The living Buddha of the Baiyu Monastery in Ganzi, Sichuan, Ugyen Sizhu Tenzin Rinpoche has a more well-known name in Han: Huofeng. past11In XNUMX, this man from the northeast who sang "The Big Flower Sedan chair" came and went freely between the temple and the red dust.

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[Picture: Huofeng's temperament is exposed, and when it comes to the moment of life and death when it comes to bonding with the Buddha, tears will shed at the emotional place]

"Living Buddha"It is actually the name of the Han people for the reincarnated practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism."Rinpoche"It is a person who cultivates a Buddha, not a Buddha. However, in the Tibetan Buddhist system, the distinguished status is the dual dependence of the Tibetan people's spirit and material within a radius. After the first living Buddha passed away, the monks in the temple would follow certain signs to search for his next life, usually the ones called"Reincarnation"Little child. Huofeng is an exception, fast40I was only found when I was XNUMX years old.

34Huofeng only became attached to the Buddha at the age of life and death.

1996Years7In May, after the retiring fire wind recorded the album "Big Sedan Chair", he rode on a motorcycle, nicknamed"Desert elephant"Cajiva Canyon900, Starting from Guangzhou, went to Tibet for the second time.

7Month31DayRiding to Lhasa, he was surrounded by crowds asking for autographs when taking photos in the Potala Palace Square. Only then did he know that CCTV released his "Big Sedan chair" every day. Afterwards, riding in the endless desert in the Qaidam Basin, the fire and wind"A little airy", The heat wave in the desert makes people sleepy, the motorcycle that should have turned and crashed into the concrete pile at the corner, bang,"Cannonball trapeze"It seemed that the man rose into the air with the car, and then fell heavily into the desert, the car smashed his liver.

Huofeng has been in a coma since then. But he remembers this sceneThe picture is black and white. He sat cross-legged in the air, looking down at the busy people in the operating room, and himself lying quietly on the operating table. The anesthesiologist was sleepy after taking the anesthetics and ran to the next room to sleep for a while; the remaining doctors were wearing masks, but in Huofeng's eyes, they looked clear. Cut the wound and suture……He feels peaceful and comfortable,"I haven’t been so comfortable since I was born", Until the two big pots clasped him, the sky was spinning, getting smaller, smaller, and falling quickly, when he opened his eyes, he heard a little nurse say:"Oops, came alive."

Many years later, Huofeng felt that the bodhisattva arranged this catastrophe for him, and every link was destined by heaven. If it wasn’t for a soldier driving a tanker in a deserted desert and rescued him to the barracks, if it wasn’t for that called"Old goat"His job is the doctor’s cycling partner insisting that he be sent to Golmud, which is farther away but with better medical conditions. If it weren’t for the Tibetans to read scriptures, give him blood transfusions, and carry him on a jeep from the military station to Golmud, If it weren't for Golmud that night22A medical expert in the military hospital who had just come to teach from Beijing couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night. When he went downstairs to fetch water, he recognized the singing."Wind fire", And Xiang Kai, the most famous doctor in Qinghai for visceral repair surgery"Xiang Yidao"Diagnosed and operated on him in time……Liver rupture11.7Cm, stitched77He might not be able to recover the life of the needle.

In the hottest days of "Big Sedan chair", he was lying on the hospital bed, and the black and white picture of him looking down from mid-air is still vivid. He started to reflect and felt that the past30Years of irritable life are all vain,"When I get out of the hospital bed, I will start studying Buddhism."

In the beginning, like many people, they entered the temple when they encountered mountains and burned incense to worship Buddha. He donated as usual when he went to Putuo Mountain500Block, the abbot Miaoshan asked him what a Buddha is, he said he didn’t know, the old monk put a string of Buddhist beads on his hand""Hanging around his neck, patted Huofeng's head,"Buddha is enlightenment", The Buddha's golden body is molded in the Daxiong Hall. It is the hall of heroes who have successfully studied Buddhism."Suddenly, I felt that I was awakened, and I couldn't believe in Buddhism. Yes, I had to learn Buddhism."

No one knows the depth of the Buddha's predestined relationship. When he was accused of reincarnating a living Buddha and wanted to take back to the temple life, he did not know how to choose.2000When Huofeng was first found in the temple in XNUMX year, he didn't know what to do. There are also parents to take care of. The youngest son has just been born, and will he return to the temple or stay in Hongchen? He called a friend who grew up, Huaer, and Huaer consulted a acquainted British monk and then told Huofeng to follow his own heart, and it was naturally right.3Years later, Huofeng finally made a choice: shuttle between the temple and the red dust.

When I first returned, the housekeeper took care of the life, food, and daily life of the temple. The fire and wind that has been smashing in the red dust for a small half of my life has never seen someone waiting for him to wash his feet."I said don’t do this, we are all brothers". He called the butlers to a table for dinner and asked them to call themselves brothers instead of honorifics"Rinpoche"."I started to call it Big Brother, and I said Big Brother can’t do it. This sounds a bit like a triad."

At the temple, he spent most of his time in retreat.2004Years4Month27On Sunday, Huofeng worshipped Master’s first retreat and stayed in the mountain cabin next to Master.3Month, chant the mantra of Guru Rinpoche from Nyingma every day6Ten thousand times,"Om Ah Hum Ban Za Gu Lu Ba Ma Si Di Hum". Under the floor of the closed room was an abyss, and the wind blew up from the cracks in the floor. After being awake in the middle of the night, he even needed to open a pack of toilet paper he brought with him to plug those cracks.

His master7Retreat for the year, clear snow mountain70Years, taught nearly30A living Buddha, at first felt that the white and fat people in the city could not persist in such a arduous practice. When Huofeng just closed the door for a few days, he secretly opened the door to see him, and was very happy after he found that he was still inside. One went back to the temple and used a horse to carry a Simmons mat from the temple to him,"Oh touched me"

After leaving the customs, the temple is also duny. The monks met in the past and bowed to each other. After the fire was gone, they drove them to hug and then bow. The dharma meeting held in the temple's sutra hall was very lively. The lamas bring something to eat, and have a meal after chanting,"Very happy". There are lamas acting as skits, imitating how small merchants and hawkers sell sheep and cows, some lamas talk about Tibetan cross talk, and others who compare strength and wrestling, Huofeng sings to everyone, hugs that hug,"The one you always think about(Temple life)It seems to be very noble, serious, and solemn, but in fact we all live in it, true brothers."

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In addition to retreat, Huofeng has one more thing in Tibetan areas. It is to look for those who are like his master who retreat all the year round and record their practice with images. This is his way of spreading Dharma, and only he can do itAmong those engaged in photography, only the living Buddha can come into contact with this group of people who do not want to be disturbed; among those who can communicate with retreats, only he with first-class photography skills can be in the dark retreat room. Finish shooting inside."I want to keep a record of these people, and it may become less and less over the years."

Every retreat taught him a lesson. He and the Living Buddha Tang Rang Dahwa of Ta’er Monastery stepped on the mountain road covered with sharp stones, trying to find a retreat.53Years, old Arnie named Jim. I went up the mountain from day to day, and found the sun to sink again. After meeting Huofeng, he was hungry. He stared at the chili sauce in the broken glass bottle of Jim Kang’s head. Jim took out a piece of bun from the plastic bag of cow dung. , Huofeng, who was slightly hygienic, froze for a while, took the steamed bun, and ate it while dipping it in chili sauce."I suddenly thought she must have eaten like this". Jim smiled, moved from the kang to his side, and shot his chest three times in a row."Everything is clean inside this one."

There are not many retreats like Jim who have spent their entire lives, some people knocked on the same board230Ten thousand long heads, some people have made a vow to retreat for all beings85Years, hair has4Mido long……Huofeng recorded them one by one with a Leica camera.2009Nian Huaer helped him plan the "Enlightened" series of photography exhibitions.21A picture of the retreat and some of their utensilsThe board used to kowtow the long head, blessed with rosary for billions of scriptures,4A strand of Mido's long hairHung in an exhibition hall decorated with prayer flags and lama red,200Five to six hundred people were squeezed into the multi-square-meter room. Some people kowtowed their heads at the scene and worshipped the photos, while more people prayed and chanted silently. When it was not on display, Huofeng slipped into the gallery and sat cross-legged in the center of the exhibition hall, watching these retreats by himself.

Hong Chen still has concerns. Huo Zun2012He took part in the draft for his debut in the year, and contacted Huofeng before the knockout, and wanted him to go to the scene. When he just came out of the closed door, he saw the text message and opened it after going downhill5Go to Kunming by crane, fly to Shanghai, sit on the second floor of the studioVIPRoom watch my son sing and cry. Father and son are chatting in the hotel, Huo Zun said"Dad, I'll sleep with you tonight"It provokes him to hide in the toilet and cry with the shower head on. Huo Zun sang "Rolling Bead Curtain" and became popular. He is willing to act as a foil and cooperate with his son on various shows. As soon as the accompaniment is played, the fire wind with dzi beads hanging around his neck can still play the guitar with both hands, roaring,"My hometown is Dadongbei, one map and three rivers."

Parents are alive and there are wives and children to raise, Huofeng can’t be like his own master"Hide in the temple and become one". fast40He was only found in the temple when he was XNUMX years old, and it is no longer possible to stipulate what kind of living Buddha he must be. For him, there are fireworks in the temple, and Hong Chen can practice freely. He should retreat, he should perform, he should laugh and cry, he should be calm, everything is joy,"The Dharma is to make you happy the more you practice, and the more you practice, the happier it is.……The more you cultivate here, the poorer you are, and the more you cultivate, the more you wilt. Who would dare to cultivate Buddhahood?"

Today, Dali's home in Yunnan is a transit point between his temple and Hongchen. Master is getting older and older. He returns to the temple to retreat at a fixed time every year. He has to see Master to be at ease. The parents at home called and said they dreamed of him, and flew over immediately the next day. Some people who retreat together became khenpo and some became teachers, but to him they were all brothers. Every year when they met, everyone put the drinks and dried tofu they had brought on the table and asked each other warmly. He felt that he was not qualified as a living Buddha, and did not have enough to take on the duties of a living Buddha to the Tibetans, so he never regarded himself as himself, but occasionally borrowed his status."Encourage family harmony"

The entertainment friends liked to call him"Living Buddha","Rinpoche"There are also some fortune-tellers who come to him for consecration and fortune-telling. He can't laugh or cry. If he refuses, he will refuse. Most of them explain the Dharma in a simple and understandable way and help friends mediate the problems encountered in life. Everyone slowly changed their slogans"Buddha", He feels more comfortable,"It used to be Fire Master Huo Master,(It is)Buddha Buddha, it's almost the same anyway."He prefers to call himself a practitioner, a man’s body is a house, and he has built a temple with a Buddha in his heart."It’s not the word living Buddha, nor the word Rinpoche.", He is still building his own temple.

One day the master asked him what he thinks of himself, he said, I am Huofeng, I amMelong("Fire wind"Two-character Tibetan transliteration),I am who i am.

The master patted him on the head, he learned very well.

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