In 1969, two young Australians, John Lundell and Ace Burke, lived in West London, England, and worked for a furniture store. One day, a friend told them that there were little lions selling in the department store. The two were very curious and went to watch. A newly born lion cub weighing 16 kilograms was kept in a cage, and the two bought it for £250. They love it like many pet owners, taking it to the park to play ball, to restaurants, and to take a private car. They named the lion "Christian".


The little lion grew up very quickly. One year later, it weighed 84 kilograms and the cost of food for a week was as high as 34 pounds. The two boys began to worry about the cost of food for the little lion. One day, a couple came to buy furniture. They were the star actors in the movie "The Lion and Me". The original author is Kenyan zoologist George Adamson. The actors introduced them to George. After contacting them, they decided to send the lion to the Kenya Wildlife Reserve.

After arriving in Kenya, George, along with John and Burke, released the love lion to return to nature and be a real wild lion. In 1974, when Ai Shi was 5 years old, George reported that he could not track Christian. After thinking about it again and again, John and Burke decided to say their final farewell to the lion: even if it was only to look at it-perhaps Christian had completely restored the animal's wildness, and was no longer their pet and playmate.


The amazing thing is that just the night before the two arrived at the wildlife sanctuary, Christian suddenly appeared! George reminded John and Burke to be careful of its wild attacks, tearing them to pieces. When Christian walked slowly from a distance, people noticed that there was a lioness walking along. Christian seemed to recognize the past master, and rushed towards John and Burke.

It can be seen in the published video that the two were overjoyed when they saw Christian, without fear of being attacked. In the next shot, Christian embraced its owner with forelimbs completely like a human, resting his paws on the shoulders of John and Burke, kissing them feverishly, licking their faces with his tongue. It hugged the two owners on the ground and rolled together.


John later said: "We were so excited that we cried and kept crying, Christian seemed to be crying too. We will never forget this last precious time."

After bidding farewell, the two returned to the station, and Christian followed them back. It wandered outside the tent for a long time, and finally disappeared into the jungle with his wife reluctantly.

Now, John still lives in London and works in animal protection, while Burke returns to Australia and lives on a small farm. Their experience in 1974 was photographed by the personnel of the reserve at the time, and it first appeared on a DVD in 2006. Someone put this video on the Internet and matched it with Whitney Houston's touching song "I Love You Forever". Published over 48 million hits in XNUMX hours.

Thirty years have passed, and both John and Burke are now more than sixty years old. Their love of lions is probably dead (animal theory of life for lions is 30 years), but this "lion love is not over" story will be long. To stay in people’s memory.

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