From traditional family beaches to romantic hidden bays, Australia has more than 10685 beaches to choose from.

Let’s start with these 10 beaches:


1. Lucky Bay Beach

There are 5 kilometers of white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. However, this treasure of Western Australia is rarely known. It is located in the wilderness in the Cape Legrand National Park. The beach is a paradise for wildlife. Here you can also meet kangaroos lying on the beach and resting. You can enjoy hiking in the jungle by the sea.


2. Bottle Bay Beach

With dramatic red cliffs, white sandy beaches and blue seas, Bottle Bay is a gem on the coral coast of Western Australia.

It is located in the Lonçois Perran National Park and is part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Reserve. Swimming here can meet animals such as manatees, sea turtles and manta rays. It is worth your driving adventure here.


3. Secret Beach

This secluded beach is a coastal paradise on the border of New South Wales.

You can hardly find this mysterious beach on the map. You can find it by walking from a staircase near the parking lot on Betka Rd. The beach is very peaceful, there are many rocks standing there, and you can find a small cave at low tide.


4. Resolute Beach

The secluded beach is located in the Cullinge Chase National Park in Western Sydney, where you can freely swim or sunbathe. The shaded area is also a good place for a picnic.


5. Trousers Point Beach

It is located between Tasmania and the mainland. This beach is a photographer’s dream, with orange moss-covered rocks, granite boulders, white sandy beaches and clear waters. The beach is located in the Strzelecki National Park.


6. Ethel Beach

Ethel Beach is very popular with surfers. But a prominent feature of this South Australia beach is its shipwreck. The Ethel ran aground in 1904. Last year, the remains of the shipwreck were washed back to the beach by wind and waves, becoming a unique feature on the beach. There are 7 campsites in the park, and renovated old miners’ villas are rented out by the beach.


7. Cylinder Beach

As a beach in southeast Queensland. North Stradbroke Island is overshadowed by the Gold Coast in the south and the Sunshine Coast in the north, but many Brisbane locals will tell you that the advantage of this beach is that it is the gateway to the city.


8. Farm Beach (Farm Beach)

It usually takes an hour to drive from Port Lincoln in South Australia. Farm Beach is located in a remote area on the southwest coast of the Eyre Peninsula.

Why are you here? Because this is a good place for fishing, you can also picnic, boat, swim, walk and so on.


9. Stumpys Bay

Stumpys Bay is located in the Mount William National Park, but it is home to kangaroos and wombats. This park is located on the remote northeast coast of Tasmania. The most striking thing on the beach is the granite boulders covered with bright orange lichens. It is suitable for boating, fishing, swimming and diving.


10. Woodgate Beach (Woodgate Beach)

Surrounded by casuarina, Woodgate Beach is a good choice for traditional family beach vacations, whale watching and fishing. You also have the opportunity to swim with dugongs and turtles.

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