienced the legend of the career struggle of the children of Cancan farmers, and also possessed the label characteristics required by the "protagonist" of the literary theme. It's just that the general biography in this concept has not yet been completed, and the story's protagonist Xu Caihou has sacked.

Around the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2013, a group of "Xu Caihou Biography" composed of Chinese military personnel visited Xu Caihou's alma mater Jiu San Primary School. The governments of Dalian City and Xigang District contacted many of Xu Caihou's primary school classmates and teachers. According to Wen Yu, a classmate of Xu Caihou Primary School, and others, Xu Caihou’s father worked near Xigang District. Xu Caihou, who came from the countryside, was reticent, but he was particularly studious to learn. He also served as a member of the class.

The editors of the "Xu Caihou Biography" group also found the teacher who taught Xu's natural course who was ill, and the teacher praised Xu. In 1957, 14-year-old Xu Caihou was admitted to the XNUMXst Middle School in Dalian. Teacher Li Rongchun, the head teacher of Xu Caihou Junior High School, learned that Xu Caihou’s father was working in Xigang District at the time, and his classmates and teachers vaguely learned that Xu’s family seemed to be the only child. Wang Hui, the current principal of the XNUMXst Middle School, also heard from Xu Caihou's former classmates that Xu was honest in his junior high school days and studied hard, and he was successfully admitted to Dalian No. XNUMX Middle School.

Many years later, whether Xu Caihou’s childhood playmates, former teachers, or classmates were friends, they were all surprised that this person who looked gentle, humble, cautious, low-key, and academically motivated would quietly transform into a great nation. Beetles, dangerous eggs in the army.

"Ren officials and talents, the court wins a red star." Xu Caihou, a "cai" in the Xu clan of Wafangdian, obviously did not remember this ancestral motto of the Xu family, even though Xu Caihou fulfilled his ancestral wish. Senior officials have to do it, and they are prominent, but in the end they are imprisoned and ruined. According to multiple sources from the military, Xu Caihou's fall is expected to rewrite the latest record of corruption in the CCP army.

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