Today is Melbourne's grandest horse racing festival. Who expected Granny Feng to join in the fun too. A strong wind of up to 100 kilometers per hour will pass through Greater Melbourne this afternoon. The authorities warned all Melbourne to take part in Marseilles or to take care of family and friends: whether it is a temporary tent on a racecourse or a parasol in the backyard of a party, it is impossible to withstand the strong winds of the afternoon. Safety first!

According to the forecast of the Bureau of Meteorology, a blast of cold air will strike Melbourne in the afternoon and pass through the city. The director of the State Emergency Management Center further warned that the high wind speed in the afternoon will be as high as 100 kilometers per hour. "The people celebrating Marseille must be careful to prevent any possible accidents and tragedies."

The strong cold air is coming from the west of Victoria and is expected to reach the Geelong area at 4 o'clock and Melbourne city at 5 o'clock.

The average speed of strong cold wind is between 65-75 kilometers per hour, but the maximum can reach 90-100 kilometers, which is enough to blow down temporary tents and other buildings.

People should not only be careful about their own safety, if possible, it is best to move the private car into the garage, or at least away from the large and small tree trunks that may be blown off by the wind; away from the electrical wires that may be blown off; put away clothes to dry; and fix the scattered items in the backyard .

Safety first!

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