An Indian was detained in Bangkok because he stole a pack of cigarettes in a duty-free shop at Bangkok International Airport. He bought chocolates and a cigarette, but the cashier put another pack of cigarettes in his bag, which he thought was a free gift.

But he was arrested. He was suspected of theft in the shop. The Thai police extorted him for a price of 30000 baht to release him. He was detained in prison for two nights and paid 500 baht for air-conditioning. Each visitor was charged another 200-300 baht, and was finally released at 11,000 baht. The police divided up the money he paid in front of him. He was charged in court, fined 2000 baht, put on handcuffs, and was deported.
His passport was stamped with the word "thief". His relatives and friends had asked the Indian Embassy to help, but they were told that they were helpless and helpless. This situation was staged at Thai airports every day. Many Asians were also victimized. Numerous letters and phone calls were received by the Thai authorities every day. ignore.
A Singaporean was released after paying 60,000 baht on the first night of being imprisoned. On the second night, another Malaysian was released after paying 70,000 baht.

Remind you: This is not a humble shop in downtown Bangkok, but a duty-free shop in Bangkok International Airport. The above information is very true, because the Indian customer Rajan Khera faced exactly the same situation when he transited through Bangkok International Airport and went to Taipei.

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Someone experienced the same thing at Dubai International Airport. He was shopping in a duty-free shop, and a girl put a bottle of perfume in his shopping bag (he didn't even see when it was put). He was therefore suspected of theft. He sat in the airport jail and was harassed all day. There was no food, no water, and after a day, he paid some fines (a bribe of US$500). This was all the cash in his pocket at the time, and they let him go.

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This kind of fraud occurs every day in international airports. Please be careful! These gangsters designed a set of tactics in advance, and colluded with airport staff, constantly looking for the next target. Unbelievable! The main purpose of duty-free shop employees to use this fraudulent method against passengers is to increase their additional income.

Please take the shopping receipt at any time. For free gifts from any international airport duty-free shops, please be careful, and be sure to ask the clerk to indicate it on the receipt.

Even international airport duty-free shops have problems. In fact, no matter which country you go to, don’t take free things, really!